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18 juil. 2022

24 Biggest and Best NFT Discord Servers for NFT Fans

Today, many people in the crypto community are talking about non-fungible token (NFT) Discord servers. People who invest in NFTs usually join several of them. This article will explain what NFT Discord servers are, why they’re important, and how to avoid potential scams. We’ll also look at the best NFT Discord servers for helping NFT investors learn about different NFT collections and the latest NFT-related news.

What Are NFT Discord Servers?

An NFT Discord server is an online community chat on Discord, which is a digital distribution, instant messaging and VoIP social platform. These servers are virtual places where investors, artists, project developers, businesses, and other interested fans who want to collaborate can interact or discuss ideas. NFT Discord servers are usually focused on a specific NFT project, topic or area of interest. Many people join Discords for blue-chip NFT projects, which are popular and are considered good long-term investments. Some examples include Bored Ape Yacht Club, Azuki and CryptoPunks. 

Because Discord has such a strong focus on community, it’s the ideal platform for NFT project communities to interact. Creators of NFT Discord servers can assign roles and permissions. For example, a creator can assign a user a moderator role and allow that person to ban others or delete messages. A creator can also set up multiple channels for different categories on the server — for instance, separate channels for general discussion, official announcements and community concerns. Creators of NFT Discord servers can add new channels as needed, and roles can be customized on different channels. While NFT Discord servers are sometimes littered with scammers or bots, the reality is that they’re vital to NFT projects.

Why Are Discord Servers Important for NFT Projects?

With NFT Discord servers (simply referred to as “Discords”), there are different types of communities. For example, NFT project communities are focused mainly on serving community members and growing the project. A DIscord project server can be beneficial for NFT buyers. Collaborators, artists or developers may also join. Alternatively, there are Discord servers for general interest, with categories and channels for different topics about NFTs in general. One of the biggest NFT Discords of this kind is r/NFT. Rarity Sniper NFT is another one of the best Discords for general discussions about NFTs or projects.

NFT Discord servers are main hubs for NFT project communities. One of their key benefits is that project creators can curate communities to be exactly what they want. For instance, they can use categories and channels within those categories to keep communications organized. This structure better serves creators, investors and everyone involved. Additionally, Discord servers allow creators to provide excellent service to community members.

Creators often close their NFT Discord servers before a project launches and offer whitelisting opportunities to interested investors. This exclusivity creates hype and valuable opportunities. Whitelisting allows people with special permission to enter, while excluding others. Creators of NFT Discord servers can use them to represent the project community’s interests, and to effectively enhance branding strategy. For example, the Okay Bears project used stories of interest about the bears to help strengthen the brand.

NFT Discord Server Scams

Some of the most popular NFT Discords are, unfortunately, common places for scammers to target people and try to steal crypto assets. Scammers often target new users with phishing links to airdrops. In some cases, they may also send direct messages, or try to impersonate other community members. For example, BAYC's Discord was hacked earlier in 2022, which resulted in $336,000 stolen in NFTs through phishing links that were posted by the hacker through the community manager's account. Social engineering is also possible, whereby devious scammers use websites to trick members into willingly entering seed phrases — which the scammers then steal.

Here are some ways to avoid scams and boost security on NFT Discord servers:

  • Turn off direct messages (DMs), and only use open chat

  • Beware of links promising exclusive information

  • Ensure that any link — even from a trusted user — is legitimate before clicking on it

  • Turn on two-factor authentication (2FA)

  • Beware of posts with typos that include links

Biggest and Best NFT Discord Servers

When it comes to the best NFT Discords, there are plenty of great options. Also, there will be more as the world of NFT projects continues to evolve. Currently, these are some of the best NFT Discords to join for both project-specific and non-project-specific interests.

1. r/NFT

This Discord server currently has over 150,000 members and is the official server for the r/NFT community from Reddit. The r/NFT subreddit members and others meet here to discuss a broad range of topics. There are channels to discuss crypto projects, NFT development and much more. Anyone who’s looking for the best NFT Discord for advice may find this server valuable.

This is also one of the best NFT Discords for finding guidance on everything from development to investing. It also covers broad enough topics that it’s ideal for both beginners and experts. People can easily join and get answers to their questions 24/7.

2. Rarible

The Rarible Discord community currently has more than 122,000 members. Rarible is one of the top NFT marketplaces, featuring some of the most important projects. BAYC, CrypToadz and Creature World are a few examples of popular projects that Rarible featured. What makes this one of the best NFT Discords is its wealth of educational advice from experienced developers, investors and artists. There are often open talks on the Stages channel for art, new features and more. This is especially a great place for developers and artists. In addition, the Rarible Discord community is also one of the best NFT Discords for investors looking for clues about lucrative projects — before they develop.

3. OpenSea

As one of the biggest NFT Discords, OpenSea's Discord has more than 236,000 members. OpenSea is the largest marketplace for NFTs. What makes this one of the best NFT Discord servers is that members can find answers to nearly any question, be it simple or complicated. This makes it one of the best NFT Discords for newbies looking to learn about NFTs, while it’s also helpful for experienced developers who want to add OpenSea technology to their websites.

