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Jun 17, 2022

GuildFi: An Interconnected Web 3.0 Ecosystem for GameFi

Play-to-earn games and NFT gaming platforms are continuing to reach new highs. Backed by multiple titans of the crypto VC world, GuildFi has become one of the most popular GameFi ecosystems running on the BNB Chain

As the most widely used metaverse gaming platform in Thailand, GuildFi continues to see tremendous growth in all aspects, including its platform and features. In this article, we delve into GuildFi and discuss what this Web 3.0 ecosystem is all about, how it works, what its future holds, and more.

What Is GuildFi?

GuildFi is an interconnected Web 3.0 ecosystem of games, guild communities and NFTs that serves as a bridge for existing guilds and different play-to-earn games across the metaverse.

GuildFi’s goals are to maximize player benefits, lower entry barriers through gaming scholarships, and facilitate interoperability across the metaverse. As such, it has taken gaming guilds to another level and created a proven infrastructure for onboarding, connecting and providing players, guilds and games with added versatility and value.

In other words, GuildFi is revolutionizing the GameFi/Web 3.0 gaming experience — and people are taking notice. In fact, in Thailand alone it has over 20,000 daily players, and has attracted more than 100,000 registered players.

To sustain this success and keep up with the exploding popularity of play-to-earn games, GuildFi is focused on expanding access to games and providing users with a wide variety of features ranging from Guild and Game Discovery to Metadrop Launchpad and proof-of-play rewards.

What Is GF?

GF is GuildFi’s native token, designed for use in the protocol’s ecosystem. The token was introduced on Copper Launch through a token launch auction, which raised a whopping $140 million.

Five percent of the GF token supply was slated for public sale, and roughly half of all tokens were purchased at the auction. The remaining tokens were distributed to seed investors, the team, the treasury, and the ecosystem as a whole.

GF tokens have a maximum supply of one billion. This means that — similar to Bitcoin, and NFTs — no more than a certain number of GFs will ever be issued (in this case, one billion). To date, there are now over 42 million GF in circulation, and the token reached an all-time high of $3.41 in December of 2021.

Not surprisingly, the GF token has many utilities and serves numerous functions. As a core utility token used within the GuildFi ecosystem and representative of the Metaverse Index (MVI), GF tokens dictate GuidFi’s governance and provide members with an array of benefits.

Like many other tokens, GF tokens are built on Ethereum according to the ERC-20 standard. Not only can they be staked for Game Experience Points (GXP), but various tiers of staked GF generate additional rewards, including access to exclusive NFTs, early access to games before they’re released, and access to Metadrop Launchpad and other tools.

Direct Value Accrual

When you invest in GF tokens, you’re basically investing in the success of the metaverse. That’s right; the token is designed to capture the value of the growing metaverse, so as its value continues to grow, so will the value of GF tokens and the GuildFi ecosystem as a whole.

In particular, token value will grow along with the following:

• Asset value

• Transaction value

• Sales and initial game offerings (IGOs)

• Asset lending

• Revenue generated from play-to-earn games, guilds and scholarships

Exclusive Rewards

GuildFi’s staking program provides GF token speculators and investors not only with short- and long-term gains, but daily rewards as well. By staking tokens, users receive other tokens as exclusive rewards.

The amount of tokens users receive primarily depends upon how long they stake their own token. You can stake the GF token anywhere from two weeks up to one year. The longer you choose to stake, the greater your rewards.

By taking a time-weighted approach, GuildFi is able to reward the most loyal and deserving community members, as well as those more interested in short-term rewards than long-term gains.

The rewards from staking the GF token are sent out every single day. To check your daily rewards, you simply click on the Unclaimed Reward tab. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy your staking rewards.


GuildFi is a growing community-driven decentralized autonomous organization, or DAO for short. It’s governed by the GF token. The goal of governance and DAOs is to give each member the ability to voice their opinion respective to their interests and the number of tokens they own.

By using a decentralized model, maximum efficiency can be reached while acting in the best interest of each user. The more GF tokens someone owns, the more vested they are and the greater their desire to profit. Therefore, it’s assumed that they’ll vote according to what they believe is best for the GuildFi platform — both now and in the future.

In a nutshell, following this DAO format helps govern the token in a way that increases its value and incentivizes all parties appropriately.

How Does GuildFi Work?

Unlike Yield Guild Games, which doesn't offer staking and takes a more traditional, singular play-to-earn approach by simply rewarding players in crypto and little else, GuildFi is a much more diverse, Ethereum-based Web 3.0 infrastructure built to connect NFTs, games, guilds and communities.

Nonetheless, at the core of GuildFi is its Gaming Center. It serves as a key mechanism to onboard new users and a place where players can begin their journey into the metaverse.

As the starting point for new users entering the ecosystem, the Gaming Center is easy to use and provides access to the platform’s unique features and offerings, such as:

GuildFi ID – Records and stores player achievements, allowing them to access products and leave their footprint across the metaverse.

Game Discovery – Helps users discover curated games, and game creators discover the ideal player base for their games.

