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Mar 17, 2022


NGMI stands for "Not Going to Make It." It’s often used when one anticipates a future loss as a result of a poor decision.

What Does NGMI Mean in Crypto?

NGMI stands for "Not Going to Make It". It’s commonly used to describe instances in the crypto world when one makes a bad decision, such as selling an NFT at a low price despite all market indications that its value is on an upward trend.

How NGMI Is Used in the Crypto World

NGMI is one of the many terms crypto traders use to communicate. It describes a situation in which an investor makes a bad decision by ignoring market data and expert advice. The term carries a strong negative connotation, implying an incorrect decision.

Just like the term WAGMI, NGMI started off as a meme. Both phrases reportedly became popular after the popular late bodybuilder Zyzz started using them in his motivational YouTube videos. However, over time, NGMI has become a part of the crypto vocabulary.

How to Use NGMI

Members of the crypto community use NGMI to label people who don’t see the value in investing in things like cryptocurrencies and NFTs. They believe that their failure to invest in these items is a poor financial decision that will lead to nothing good. 

In the crypto community, it’s the equivalent of calling someone a loser, or at least a future loser. That’s why you should be careful in your use of NGMI among crypto community members. Labeling someone in your group NGMI can be taken as fighting words. 

The NGMI label can also be extended to crypto community members. For instance, NFT holders who price their NFTs below the floor price, or constantly flip NFTs without paying much thought to losses and profits, are often labeled NGMIs. 

Some people use NGMI in a self-deprecating way after making — in hindsight — a poor investment decision or an unwise financial action. 


Both NGMI and WAGMI are commonly used in the NFT world. You often see them in NFT Discord groups or on NFT Twitter accounts. It may be easy to confuse the two, but these expressions are completely different. WAGMI stands for "We're Going to Make It," which is sort of the opposite of NGMI. The term has a positive connotation and is used to imply future success. 

NGMI Crypto Token

While NGMI might be popular slang, it has also been adapted as a new meme cryptocurrency. With the success of meme-inspired currencies like Dogecoin, many people are jumping on the bandwagon, creating currencies like the NGMI Coin

The decentralized NGMI meme token is built on the Avalanche network, and has a total supply of 1 billion tokens. Almost the entire supply of NGMIs has been airdropped and added to the liquidity pool. Any additional tokens will be stored in the NGMI Treasury. 

You can now buy the NGMI token. It uses the reverse Honeypot model, which means that once the owner sells their token, they can’t buy back in. At the moment, you can buy the NGMI token on Binance and PancakeSwap. However, it’s expected to list on other exchanges as well.