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Sep 2, 2022

Kryptomon (KMON): Revolutionizing Childhood Games With P2E

As the decentralized finance (DeFi) world continues to expand, a lot of new and innovative concepts have developed, especially within the crypto gaming universe. Out of the entire gaming metaverse, one of the most exciting options is play-to-earn games (P2E), such as Kryptomon. These games let you have fun while you also earn money. The unique combination of role-playing, NFT and cryptocurrency creates a very rewarding experience. If you’re thinking of playing Krytomon or investing in Kryptomon tokens, then read our guide to learn more about the project's potential.

What Is Kryptomon?

Kryptomon is a living NFT game that combines classic monster-battling mechanics with P2E rewards. Users can create living NFT token monsters to take on adventures.

If you've played Pokémon or raised a Tamagotchi, then you have a decent idea of how Kryptomon works. The game takes these two childhood games and combines them with modern DeFi concepts. It also uses BNB Chain to incorporate NFT and cryptocurrency into the game.

Kryptomon fits in the P2E genre of games. As you play the game, you get more than just the satisfaction of hatching eggs and training your companions to defeat other monsters. Each monster you collect is a living NFT that you can buy, sell or trade. These NFT Kryptomon eggs have unique genetic codes that provide different perks. The in-game token, KMON, is a cryptocurrency token you can exchange for BTC, real-world cash or other forms of currency. Ultimately, your actions can earn you actual money.

History of Kryptomon

Kryptomon was founded by its CEO, Umberto Canessa Cerchi, an Amsterdam-based developer with a background in business and economics. Cerchi said he was inspired by his childhood love of Pokémon, and wanted to find a way to bring the game into the real world. The rise of cryptocurrency and NFTs created the opportunity for him to develop a new monster battle game.

Cerchi's main focus has always been to promote a solid user experience. He noticed that projects that create a fun environment for users are the ones most likely to succeed. So Cerchi first generated interest in Kryptomon by running several betas with free giveaways. When users became enthused, the company was able to leverage their excitement to get investors.

Since it was founded in 2021, Kryptomon has been able to close a $10 million seed round led by NFX with the support of reputable companies such as PLAYSTUDIOS and Griffin Gaming Partners, as well as Vikram Pandit, the former CEO of Citigroup and the current chairman of The Orogen Group. The in-house development team then collaborated with Room 8 Studio to put the finishing touches on the game. The support given to the company allowed Kryptomon to scale and become an immersive world with truly unprecedented blockchain technology, ultimately enabling Kryptomon to make its mark on the NFT gaming metaverse.

Version 0.5 of Kryptomon was officially launched in October 2021, and since then, the game has gained a lot of followers. Thanks to events like an egg airdrop with 300,000 KMON in prizes, thousands of users have signed up and begun earning valuable rewards, leading to Kryptomon's progressive community growth.

How Does Kryptomon Work?

Kryptomon can seem a little complex at a glance because there are so many different mechanics. However, once you get into the game, you'll find that it's actually simple. To succeed, there are only five things you need to know.


Every Kryptomon creature has its own unique and randomly generated DNA. Your creature’s DNA will affect everything from how fast it recovers on the battlefield to how many times it can hit an opponent. Here are the 12 different genes affecting your monster's physical and behavioral characteristics that you'll need to consider when selecting a creature to work with.

  • Attack: How much physical damage a creature can cause in any given battle.

  • Resistance: Affects your creature’s physical defense and its defense against elemental attacks.

  • Constitution: Impacts hit points and the amount of defense a creature has.

  • Stamina: Adjusts your creature’s number of hit points and impacts how many times a creature can breed.

  • Speed: Determines if your creature gets to attack first and affects cooldown time between breeding.

  • Affections: Influences the frequency of your creature's caring.

  • Craziness: tStrengthens a critical attack, and affects elemental defense.

  • Braveness: Gives creatures a head start during battle.

  • Instinct: Affects physical defense and reduces evasion damage.

  • Hunger: The more hungry your creature is, the more food it needs.

  • Ego: How much refined food your creature needs.

  • Smartness: Influences how much training your creature requires.


Parameters are similar to genes, except they’re not present in your monster at birth, and they can be adjusted. Kryptomons have 38 different parameters that can advance to level 50. Maxing out parameters requires roughly 250 tickets. This can take time, but it turns a mediocre creature into an impressive beast.