Guild Discovery – Built-in scholarship program to minimize entry barriers for play-to-earn games, and to open up opportunities for players around the globe.

Proof-of-Play Rewards – Analyzes your lifetime activities to enable play-to-earn status on any game, and provides ranking and experience points (GXP) for rewards.

In addition to the Gaming Center, the platform has several zones dedicated to driving business activities and adding value to the ecosystem as a whole. These zones include:

Guild Zone – A place (or "zone") that consists of play-to-earn products and value-added products for investors and existing guilds, such as the GF Guild, Guild Network and Guild-as-a-Service.

NFT Zone – A zone containing Metadrop Launchpad and giving you access to limited IGOs, NFTs, and other token deals.

Tools Zone – A section dedicated to helping enhance player performance by providing GameFi tools and features like scholarship management, leaderboards, team status, card explorer, PvP simulation, and more.

Why You Should Use GuildFi

New players often have a hard time navigating their way across play-to-earn games — as well as this exciting virtual reality that we call the metaverse. In addition to everything else, finding games you actually want to play and determining their ROI, based on playing time, can be particularly difficult. That’s why GuildFi should be the only place you choose to start your Web 3.0 journey.

The platform’s Gaming Center serves as your launchpad into the metaverse. In it, you’ll find a categorized list of both the top games and most popular metaverse experiences. All of the best free-to-play and play-to-earn games are organized for the most optimal player experience to help you level up and accelerate your journey across the metaverse.

As such, there are several infrastructures and features to safeguard and simplify your GameFi experience.

GuildFi ID

GuildFi ID functions as a metaverse passport of sorts, allowing you to connect your identity and track your performance throughout the gaming ecosystem and multiple metaverses. It also helps you to access various products and level up along your journey. It’s your key to accessing the Gaming Center and the different GuildFi zones.

To get started, you simply use your email to create an account, link your account to your crypto wallet, and start earning. There’s nothing else to it.

Game Discovery

With endless metaverse projects and games springing up, choosing the right game for your taste and playing style can be tough. But with Game Discovery, it isn’t.

Game Discovery is where you’ll start your GameFi and metaverse journey and gain access to the platform’s diverse selection of curated games, based on your past activity. It also helps game developers create games based on player interests and preferences by providing data on real players as they delve into the metaverse.

In other words, this feature puts games in your lap. Whether it’s free-to-play games, play-to-earn games, or games requiring NFTs or guilds to start, they’re all placed into categories for you so you can choose the games best suited to your playing style.

Some of the many games and platforms you can discover, enjoy and earn on GuildFi include:

Axie Infinity


Star Atlas

The Sandbox

Ember Sword

NFT Scholarship

With Game Discovery and GuildFi, play-to-earn is more accessible than ever before, allowing more and more budding players to journey through the metaverse and join in on the fun.

Guild Discovery

In the wild and wonderful world of play-to-earn games, scholarship programs can be crucial for onboarding new players who otherwise can’t afford game entry costs. If this sounds like you, Guild Discovery has you covered.

With Guild Discovery, you can easily find and access scholarships from various guilds for different games. All guild scholarships are in a single, easy-to-find place. Here, you can choose a guild you like and have them help support your metaverse journey.

Proof-of-Play Rewards

Not only does GuildFi allow you to earn tokens, NFTs and other in-game rewards, but it also rewards you for playing games, completing quests and participating in the ecosystem in general.

Known as proof-of-play rewards, you’re rewarded GXP or experience points simply by playing and earning from the games you love. The more GXP you accumulate, the more rewards you can access with NFTs from the Metadrop Launchpad, airdrops, GuildFi tokens, bonus yields, and more.

Proof-of-play rewards and GXP points also help determine player rankings in the ecosystem. Every game you play is literally an opportunity to play-to-earn and accrue benefits. You can even earn double rewards in some instances.

Metadrop Launchpad

Another intriguing GuildFi innovation is the Metadrop Launchpad. Using this feature, you can gain access to early token investment opportunities and exclusive NFTs from partner games. Your participation in the metaverse determines which and how many of these exclusive opportunities you’ll have access to.

In addition to standard token and NFT metadrops, the launchpad also gives you access to additional rewards for staking native GF tokens, as well as exclusive airdrops from game partners. In keeping with the proof-of-play concept, the higher your GuildFi ID level, the greater the rewards available to you.

GameFi Tools

GuildFi offers an extensive lineup of tools to help everyone — from players and scholars to guild managers — get the most out of the ecosystem. Players can use a variety of tools for account management, team management and seamless payments. Meanwhile, game creators can take advantage of tools to integrate their games into GameFi and tap into the platform’s player base from the get-go.

Some of the more popular tools include the scholarship portal, PvP simulation and fair daily token distribution. However, plenty of other useful tools can be found in the Tools Zone. Here, you can upgrade your player experience by accessing a variety of tools like game simulators, forums, leaderboards, cutting-edge analytics trackers spanning multiple metaverses, and plenty of other tools for players, guilds and managers alike.

How to Use GuildFi

No matter where you’re at in your metaverse journey, GuildFi makes it easy to create, link and begin earning today. Best of all, using the platform is completely free.