At any hour of the day, OpenSea's Discord is always active and full of conversations for developing projects, OpenSea updates and other NFT topics.

4. Bored Ape Yacht Club

The Discord server for BAYC has more than 172,000 members. This project has one of the largest market caps — and one of the most impressive track records of growth — for any PFP NFT project. BAYC NFTs were minted for about $200, and quickly rose to values above $200,000. The BAYC server is one of the best NFT Discords for people interested in investing in these blue-chip NFTs, or who simply want to learn about the community benefits. Because BAYC has one of the strongest and most effective branding strategies, it’s one of the best NFT Discords for creators looking for inspiration.

5. Azuki

Currently, the Azuki Discord server has almost 130,000 members. This is one of the best NFT Discords for learning about anime art and Azuki NFTs. Since the Azuki collection was minted in early 2022, Azuki’s trading volume spiked and has continued growing ever since. This Discord community is the biggest one for anime fans who love NFTs, and people who join can learn about much more than price movements for the project. This all ultimately makes it one of the best NFT Discords for NFT fans seeking a unique and appealing culture.

6. Magic Eden

Magic Eden is the Solana chain's top marketplace, where people can discover the best and latest NFT collections. This is a great Discord for NFT buyers who prefer Solana assets. Currently, the Magic Eden Discord server has more than 178,000 members. Because this is a server for a marketplace, it’s one of the best NFT Discords for discussing Solana assets. Since Magic Eden provides real-time updates, information that people discuss is typically current.

7. Rarity Sniper

Rarity Sniper’s Discord may be the most prominent one for rare NFT talk. Currently, the server has more than 326,000 members. Rarity Sniper is a well-known tool, created in 2021 to help identify and reveal rare traits of NFTs in various collections. In addition to chats centered on ways to find the rarest NFTs in different collections, members on this server can talk about a wide range of other NFT topics. This is especially one of the best NFT Discords for anyone interested in starting a collection of rare NFTs.

8. NFTs World

There are over 352,000 members in this Discord. NFTs World is one of the biggest NFT Discords where people can go to discuss ideas, upcoming projects, NFT news and more. It’s “the” place to go for beginners who want to learn anything and everything about NFTs, in addition to being a great place to connect with other investors to buy, sell or trade NFTs. People who have questions about any NFT topic can usually find answers from experienced investors, artists or other enthusiasts quickly.

9. Decentraland

Decentraland is a virtual universe (or metaverse) that has its own DAO. This allows users to have control over Decentraland’s virtual space and its digital world because of its decentralized nature. Its in-game asset marketplace powers the Decentraland metaverse as users can buy land, gear and more through NFTs. The Decentraland Discord server has more than 175,000 members currently registered on its Discord. This is one of the best NFT Discords to join for daily events, which are updated under the Events channel. Anyone who’s interested in the Decentraland crypto game, or who simply enjoys events, may enjoy this Discord.


For people who like to learn about NFT artists, this is one of the best NFT Discords to join. is an NFT marketplace that’s driven by utility tokens and NFT art, and is known for its inexpensive transaction fees. The site focuses on education and developing forward-thinking solutions, and its Discord offers a way for interested investors and others to learn more about NFT artists found on the platform. This Discord currently has over 38,000 members. There are also useful resources for people who are new to NFTs. The Discord is also a great virtual place for artists who want to collaborate with other artists.

11. VeeFriends

Gary Vaynerchuk — known as Gary Vee — founded VeeFriends, an NFT collection that promotes mixing business with friendship. Gary is known for predicting the rise of social media and its importance in daily life, and he did the same with NFTs, having procured his own successful collection. On the VeeFriends Discord server, members can learn anything they want to know about NFTs in general. With more than 365,000 members, this is one of the biggest Discords for learning how to invest in NFTs. Additionally, members can learn about VeeFriends if they want to invest in the project.

12. CryptoPunks

CryptoPunks is known as the pioneer of PFP NFTs and is still one of the most valuable NFT collections. Many of the most successful NFT project creators who launched collections in 2021 “learned the ropes” in the CryptoPunks Discord. This is also one of the best NFT Discords for learning about digital security. One reason why this entry is lower on the list, despite its success, is because only members who own CryptoPunks can chat. However, it is possible to read chats, which can be highly educational. The CryptoPunks Discord is also a great place for investors watching for lucrative projects. It currently has more than 67,000 members.

13. Doodles

The Doodles project is a more recent success story. Unlike other projects that feature a creator-planned road map, this one is determined by community proposals, votes and decisions. Many investors, artists, collaborators and others who want to learn from a unique community structure that led to record-breaking NFT collection sales can benefit from joining this Discord. Doodles has one of the biggest NFT Discords for a new project, with more than 68,000 members. Although the server was closed before the collection's release, it’s once again open and is a great place to learn about the project and its community-building.