Community members play as trainers. To train your own NFT pet monsters, you need training tickets that can be found in loot boxes. Each ticket lets you level up a parameter, and you can choose whether you want to focus on individual talents, resistance or constitution. Training usually takes time. However, if you have a star ticket, you can instantly train your creature to reach a new level.

Battle Modes

Kryptomon battles are the main purpose of the game. Your creatures fight against others to gain rewards and increase your ranking in tournaments. There are multiple modes, including one-on-one fights with friends, practice fights with AI and competitive fights against random players. 

In Battle Mode, your creature uses a combination of physical, shield, element and special spells to attack its opponent and chip away at its stamina. Once an opponent's creatures are all knocked out, you win.


Breeding allows you to combine attributes from two creatures into a single egg, which is a fun way to generate new NFT creatures. During breeding, mutation happens, so stats can end up better or worse than those of the creature’s parents. You can breed to get specific parameters and genes, or you can breed for certain physical looks. All of these various traits are somewhat connected, but not dependent on each other. Keep in mind that breeding comes with some limitations. Monsters can breed only a certain number of times per year.

Features of Kryptomon

In addition to the gameplay mechanics, there are other exciting features.


Thanks to its place on the BNB Chain network, Kryptomon is a P2E game. Users do everything in the game with KMON, and the cryptocurrency has real-world value. Ways to earn money include winning battles and breeding rare creatures to sell. In fact, selling creatures can be one of the most rewarding ways to earn money. Each creature and egg are a living NFT, and those with impressive stats can be worth a lot of money. Very rare creatures have sold for thousands of dollars.

Kryptomon Mobile

An advantage of this game is that you don't have to sit around at a computer to play. Kryptomon mobile allows users to play the game from their phones, making it easy to keep up with your creatures’ feeding and training throughout the day. The mobile app has integrated crypto features so you can also manage your money from your phone. Eventually, the mobile version will also add some augmented reality features that make the game even more immersive.


Compared to many other P2E games, Kryptomon makes it easy to manage your finances. The marketplace allows Kryptomon NFT trading where you can browse for eggs and mature creatures. You can list items for sale, or bid on desirable monsters. With extensive filtering options, the Kryptomon marketplace ensures that you can find the rarest creatures with the best parameters.

Other than purchasing new NFT pet monsters, the Kryptomon marketplace also enables users to stake their KMON tokens to participate in NFT lotteries and generate "candies", which are used as Kryptomon's in-game currency to purchase loot boxes and items.

Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts are part of the company's real-world game-play mechanics. A treasure hunt is a limited-time event that involves players using their phone's GPS to visit a specific real-world location. Arriving at this location gives you a mystery box that you unlock. These randomly generated boxes can contain training tickets, new NFT eggs or other exciting items.

The Academy

Confused by all the details of the game? One of its features can help you with that. The Kryptomon Academy is a website that provides fun, interactive information on all the different aspects of the game. You can search for answers to specific questions, or browse records to get more details. It’s a great way to understand gameplay mechanics and get started with training, battling and breeding.

Kryptomon Road Map

A big reason that Kryptomon has been successful is because of its ability to follow through on plans. Kryptomon has always been very open with its players and investors. The P2E company has a detailed road map with targets for implementing a broad range of features. So far, they've managed to deliver much of what they've promised, and they're on track to add even more exciting details.

Kryptomon's road map started in mid-2021 with the founding of the company. The company began with an initial NFT offering to generate investments. From there, they used the third quarter of 2021 to mint and distribute eggs, and launch KMON tokens. In the last quarter, the game was released to players. This part of the road map included hatching eggs, releasing treasure hunts and opening a monster-trading marketplace. Closed betas were completed; open betas for Android came next. In the first half of 2022, additional mechanics such as quests, Kryptomon evolutions and monster breeding options were all added.

So what's next for Kryptomon? The company plans to close out 2022 by opening a beta for iOS users, launching an official Android app and initiating PvP and PvE capabilities. These new additions will allow people to battle with friends and random players to earn more rewards. New story challenges and quests will be added, and the new battling system will become a tournament where people can fight for prizes.

