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May 12, 2022

What Is FreshCut (FCD): Uniting Gamers And Creators Through Short-Form Content

The video game industry is no stranger when it comes to short-form social content. From its humble Machinima beginnings to today’s various Twitch clips and TikTok highlights, the social-video game segment has grown exponentially. This is thanks to gaming content channels providing hours of content for users to indulge in. Unfortunately, the revenue associated with this explosive growth hasn’t been proportionately shared with content creators despite said Web 2.0 platforms raking in millions in advertising revenue.

Thankfully, projects like FreshCut exist to give creators their rightfully deserved monetary rewards. On top of ensuring creators get duly rewarded, FreshCut fans will also gain incentives for their engagement within the community. Curious about how this all ties together? Read on as we cover what FreshCut is and whether FreshCut Diamonds (FCD) are worth investing in for those bullish for Web 3.0 social platforms.

What Is FreshCut?

FreshCut is a short-form gaming content platform that connects content creators and fans through gaming’s best moments. Powered by Web 3.0 technology and its FCD tokens, FreshCut boasts a fair ecosystem that redistributes rewards so content creation and fan engagement are encouraged and rewarded.

As an ambitious project that bridges Web 3.0 and gaming, FreshCut brings some promising ideas to the table. Here are some of the ways FreshCut plans to revolutionize the way users perceive short-form gaming content platforms.

Content Discovery

One of the biggest issues plaguing the top short-form content platforms is that it’s tough to break into the scene if you’re an independent gaming content creator. This is because viewership is highly concentrated within a small handful of popular personalities. As creators with millions of fans frontline the pages of platforms like Twitch and YouTube Gaming, creators with smaller followings have little to no chance of appealing to the majority as they’re fighting against a content discovery algorithm that doesn’t favor them.

FreshCut hopes to resolve this unfair discovery system by introducing its own system that ​​showcases content from up-and-coming gaming personalities, as well as that of famous creators. From curated playlists to endless scrolls featuring top gaming content, every creator gets a fair shot at reaching out to viewers.

Fairer Creator Earning Mechanics

Unfortunately, most creators have zero bargaining power when it comes to changing the rules and reward systems shaping their fan engagement experience. If you’re an avid user of social media platforms, you’ll be aware of the restrictive YouTube Partner Program — and the way Twitch banned Dr Disrespect without warning. It’s ultimately this imbalanced power dynamic that breeds monotony, since creators are encouraged to stick to safe and proven formulas in order to earn a steady revenue. This leads to two issues: Creators pad their content with unnecessary fluff to meet video length algorithm requirements, and fear daring to experiment with more varied content styles.

With the main goals being creative agency and freedom, FreshCut aims to give power and control back to creators through its Create-and-Earn system that incentivizes creativity and engagement. On top of this, FreshCut also offers a creator tipping mechanic that provides 90% of tips back to creators, while the remaining 10% goes to the FreshCut community treasury.

What Are FCD Tokens?

FCD is the native token of FreshCut. It acts as the core of the ecosystem, through which both creators and viewers earn rewards. Creators who engage with their community will earn FCD tokens through the various Create-and-Earn quests. These include organizing FreshCut events to engage with the community, and actively publishing content so creators can grow their brand on the platform. 

Conversely, viewers can also share in the rewards through the many Watch-and-Earn quests that range from completing curated playlists to watching a set number of clips.

Unsure of the perks of holding FCD tokens? Some functions of FCD tokens include:

  • Creator Tipping: Fans can tip their favorite creators with FCD tokens in the FreshCut app to support their work. As previously mentioned, creators keep up to 90% of all FCD tokens tipped.

  • Community Membership: FCD tokens can be used to unlock Member status on the FreshCut platform, providing benefits both in-app and within the FreshCut ecosystem. These exclusive benefits include access to a members-only Discord channel, eligibility for special token reward events, and entry into monthly gaming giveaways.

  • FreshCut DAO: FCD token holders will get voting privileges for choosing community events, developing feature sets, and determining the future of the FreshCut Platform.

  • Advertising and Sponsorship Bonuses: FreshCut will partner with advertisers and sponsors in order to further reward creators and the community. FCD token holders will enjoy both product and reward opportunities through special campaign activations.

FCD Tokenomics

Overall, there’s a maximum supply of one billion FCD tokens that will be released over the next few years. To enable the rapid growth of FreshCut as a platform, half of FCD’s overall distribution is allocated to content creators and viewers. Despite this raising a few eyebrows, investors can rest assured that these tokens will be strategically deployed to incentivize growth and will taper off over time.

FCD token investors who want to get in early can check out the Bybit Launchpool, where 2.625 million FCD tokens can be earned through either staking BitDAO (BIT) tokens or FCD itself after signing up on Bybit.

Are FCD Tokens a Good Investment?

Here are some reasons to consider investing in FCD tokens:

  • Native token for FreshCut platform, founded by Twitch veterans

  • Ecosystem of 600k+ gaming fans and creators

  • Ecosystem backed by Animoca Brands, Republic, Polygon, and many more

  • Partnering with EVO, Chief Pat, Brycent, MYSTIC7, Jericho, and more

  • Disrupting the inequitable legacy Web2 creator/platform value relationship

When considering TikTok’s meteoric rise, we can see that short-form media is the preferred content medium among today’s generation. All things considered, it’s safe to say FreshCut is on the right path as it seeks to disrupt the traditional way we view content platforms, with its aggressive reward mechanics and focus on creative freedom. With a stellar team that’s jam-packed with talent from Twitch, Microsoft, Reddit and Goldman Sachs, their combined experience makes it easy for investors to trust FreshCut in terms of their future guidance and direction. Also significant is FreshCut’s secured backing from industry-leading venture capitalists. 

When it comes to FCD tokens as a good investment for the future, we can simply look at FreshCut’s future plans to expand the content platform. Down the line, we can expect FreshCut to expand toward a digital collectibles marketplace. Fans who want to go above and beyond will be able to purchase digital merchandise to show support for creators’ content efforts. For investors seeking a more long-term outlook, they can look forward to the FCD staking feature, available for creators and fans who wish to be rewarded with extra FCD tokens for their HODL strategy.

The Bottom Line

With the gaming ecosystem continually exceeding growth expectations, there’s a lot to be excited about as FreshCut seeks to capture the hype of this growing market. Even though big-name players like Twitch and TikTok are already entrenched in this space, FreshCut is one step ahead with clear direction when it comes to tackling current gaming content issues — and is intent on revolutionizing the way we perceive short-form gaming content.