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Sep 12, 2022

Ookeenga (OKG): A Real-Time 3D NFT Strategy Game

GameFi has taken the world by storm ever since it was first introduced back in 2012. The refreshing idea of combining thrilling gameplay with the world of finance was once so foreign, yet now we see an abundance of games such as Axie Infinity, Kryptomon and The Sandbox. This idea has excited gamers and investors alike as they strive to find the best balance between the two concepts. If you’re one of them, you’ll be delighted to know that Ookeenga is the latest GameFi project to hit the shores. Unlike other projects, Ookeenga stands out from the rest, boasting breathtaking graphics, appealing world-building and addictive gameplay. 

Excited to find out about the next big thing in the GameFi scene? Read on, as we include everything you need to know about Ookeenga.

What Is Ookeenga?

Ookeenga is a 3D NFT game that gives players the opportunity to explore an after-purge world. Players focus on engaging in ruthless battles with the use of their Hero NFTs and Weapon NFTs as they strive to bring prizes and glory to their tribes.

Set in The Sacred Forest, Glaik, after a catastrophe that wipes out Earth, Ookeenga features insects that have evolved and built a massive civilization with five races — Antuk (Ant), Krakee (Cricket), Mantah (Mantis), Montak (Moth) and Muu (Beetle). The Sacred Forest, however, is divided into two factions — the Akhah (Pureblood) and the Ahika (Mixedblood). Since species can interbreed — creating hybrids that may eventually lead to superior mutations and threaten the rights to the already scarce food and water resources — the Akhah faction believes that all hybrids and mutants should be exterminated. 

Players have to collect Hero NFTs to assemble their team for battles. Each Hero NFT provides the player’s skill set deck with different Troop Cards and Skill Cards. The main objective for players is to build a strategic team to effectively defeat their opponents. 

What sets Ookeenga apart from other games is that there are multiple ways to earn as you play. Here are some of the game assets you can expect when you play the game.

Hero NFT

The game has a total of five hero races that you can obtain, each with different statistics regarding damage dealt, speed and health:

  • Antuk (Ant): Medium damage, high speed, medium health

  • Krakee (Cricket): Good damage, high speed, medium health

  • Mantah (Mantis): Massive damage, high speed, good health

  • Montak (Moth): High damage, very low speed, low health

  • Muu (Beetle): High damage, low speed, massive health

The heroes are organized into five different character classes:

  • Tank: Frontline damage absorbers

  • Melee: Close-range damage dealers

  • Range: Long-range damage dealers

  • Mage: Back-line supporters and long-range AOE damage dealers

  • Air: Aerial long-range damage dealers; immune to close-range ground units

Naturally, each character class takes on a different role and contributes in different ways to battle gameplay.

Other than purchasing and trading Hero NFTs on the Ookeenga Marketplace, you can also obtain new Hero NFTs by breeding two heroes that you already own. This process requires you to pay a tiered fee which depends on the number of times the Hero NFT has been bred. 

For example, it costs you 2,000 KAB tokens the first time you breed two heroes. By the fifth time, it will cost you 7,500 KAB tokens. The maximum number of times you can breed is nine, which will cost you 17,000 KAB tokens. Note that a hero used for breeding requires a time-out period before it can be used for breeding again.

After the breeding process is successful, you’ll receive a cocoon containing a baby hero inside. Once a certain amount of time has passed, the full-grown hero breaks the cocoon and emerges ready for battle.

Weapon NFTs

While Hero NFTs come with their own default weapons, you can choose to upgrade these weapons by manufacturing, trading on the market or receiving prizes from PVP and game events.

These upgrades enhance the attributes of your heroes and increase the chances of your heroes’ troops defeating your opponents.

Land NFTs

Ookeenga’s Land NFT game assets have received rave reviews. Each piece of land is an independent entity with a position on the Ookeenga map. Players can acquire Land NFTs via purchasing or leasing in the market. 

Upon purchasing a Land NFT in Ookeenga, players can earn passive income in the form of OKG and KAB tokens and in-game materials. You can choose to build, design and decorate a village on your piece of land with items purchased from the Marketplace. These decorations can be purely visual, but may also enhance the village’s maximum output. 

