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5 Haz 2022

Great Goats: The G.O.A.T. Solana NFTs To Anticipate

If you’re currently interested in crypto or NFTs, and are searching for the next NFT project to invest in, take a look into Great Goats, which is an increasingly popular NFT that’s built directly on the Solana blockchain. 

Several Solana NFTs have garnered long-term success in recent years, which is one of the main reasons why many investors are anticipating Great Goats. Here’s an in-depth guide on Great Goats and a look at whether this Solana NFT project is worth investing in.

What Are Great Goats?

Great Goats is an expansive NFT collection of 11,111 unique NFTs designed to support creators and builders. This is a lifestyle brand of Solana NFTs that's based on four core values: Lifestyle, narrative, value and craft.

Great Goats NFTs are built on Solana, an open-source blockchain founded in 2017 that has already become an industry leader in regard to the projects it represents. In fact, many crypto and NFT investors believe that Great Goats will maintain the success that Trippin' Ape Tribe and Okay Bears have garnered, both of which are Solana NFTs.

This upcoming NFT project is set to launch publicly on June 5 via the Magic Eden NFT marketplace, but those on the whitelist have already been given early access to start minting. 

The goal of this project is to build a strong community and become established in the NFT space. Great Goats is set to achieve this goal by delivering such ideas through an NFT store, real-life events, staking opportunities and merchandise airdrops.

The primary members of the Great Goats creative team are CodeRed, Suavae, Titanic and Deezy, all of whom have extensive history in Web 3.0, eCommerce and retail arbitrage. As the Solana blockchain has already garnered ample success, the Great Goats NFT project starts out with strong branding. 

By offering a wide variety of ideas for this specific NFT project, the creators behind Great Goats believe that they’ll be able to build a strong community to rival that of Trippin' Ape Tribe and Okay Bears.

Why Are Great Goats NFTs So Popular?

Even though Great Goats NFTs are just getting started, they’re already exceedingly popular throughout Twitter and Discord, with many NFT investors believing that the Solana branding and ties to previous Solana NFTs guarantee a strong and successful product.

While The Goat Society and other Great Goats competitors have built relatively strong communities and platforms, Great Goats NFTs stand out from the competition because of their laser focus on delivering a narrative that members of the NFT community find appealing. Much of the popularity that Great Goats has built up to this point is derived from the lifestyle and social branding that the Great Goats team has already so carefully cultivated.

Great Goats Road Map

The Great Goats NFT road map is a comprehensive one that has already begun to take shape. Along with narrative, it’s centered around lifestyle, value and craft. Some of Great Goats’ future plans involve everything from the introduction of a merchandise store and NFT airdrops to IRL events and meetups.


The branding approach that Great Goats is using involves a focus on lifestyle in Web 3.0, which encompasses the broader Great Goats and Solana communities. 

Another key facet of their approach to narrative is to implement regular social media posts to spread the Great Goats branding and to make the community known. This community has already contributed to hashtags, and to social media threads and events.

The project is also intent on taking an IRL approach to their platform. The creators of these NFTs believe that IRL marketing campaigns are critical toward pushing the NFT to new heights. Finally, as part of Solana, Great Goats has already become a well-known name that has spread throughout numerous countries around the world.


The Great Goats NFT brand's lifestyle focus is centered around IRL meetup events, IRL partnerships and a Great Goats merchandise store. The eCommerce store is powered directly by the Shopify eCommerce platform, and has complete SPL token integration, which uses the Solana token. The merchandise store will comprise many different clothing styles that include activewear, streetwear and lifestyle.

In addition, there are numerous IRL meetups being planned by the Great Goats team, with a focus on regular as well as crypto-related events. The IRL partnerships that are part of the lifestyle approach to branding involve the Great Goats team partnering with numerous companies and brands to create exclusive products and items for Great Goats NFT holders.


Another core facet of the Great Goats road map involves creating additional value with the NFTs. One step that Great Goats is taking to add value to their NFTs is a bi-monthly merchandise airdrop. Once every two months, Great Goats holders are going to be airdropped a piece of merchandise from the store catalog. The merchandise that members receive will be completely randomized. Holders can burn this airdrop to redeem a physical piece, or trade the airdrop on the Great Goats NFT marketplace.

The team at Great Goats is also adding value through staking, which is set to occur with the $GOAT token. All holders of Great Goats NFTs can stake their Goats, which will allow them to earn tokens. Holders will also be given the opportunity to take part in exclusive actions and raffles with their $GOAT, which allows them to potentially win additional NFTs. Future NFTs have also been hinted at in the value portion of the road map.


The fourth and final stage of the Great Goats roadmap involves craft, which is centered around Goats royalties and holder exclusivity. 

When looking specifically at Goats royalties, the team at Great Goats wants to support the broader Great Goats community by helping to craft their vision. A royalty system is currently being developed to reward community creators who have great ideas.

As for holder exclusivity, holders of Great Goats NFTs will have the highest level of exclusivity in the Great Goats community. These individuals will be given access to the merchandise store, all of the Great Goats utilities, and holder-only events and chats.

Where to Mint Great Goats NFTs

As touched on previously, there will be 11,111 Great Goats NFTs available for minting. This minting is set to take place publicly on June 5, 2022, via the Magic Eden marketplace. The specific timing for the minting of Great Goats will be formally announced on Discord and Twitter. 

Keep in mind that the Great Goats team is currently still managing whitelist giveaways as well, so you can still get a chance to mint before the official launch.

At the moment, the mint price is going to be 2.75 SOL. If you're wondering how many of these NFTs can be minted, the allocation is five per wallet. 

Are Great Goats NFTs a Good Investment?

Great Goats is already proving to be a potent Solana-based NFT collection. Since Solana NFTs like Trippin' Ape Tribe and Okay Bears have been highly successful, there's no reason to believe that the same won't be true with Great Goats. The project’s extensive road map is another indication that the team behind Great Goats has put a considerable amount of thought and planning into ensuring long-term success.

One of the primary reasons why many crypto and NFT investors are already showing a high amount of interest in Great Goats is because of its ties to Solana. As Solana is one of the world's most popular blockchains, holders of the SOL coin will be able to purchase and access the Great Goats NFTs that they're interested in. 

Keep in mind that the fees associated with Solana NFTs are considerably lower than those incurred when investing in Ethereum NFTs.

To gain a better understanding of just how popular Great Goats has become in such a short time, they’ve already obtained more than 400,000 followers on Twitter. A single tweet from the Great Goats team can gain anywhere from 20,000 to 100,000 likes, as well as 10,000 to 20,000 comments. Some of this popularity is the result of Great Goats being another Solana NFT collection. After the success of Okay Bears and Trippin' Ape Tribe, many investors have built-in confidence in the Great Goats community and what it stands for.

Closing Thoughts

Even though the Great Goats NFTs and platform are relatively young, it’s already proven to be among the most popular projects around. With a focus on narrative, lifestyle, value and craft, Great Goats has developed a platform that attracts investors who want to be a part of it. 

Now that you understand what these NFTs are and how they can improve your portfolio, you may want to be ready to invest in Great Goats once the NFT launches on June 5, 2022.