To begin play-to-earn gaming with GuildFi, you simply visit the GuildFi website to create your GuildFi ID and discover curated games, find guild scholarships, access gaming tools, and start tracking your journey across the metaverse, one achievement at a time.

That’s right — GuildFi proves making money in the metaverse really isn’t as complicated as most people think. In fact, you can get started with three simple steps:

1. Go to

2. Click Join GuildFi and enter your email address.

3. Link your account to your crypto wallet.

It's as simple as that. Just three easy steps and your account will be activated, giving you immediate access to all of the platform's games, features, tools and guilds. You’ll be all set to bootstrap your metaverse adventures.

GuildFi Road Map

GuildFi launched less than two years ago, with an overall vision of creating a platform where different Web 3.0 game economies can be maximized to provide benefits unavailable on individual platforms. Today, the focus is on transitioning GuildFi into a DAO, but to get there, the platform has had to go through a few specific phases.

The project was first launched as a minimum viable product, or MVP. It consisted of the single largest GameFi guild in all of Thailand, and had hundreds of guilds using it.

After successfully launching their MVP, GuildFi began laying the foundation needed to scale the Web 3.0 platform globally. This included the creation of GuildFi ID, GXP rewards, GameFi tools, Metadrop Launchpad, and more.

Once the bricks for the infrastructure were laid, the project progressed to the third and final stage needed to transition into a dynamic, fully functioning DAO. This is where GuildFi sits right now: It’s bringing together all of GameFi’s fragmented pieces and integrating them seamlessly into a Web 3.0 ecosystem of projects and protocols.

Advance Leveling System

The platform’s leveling system is based on GXP, which eventually matures into a definitive source of truth when ranking players. With so many gaming activities being tracked on the platform, this leveling system makes tracking player achievements and ranking them as efficient and streamlined as possible.

Guild Network

The Guild Network gives access to an endless variety of guilds throughout the metaverse in order to attract and connect guilds and gaming communities around the world. Each one is listed in the guild directory and allows you to benefit from new scholar recruitment, as well as the lending, borrowing and distributing of NFT assets.

With the Guild Network connected to the Scholarship Portal, you can easily find guilds for each game and choose a suitable guild based on your playing style, preferences and scholarship rate. It also allows guilds to grow, and lowers the entry barrier so more players can onboard who otherwise couldn’t afford to.

Scholarship Portal

The Scholarship Portal allows players to choose scholarships for any game from any guild on the connected Guild Network. It also allows guild managers to tap into the detailed performance insights of specific scholars. Through the portal, you can view all kinds of data, such as tokens held, tokens claimed, completed adventures, monthly returns and more, all with handy charts to better visualize and compare player progress.

Speaking of data, here are some interesting scholarship stats:

• Over 40,000 Discord members

• Over 20,000 on scholarship wait lists

• Over 1,500 on Axie Infinity

• Over 1,000 on CyBalls

• Over 500 on Thetan Arena

• Thousands more on other games

BYO Modules

Scaling access to NFT supply is critical. Virtual assets are pivotal in generating yields from play-to-earn and other profit-sharing models. With BYO Modules, investors can onboard to create guilds and acquire virtual assets, and access to virtual assets can be scaled to not only meet but exceed market demand and support the growth of the metaverse and Web 3.0 technologies.

Focused on becoming a fully autonomous DAO, the platform is built to create an ecosystem for discovering the metaverse through games, connecting with a like-minded community of players, accessing gaming tools, uncovering exclusive investment opportunities, and borrowing and renting virtual assets.

BYO Modules take care of this last function, and — honestly — the metaverse in general, by ensuring there are plenty of virtual assets to reward players and propel growth.


As we mentioned in the beginning of this GuildFi guide, the platform’s ultimate goal is to transition into a decentralized autonomous organization, or DAO. In other words, its goal is to become an organization completely run for gamers by gamers.

By staking GF tokens, you automatically become a member of the DAO, which gives you access to certain opportunities and perks, depending on the number of GF tokens you stake. These perks or rewards are separated into different levels.

Some of the benefits of being a DAO member include:

• Early access to games

• Staking rewards

• Limited token airdrops and NFT allocation from games

• Unique tools for specific guilds and individual players

GuildFi Tokenomics

GuildFi may be a one-stop shop for your metaverse journey and experience, but it’s the GF token that truly captures the value of all of the money and activity flowing into the metaverse. The token’s value grows proportionately, right along with the growth of the platform and its play-to-earn games, guilds and scholarship programs. This is tokenomics in a nutshell.

Similar to Bitcoin, the GF token’s value is also propped up by its limited supply. GF tokens have a total supply of one billion. Currently, there are just over 43 million in circulation. As this figure grows and total supply is decreased, the token’s value should increase, in keeping with the law of supply and demand.

Closing Thoughts

Through its game-changing platform and Web 3.0 ecosystem, GuildFi has created a place of both fun and freedom of expression that doesn’t prioritize monetization. In doing so, it has become a powerful vehicle for exploring the future of gaming, economic freedom, and all of the wonderful possibilities the metaverse holds.