You can also earn passive income by conquering mines, forests and fields. A mine can be occupied once a player initiates an attack on it, which costs energy. A successful attack locks the mine. Otherwise, the mine is made available for other players to try their luck at attacking. After a certain period of time, the mine disappears and reappears in another location.

You can also earn income by fighting monsters. Of course, each attack costs energy, but if the attack is successful, you earn rewards. 

Lastly, you can also explore dungeons based on events. As you go deeper into the dungeons, the income increases. Those who manage to explore the deepest dungeon levels are rewarded with attractive prizes.


Ookeenga offers two types of treasures. The first type can be purchased on the market with KAB and OKG tokens. This treasure usually contains NFT item fragments, NFT items, OKG tokens, KAB tokens and other resources. 

The second type of treasure is given to players as a reward after battles.Unlike treasures which are purchased, rewarded treasures can only be opened after a certain period of time has passed. Of course, players are free to speed up this process by paying KAB tokens. In these treasures, players receive KAB tokens, resources and NFT item fragments. 

Ookeenga’s Dual-Token System

What Are KAB Tokens?

Known as Ookeenga’s in-game currency, KAB tokens are obtained through gameplay, and are used in most game features. Specifically, KAB tokens are used for breeding heroes, enhancing items and crafting equipment. They have no supply limit, and players can trade their KAB tokens for OKG tokens, allowing them to further upgrade their NFTs and other items. 

What Are OKG Tokens?

OKG tokens are the primary platform tokens of Ookeenga. You can earn OKG tokens both by playing the game and by purchasing them through Bybit.

As the game’s primary governance token, the OKG token can be used in the following areas:

  • Voting: players can participate in choosing upcoming Ookeenga game features 

  • Staking: Stake OKG tokens to earn extra OKG rewards, with APY determined by TVL and current OKG price

  • Marketplace trading: Purchase, sell and even rent NFTs on the Marketplace

  • Events: Earn OKG during tournaments and special events

OKG Tokenomics

Now that we’ve covered the basics of Ookeenga, let’s take a look at OKG’s overall tokenomics. In total, there’s a maximum supply of 500 million OKG tokens, as follows: 

  • 30% (150 million) are set aside for the play-to-earn aspect of the game 

  • 20% (100 million) allocated to the team 

  • 15.2% (76 million) to private and public sales 

  • 15% (75 million) for marketing and partnership

  • 11.8% (59 million) for reserves 

  • 5% (25 million) to maintain liquidity

  • 3% (15 million) to the project’s advisors

Excited to be a part of the OKG family and begin to earn as you battle opponents? Start investing today at Bybit Launchpool, where 4 million OKG tokens can be earned through either committing BitDAO (BIT) tokens or participating in the USDT lottery after signing up on Bybit.

Are OKG Tokens a Good Investment?

As more gamers and investors show interest in P2E games, more companies are developing games to match the overwhelming demand. What sets Ookeenga apart from its counterparts are its breathtaking visuals and captivating storyline that will truly immerse players into the insect-themed world.

Ookeenga’s long-term plan is to become a core content IP with an ecosystem that includes both Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 games. This is highly beneficial to both investors and gamers, as profits gained from other projects within the Ookeenga ecosystem are also extended to them.

Investors will also be delighted to know that the CROS Game Studio team who developed Ookeenga comprises more than 30 members, all of whom have extensive experience and knowledge in developing and outsourcing game products on various platforms. For Ookeenga, they’ve partnered with Spores, a company with years of experience building and developing blockchain games. Furthermore, the project is backed by reputable institutions like ZBS Capital, Good Games Guild and MetaGaming Guild. Not only can you be assured that Ookeenga offers amazing visual designs, a thrilling game framework and a healthy economic model that will keep you hooked, but it will also be a great investment.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Ookeenga’s OKG tokens appear to be a great long-term addition to any crypto portfolio. The development team is dedicated to delivering a project unlike any other, with its insect-themed gameplay, stunning visuals and various ways to earn. A look at Ookeenga’s road map demonstrates that the team is continuously innovating new features to add to the game to improve player experience, including new story arcs by the end of 2023. 

We believe that Ookeenga is certainly the next big play-own-earn game to hit the shores, and that this is the perfect time for you to get in on the fun as they flesh out their game in their quest to achieve widespread popularity.