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Mar 17, 2022


WAGMI stands for “We’re All Going to Make It.” It’s a phrase often used in the crypto community to inspire confidence and encourage community members not to lose hope.

WAGMI means "We're All Going to Make It," and it's used when one anticipates good news in the future after making certain trading or investment decisions. It’s also often used alongside uplifting news to connote hope for future success for oneself or the entire community.

WAGMI was initially a meme used within the fitness community to encourage people to work toward their goals even when they feel like giving up. Both WAGMI and NGMI reportedly owe their popularity to Zyzz, an iconic bodybuilder, who has used these catchphrases multiple times in his motivational videos. 

WAGMI has a very positive connotation of “we’re in this together.” It’s an expression of camaraderie, an optimistic prediction of future success that lets community members know that they should be confident in the face of adversity.

What Does WAGMI Mean in Crypto?

In the crypto community, people use WAGMI to express their shared conviction in the future success of a given project. The phrase is popular within the NFT community, whose members often face adversity and receive negative comments from outsiders. 

For example, when NFTs started gaining traction, many traditional crypto investors started mocking them in the form of the “right-click, save as” criticism. This essentially expressed the belief that NFTs were pretty much worthless. 

Many known artists, including Pixelord, tweeted in support of others within the NFT community, using the hashtag “WAGMI” to show that they support each other. 


NGMI stands for “Not Gonna Make It.” Also popular within the crypto community. It's used to imply that a person won’t be successful due to a poor decision or lack of judgment. For instance, if a person sells an NFT at a loss while others believe that the project will be a long-term success, they’ll be labeled as NGMI. 

You can view NGMI and WAGMI as complete opposites. Some users have called them the “Yin and Yang of the NFT community.” Whereas NGMI is overtly negative, WAGMI is extremely positive — one is exclusionary, the other inclusionary.


GM WAGMI — or Good Morning/We’re All Gonna Make It — is a meme coin project that’s created a lot of buzz in the crypto market. The intention behind the creation of GM was to pay respects to Raj Gokal, the co-founder of Solana Labs. 

He made the phrase “GM” popular by greeting all of his followers with a #GM hashtag on Twitter. Gokal is known within the community as a warm, kindly person who likes spreading positive vibes. The team behind GM Wagmi aims to take their positive message and make it mainstream. 

GM Wagmi runs on the Ethereum Blockchain and was launched in November 2021. GM tokens can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currency. In addition, 1% of each GM transaction is burned to safeguard the token's supply and value.