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8 de jul de 2022

NFL NFTs: What They Are & Where to Get Them

These days, it seems like every celebrity, organization and institution is launching an NFT. The National Football League (NFL) has always been at the forefront of American culture, and the league’s leaders know better than to let this latest craze pass by.

In the past few months, the NFL and its players have released several collections of NFL NFTs. In this article, you’ll learn where you can buy these digital tokens, and whether they represent sound additional investments to your digital holdings.

What Are NFL NFTs?

NFL NFTs are non-fungible tokens released by the National Football League that are available to fans through multiple channels. By creating digital collectibles, the NFL is branching out into Web 3.0 and the metaverse.

The NFL is far from the only institution that’s been busy minting digital tokens. From other sports leagues, such as the NBA, to cultural centers and nonprofit organizations, groups around the world are capitalizing on the recent NFT craze. Celebrities including athletes, actors and musicians are also getting on board by purchasing tokens and launching collections of their own. People are quickly accepting that the future will be largely digital, and they're doing what they can to stake a place in the growing virtual marketplace.

NFTs are virtual tokens or products which are owned by a single person and recorded on a blockchain, which is a decentralized digital ledger. Practically anything that exists in a digital space can be immutably stored on a blockchain, including artwork, ticket stubs, photographs and videos. When someone buys an NFT, their ownership of the product remains recorded on the blockchain. This means that no amount of copying-and-pasting of the image or file can infringe on your ownership.

Still in their early stages, NFTs have produced excitement and controversy in equal measure. Some artists see them as a fair way to profit from their work, and countless traders enjoy the thrill of adding to their collections. Skeptics warn that the notion of digital ownership isn’t philosophically sound — and some even denounce the movement as a ploy among unscrupulous schemers to ensnare the “greater fool.” Amid this enthusiasm and uncertainty, the NFL sees an opportunity to grow its brand.

Why Did the NFL Enter the NFT Industry?

During its rise to the pinnacle of American sports, the NFL has never shied away from marketing opportunities. By expertly optimizing the NFL fan experience and producing an endless news cycle around the sport, the league has always known how to maintain its fans’ attention. NFTs are providing yet one more way for the league to engage with customers.

Technology has often been at the heart of the NFL’s growth. As more of the world moves toward digital spaces and blockchain technology, the league understands that it can’t be left behind. When the NBA became the first sports league to announce the creation of its own NFTs, the NFL wasted no time following suit.

Any business knows to meet potential customers where they’re at, and the league saw that NFL fans were moving into the metaverse. Executives have spoken of the promising future of blockchain technology, and everyone involved seems eager to explore additional opportunities.

Not even true blockchain experts know what the future holds. What everyone does agree on is that NFTs are no longer a minor phenomenon. Traders around the world are spending serious money on digital products — and that’s the type of dynamic that the NFL couldn’t afford to ignore.

Where to Buy NFL NFTs

There’s no single collection of NFL NFTs that fans should be after. The NFL has partnered with multiple NFT platforms to produce a diverse assortment of digital goods. The type of NFL NFTs you wind up with will depend on your style of fandom and your relationship with the league.

If you’re a regular attendee at your local stadium, then you might be able to buy NFL NFTs that are made from your tickets. If you’re an avid fan who never misses a single highlight, then you’ll probably enjoy the NFTs made with video clips of specific moments, some of which may even feature your favorite players. Some NFL NFTs are designed to serve as simple examples of digital artwork, while others serve as components of blockchain-based online games.

With all this variety in mind, crypto traders will be aware that there’s not just one place for buying NFL NFTs. To make a purchase you’ll be happy with, do some research (DYOR) beforehand. Once you’ve examined the following platforms, you’ll know which NFL NFTs could best serve your purposes.

NFL All Day

NFL All Day represents the league's principal foray into the world of non-fungible tokens. The league created the project in collaboration with Dapper Labs, a company that specializes in the NFT space and blockchain technology. Dapper Labs had already attracted attention with NBA Top Shot, an NFT collection of basketball-related video clips that delights its fans. Having seen the success of the NBA Top Shot tokens, the NFL wanted a piece of the action. Now, they’ve got it.

