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Mar 11, 2022

Sovi Universe (SOUNI): The Best Fantasy 3D MMORPG Metaverse Yet?

From World of Warcraft to MapleStory, there’s no denying the sheer popularity of fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs). Thanks to their diehard communities and sprawling worlds, many of their mechanics are becoming the industry standard when it comes to today’s MMORPGs. The team behind Sovi Universe (SOUNI) seeks to reinvent the wheel by improving upon limitations that hold these types of games back. 

From play-to-earn (P2E) additions that lower the barrier to entry, to the scarcity of non-fungible token (NFT) equipment so that rare items become more valuable, SOUNI introduces new features which complement the already established fantasy MMORPG formula. Curious as to how SOUNI hopes to achieve this? Read on, as we introduce what makes SOUNI such a compelling 3D MMORPG metaverse NFT game and how the SON governance token works.

What Is SOUNI?

SOUNI is a 3D fantasy P2E game that complements existing MMORPG experiences with the power of blockchain technology. Built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), SOUNI takes advantage of the diverse BSC ecosystem to deliver a solid fantasy gaming experience that no MMORPG fan should miss out on.

Like many other metaverse coins that target different niches, SOUNI seeks to venture forth on its own in the GameFi field. While many successful role-playing games offer a premium monthly subscription, SOUNI disrupts this template by featuring a free-to-play model that grants users one free NFT hero avatar. This decision greatly bolsters the player base, as gamers can freely dive into SOUNI's world without feeling the pinch of a monthly subscription fee. 

To give players a sense of progression, hero quality can be upgraded to improve their rarity from common, to rare and beyond. This bumps up the attribute values and growth rate of your hero characters so they’re able to reach higher power levels. Additionally, this increases their resale value on the marketplace, making them more desirable and valuable.

Getting Started in SOUNI

Speaking of progression, starting off in SOUNI is easy because it’s similar to other metaverse P2E games like Axie Infinity. Players start by engaging in SOUNI’s player-versus-environment (PVE) battles to earn fragments. These fragments then offer one of two options: To either composite and promote NFT characters and your existing gear, or sell these fragments in the marketplace to earn SRC, SOUNI’s secondary token that complements SON.

Once hero characters are sufficiently leveled up, competitors can take on player-vs.-player (PVP) battles. It’s in this competitive mode where your hero’s build is put to the test, as players compete for premium rewards such as NFT accessories and SON tokens. You'll find no shortage of PVP options that cater to player preferences as you cooperate with players in full-blown Guild Wars and test your might in Arena battles. SOUNI is big on variety, so you can enjoy hours of content, given the various game modes.

SOUNI’s NFT Characters and Accessories

With more than 200 characters and 1,000 accessories, it’s safe to say there’s no shortage of MinMax opportunities for MMORPG players to fully optimize their character’s build and attributes. Once you’ve earned enough fragments and SON tokens, you’re free to composite your own equipment. From weapons to armor, this equipment can differ in five qualities, so you’re encouraged to promote its quality to sell it in the marketplace for profit.

SOUNI’s NFT Costumes

Any MMORPG fan knows that stylish cosmetics go a long way toward making the playing experience more enjoyable, and this is no different in SOUNI’s case. Rather than create a paywall advantage, both hardcore and free-to-play players get to collect these special NFT costumes that can be composited using fragments and SON tokens. Conversely, you can also buy these costumes from the NFT marketplace to complement their character’s progression.

As previously mentioned, SOUNI operates in a dual-token economy, with SON and SRC powering transactions and purchases. Wondering how the utility of SON tokens will develop down the line? Let’s find out how you can benefit by investing early in SON tokens and the SOUNI ecosystem.

What Are SON and SRC Tokens?

SON acts as SOUNI’s governance token and lets players ultimately decide the future of the game with their votes and proposals. It’s also the game’s premium currency, as it can only be earned through the more challenging PVP modes. With it, you can composite NFT accessories and costumes and upgrade NFT quality to uncommon and beyond.

On the other hand, the SRC token is primarily used for liquidity in the game's ecosystem, and can be endlessly earned through player interaction. With SRC, players can open treasure boxes to snag special rewards, trade for items in the marketplace and further upgrade their equipment.

SON Tokenomics

Overall, there’s a maximum supply of ten billion SON tokens, which will be released over the coming months. Most notably, more than half of SON’s overall distribution is allocated to SOUNI’s adoption incentives and liquidity. This will ultimately do wonders for the project, as the SON tokens aid in acquisition and retention efforts, while the enhanced liquidity allows for easy buying and selling.

Eager SON token investors can check out the Bybit Launchpool, where 136 million SON tokens can be earned through staking BitDAO (BIT) tokens.

Are SON Tokens a Good Investment?

When compared to other blockchain and NFT games like Realy that push the boundaries of metaverse street fashion, SOUNI sets itself apart by being both familiar and new. By introducing familiar MMORPG mechanics in an NFT game setting, SOUNI effectively appeals to hardcore gamers who want to sink their teeth into the next big MMORPG, and to mobile casual gamers who want to get on board with the NFT hype.

As for SOUNI’s future growth, there are plenty of exciting features in the works. Down the line, beta SOUNI players can look forward to an airdrop as a reward for being early adopters of the game. Also, later this year, players can anticipate extra game modes that include World Boss campaigns, which are akin to MMORPG raids where players have to work together and coordinate their attacks. Combined with their Island Occupy mode, this opens up even greater avenues to earn SON. With enough play time, avid players can profit from the bustling in-game economy as they personalize their NFT heroes and actively participate in the marketplace.

In terms of governance, the SOUNI decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) will be fleshed out as SON token holders gain voting rights. This lets them decide where the reserve currency can be spent to further grow the SOUNI project.

The Bottom Line

With such a detailed development plan and an impressive showing that will attract just about any MMORPG player, SOUNI possesses plenty of potential — thanks to its well-thought-out mechanics and free-to-play nature that lets anyone with the time effortlessly progress through the game. This ultimately lets SOUNI flourish as its content-rich PVE and PVP game modes and dedication to NFT customization are welcomed by the passionate MMORPG and mobile gaming communities.