The rest of the road map includes augmentations to the game itself. Starting in late 2022 and early 2023, Kryptomon is switching to 3D metaverse gaming. The company will be building lands and structures to populate the metaverse, and adding 3D models for monsters and characters. After the transition to metaverse gaming is complete, the final plan is to create augmented reality gameplay. This will allow for real-world gameplay where users can find additional ways of interacting with their environment.

KMON Tokenomics

KMON is a publicly traded cryptocurrency with a total supply of 1 billion tokens and a circulating supply of 190 million. Overall, it has a market cap of $1.9 million. KMON  went live in August 2021, and has gone through some exciting changes since then. After KMON was launched, its price rapidly increased to 20 times its original value, resulting in a lot of interest and fairly high trading volumes.

When considering KMON tokenomics, it's helpful to learn a little about the company's regulation plans. Unlike many other big crypto projects, Kryptomon initially locks down a lot of their crypto. Investors who purchase KMON are allowed access to only a small amount at the time of token generation. Following the generation event in May 2022, the bulk of the crypto was locked for six months. When buyers purchase in bulk, their tokens are unlocked in small amounts at a time to prevent one person from dumping a lot of funds at once.

KMON Price Prediction

When Kryptomon first released KMON, it had a listing price of $0.009321. Since then, prices have fluctuated a fair amount. In November 2021, KMON reached an all-time high of $0.2279. Since then, it's gone through a few small peaks and a general, steady decline due to the bear market. After coin prices dropped to around $0.01, they’ve remained fairly stable. As of August 2022, KMON is around $0.01017, so it’s still slightly higher than the original cost.

Through the rest of the third quarter, KMON prices are likely to remain stable. Since the coin has a lot of uses within the game, prices probably won’t drop below $0.01. Unlike many other cryptocurrencies, KMON has a tangible value for players that helps to maintain prices at a reasonable level. Keep in mind that a lot of tokens will be unlocked in January of 2023, which may cause prices to dip.

That being said, the potential for a noticeable increase in KMON’s price does exist. In mid-autumn of 2022, the company plans to implement several new game mechanics. When Kryptomon adds the PvP and PvE features, you can expect renewed interest in the game and a corresponding spike in the token’s price. Then another spike is likely to occur when augmented reality and real-world gameplay go live in 2023.

Where to Buy KMON

When KMON was first launched, the only way to get the coin was by joining the game and getting it directly from Binance Smart Chain. Since then, the company has worked to increase availability. In May 2022, KMON was officially listed on Bybit. This global crypto exchange makes it easy to access the coin, even if you don't have a Kryptomon account.

Buying KMON on Bybit is fast and easy. If you don't already have an account, you can start one by signing up and funding it with the USD or crypto you already have in another wallet. Once you have funds in your Bybit wallet, you can go to the KMON Spot Trading page and place your order.

Is KMON a Good Investment?

KMON looks very promising. The token’s price has undergone some highs and lows, and it has eventually stabilized at a reasonable price. It doesn't seem likely to skyrocket any time soon, but neither does it seem likely to plummet. This can produce some very beneficial opportunities for the savvy investor.

Keep in mind that KMON's success is likely to depend on the success of the game. Unlike other metaverse-gaming cryptos, KMON seems to be leaning more toward being a long-term gaming asset instead of a flashy crypto investment. As the game continues to expand, increased interest will heighten the value of the coins. Therefore, investors who purchase large amounts at an early stage could make a nice profit.

All signs point to a solid future for the game itself. Cerchi, Kryptomon's founder, is very experienced and has put a lot of time into analyzing where other P2E gaming companies have gone wrong. The focus on creating a solid user experience ensures the game has more staying power than many other metaverse games. Steps such as locking new tokens help to keep KMON prices from dropping, and game-play features such as NFTs add extra value for players as well as token holders.

KMON probably isn't one of those crypto investments from which a bunch of people will make millions. However, it does have the potential to provide some nice, reliable income for dedicated investors. Common sense, low-risk investment strategies can help KMON investors make a nice return on their efforts, and playing the game allows you to make money even if you don't have the funds to invest.

Closing Thoughts

Whether you love Pokémon-type games or just want to get in on the latest cryptocurrency trends, Kryptomon is worth a try. The game contains a lot of engaging features — including NFT generation, augmented reality and cryptocurrency rewards — and more exciting mechanics are in store. Getting involved now provides many opportunities for both having fun and improving your finances.