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Bid Price

Bid price is the highest price that a potential buyer is willing to pay for an asset or commodity.

What Is Bid Price?

When buyers seek to purchase cryptocurrency or some other asset or security, they have to offer bids. The term “bid price” refers to the highest price that a particular trader is willing to spend on an asset. The bid price is usually lower than the ask price, which is the lowest price a seller is willing to accept for the asset. The gap between the bid price and the ask price is known as the bid-ask spread, a metric that reveals the asset’s liquidity.

While the term “bid price” can be applied to any asset or security in the wider world of finance, in the crypto ecosystem, it often refers to the price of a cryptocurrency. The bid price represents the amount that a buyer is offering to purchase a particular coin. As demand for the currency increases, crypto traders are forced to engage in a bidding war and offer more money in order to match the market price. This causes the bid price to rise.

How Does Bid Price Work?

To fully understand the role of bid price in crypto, you need a working knowledge of how financial trading operates. Crypto trading platforms keep an order book to record the intentions of buyers and sellers. This book includes both the bids buyers are making and the prices sellers are requesting. Traders can then use this information to determine the bid-ask spread.

The bid-ask spread, or the difference between the highest bid price and the lowest ask price, is also known as the “market-maker spread.” That’s because traders known as “market makers” will make both bids and asks in order to capitalize on the bid-ask spread. These market makers serve the market by injecting liquidity. In traditional markets, brokerage firms often play this role. Now, market makers are becoming significant in crypto marketplaces.

In practice, the bid price is usually lower than the actual price of the asset, while the ask price is often higher. Bid and ask prices fluctuate constantly in response to market conditions. If a crypto market has more liquidity, it means people are able to buy and sell closer to the actual price, thereby bringing the bid-and-ask prices closer together and decreasing the bid-ask spread. That’s why a smaller bid-ask spread is associated with greater liquidity.

What Is Bid Size?

Bid size is the quantity of a security or asset a buyer is willing to purchase at the bid price. Imagine, for example, that a trader is interested in purchasing a particular cryptocurrency. The buyer might be willing to buy the tokens at a price of $5, and they’re willing to buy 50 tokens at that price. The bid price would be $5, and the bid size would be 50.

Just as bid price is closely related to ask price, bid size is related to ask size. The ask size is the quantity of a security or asset that a seller is willing to part with for the ask price in question. The difference between the bid size and ask size demonstrates the relationship between supply and demand in the market for the asset.