14. CrypToadz

This may be one of the biggest NFT Discords for humor. The CrypToadz Discord community has more than 11,000 members, and is full of fun and entertainment. This meme-based NFT project was created by artist Gremplin and subsequently became popular for its art and hype. Along with the high trading volume and value of the NFTs, the humorous and laid-back atmosphere of the Toadz community is what draws many investors and other interested people to this Discord. This is a great Discord server for asking questions and learning from experienced NFT collectors.

15. NFT Archaeologist

Led by Adam McBride, NFT Archaeologist is one of the best NFT Discord servers for NFT history. Although the community has just under 7,000 members, there are plenty of OG members and historians who are very knowledgeable about a broad range of topics. For anyone who’s new to NFTs and looking for historical information to potentially build a collection, this is one of the best NFT Discords for finding helpful information and meaningful conversations. The server is also useful for people who want to learn about creating a project.

16. CryptoDads

CryptoDads is a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs designed by well-known dads in the OG crypto community who hang out on the Ethereum blockchain. The CryptoDads Discord has more than 28,000 members. It’s one of the best NFT Discord servers for finding a tight-knit community of fathers. Everyone works together, helps each other and works hard to keep scammers out. In addition, anyone looking for information for new investors can benefit from this server.

17. Aspen Labs

Aspen Labs is a name to remember in the NFT community. The company develops decentralized apps (DApps), and is committed to maximizing their benefits for users of DeFi, NFTs and social platforms. The Aspen Labs Discord features active discussions about everything from DeFi to blockchain and how it all relates to NFTs. This is a good Discord for NFT buyers who want to expand their knowledge and insights to boost investment strategies. The Aspen Labs Discord server currently has more than 13,000 members.

18. Dribblie

Now is a great time to join the Dribblie Discord and its member base of more than 19,000 people. Dribblie is the first blockchain play-to-earn sports game that comes with monetary rewards, trophies and other prizes for playing It has one of the biggest NFT Discords for gaming and crypto enthusiasts. Members can learn about the 2022 Q2 NFT releases and connect with other players. Anyone who wants to learn about how gaming and NFTs are merging can benefit from joining this server.

19. Meta Generation

Meta Generation is a web3 project with a smart road map that promises to help people get into crypto and NFTs. Although this Discord server only has about 7,000 members, it’s one of the most valuable NFT Discord servers for anyone who’s thinking of developing a project or wants to enter the crypto space. People can learn a lot about web3, and network with experienced creators. In addition to being helpful for newbies, Meta Generation also functions as an informational Discord for NFT buyers.

20. BRAiN VOMiTs Garden

BRAiN VOMiTs Garden is an underappreciated NFT project by skateboarder Steven Rea, who started the project after an accident as a way to focus on mental health following his difficult post-accident recovery. BRAiN VOMiTS Garden is one of the best NFT Discord servers for aspiring NFT artists, and it’s a great place for investors who are looking for artists to watch. Because the community has under 1,000 members, BRAiN VOMiTS Garden is a good place to have conversations without getting lost in the shuffle.

21. Big Time

is an innovative new blockchain game that incorporates a metaverse and play-to-earn NFTs, along with other benefits. Although it was only rolled out recently, its Discord already has nearly 395,000 members. ’s Discord is good for NFT buyers who are interested in buying game NFTs. It’s also a great place to learn about the growing potential for crypto game NFTs as valuable investments.

22. Museum NFT

Museum NFT is an unusual persona-based project featuring NFTs which correspond with various historical crypto dates being honored. In addition to being a good Discord for NFT buyers, Museum NFT's Discord has over 8,000 members and is usually an active place to discuss all the aesthetic, cultural, historical and other aspects of NFTs. If you’d like to have a deeper understanding of crypto history and the potential in crypto NFTs, Museum NFT is one of the best NFT Discord servers for learning and discussing with others.

23. Okay Bears

Currently, the Okay Bears public Discord has almost 93,000 members. This new Solana project recently launched and sold out in one day. The Okay Bears collection consists of 10,000 unique bears with chill vibes, and its enthusiastic community is the reason the project sold out so fast. The Okay Bears Discord is helpful for NFT buyers who want to learn more about the project's future potential. Also, the Discord is a place where people can go to enjoy laid-back chats about NFTs and everything else. In addition, it’s a great NFT Discord if you’d like to learn about other Solana projects.

24. NFTverse

NFTVerse is an entity whose goal is to become the largest decentralized DeFi solution for NFTs. The NFTverse server is a good Discord for NFT buyers who want to learn more about DeFi trends and their future impact on NFTs. With more than 25,000 members, this is one of the biggest NFT Discords for learning about NFT artists, DeFi trends and more in one place. In addition, it features plenty of active channels where people can discuss NFT topics 24/7.

The Bottom Line

Joining NFT Discord servers can be beneficial for learning NFT news, gaining investment insights from experts, getting up-to-date on the latest technology and games, and more. The top NFT Discords require verification in order to help reduce scam risks. However, when joining any NFT Discord servers, it’s still important that you maintain caution to protect your digital assets and security while you enjoy the myriad opportunities that these informative Discords offer.