The NFL ALL Day collection makes NFL NFTs out of highlights from actual games. The brief digital video collectibles, called “moments,” show best plays from throughout the season. Some of the tokens are much rarer than others, and prices vary accordingly. These clips are almost like physical sports cards of the past, but they correspond to single plays, rather than players. Fans can buy and trade individual “moments” or purchase an entire pack.


The league itself isn’t the only NFL-related entity to get involved with NFTs. In January 2022, the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) announced the release of its own NFL NFTs on the Upland platform. The project is based on Upland Legits, a type of 3D dimensional token. Through the partnership, the NFLPA is bringing over 2,000 athletes into the virtual world of the metaverse. This digital breakthrough will give football players another way to make an impact on their fans.

Upland is a platform that maps out the metaverse according to actual geography. People interacting on the platform can play games, make purchases and connect socially. This variety of use makes the platform a gaming hub, a marketplace and a social network at the same time. 

The NFL NFTs on Upland operate in a gamified fashion. People compete for the right to mint or own the digital tokens, and some purchasing events are limited to certain regions. The NFTs are part of the larger Upland metaverse, and users can even store the tokens in their Upland houses. While it’s still too early to tell if the project has staying power, initial sales numbers suggest that fans are intrigued by the model.

NFL Rivals

NFL Rivals is where NFL NFTs meet the wider world of blockchain gaming. The platform represents a partnership between the NFL, the NFLPA and a company called Mythical Games. By combining the best elements of fantasy football with new notions of digital ownership, the project promises to thrill a new generation of fans.

The game itself will allow players to act as general managers, assembling their own rosters of real NFL players. Before the game’s official launch in 2023, fans can add to their digital collections by purchasing associated NFL NFTs. Once NFL Rivals is fully up and operating, token holders will receive special access to rewards and virtual events.


The NFL has partnered with the Flow NFT platform for multiple promotions. Since announcing the agreement in 2022, the NFL has used the platform to release NFL NFTs related to ticket purchases. Fans who buy tickets to a game are rewarded with a corresponding non-fungible token. For many NFL fans, these digital mementos have provided an exciting way to continue interacting with the league. Almost half of the people who’ve received a token have gone on to interact with the platform, a statistic which demonstrates the model’s promise. In an era where physical ticket stubs are no longer necessary, it seems that many fans still value a memento that reminds them of their experience.

This year, the league released a special set of NFL NFTs associated with the NFL draft. Every year, fans from around the world tune in to see NFL teams select elite college players for their rosters. Now, a select group of mega fans will receive a special token to commemorate the occasion.

Are NFL NFTs Good Investments?

NFL NFTs are proliferating quickly, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they make a good investment. A savvy trader needs to do plenty of research before purchasing a token. In the case of NFL NFTs, which vary greatly from one project to the next, it’s especially important to pay attention to the details.

When analyzing the future of NFL NFTs, it’s worth considering the popularity of sports player cards from generation to generation. Evidently, fans enjoy collecting non-fungible assets associated with their favorite sports and teams. In a digital age, the collectors who once kept binders of physical cards might gravitate toward virtual tokens. This hypothetical trend suggests a bright future for NFL NFTs.

Even if NFL NFTs do become popular, traders should still analyze tokens carefully before making a purchase. Some NFL NFTs will be much more valuable than others. As this marketplace develops, traders will observe which types of tokens best retain their value. Perhaps the tokens tied to tickets will prove most valuable, or maybe the assets tied to blockchain-based games will attract more attention. By carefully observing the complicated network of trends, you can place yourself in a position to make intelligent choices.

The Bottom Line

For rabid NFL fans, NFL NFTs provide additional ways to interact with their heroes and favorite teams. For crypto traders who are primarily interested in increasing the value of their digital holdings, some NFL NFTs will be much more promising than others. Whatever happens in the coming years, we can expect the NFL to expand its presence in the digital sphere. After all, it's the endless pursuit of attention that first turned the league into such a cultural behemoth.