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Aug 12, 2022

SolChicks: The P2E NFT Game With 3 Ways to Earn Crypto

If you combine the Solana blockchain with an NFT project and a multiplayer play-to-earn (P2E) gaming ecosystem, you get SolChicks.

The SolChicks ecosystem aims to create an entire metaverse, and the SolChicks Saga game is just a part of it. You can use your in-game assets practically anywhere in the metaverse.

A great feature of this ecosystem is that you have complete ownership of all the assets you create or buy there, unlike off-chain games, thanks to the power of decentralization.

That’s just a brief overview. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about this unique gaming metaverse and the adorable Solchick NFT collectibles.

What Is SolChicks?

SolChicks is the Solana blockchain's fantasy NFT PvP and P2E gaming ecosystem where you not only get to battle monsters but also breed SolChicks NFTs. Although SolChicks has not been fully released, it’s already gained over 700,000 fans across Twitter, Telegram and Discord.

Its popularity is due to multiple factors, including an exciting storyline, adorable SolChick NFT collectibles, in-game rewards and a strong team of developers that has created the popular games MapleStory and Dungeon Fighter Online.

SolChicks PvE adventure mode gameplay


The SolChicks Saga game is unique in that there isn’t a single objective for you to achieve. It’s up to you what you want to play for. Some users play to climb the leaderboard so they can earn rewards, while others aim to win rare weapon NFTs.

Since it’s a play-to-earn game, you get paid for your time in the form of SolChicks tokens. Its mini-game, Dungeon Escape, also rewards top users on the leaderboard with the SolChicks token, SHARDS, and SolChicks Egg NFTs.

SolChains Mini Game Dungeon Escape Leaderboard

Source: SolChicksNFT Twitter

The other way to get paid is to sell SolChicks NFT collectibles by breeding two of your SolChicks together to create a new NFT and then selling it on the market.

SolChicks Gameplay

SolChicks Saga has two main gaming modes. The first is player vs. enemy (PvE) where your SolChicks fight the monsters as they try to achieve various goals such as finding treasure.

The second is player vs. player (PvP), in which you can choose your SolChicks character from your NFT collection and suitable weapons, and then enter the battlefield. There, you have to beat other players by completing set objectives. If you win, you get rewarded with a loot box containing SHARDS, SolCoins (SolChicks in-game currency, not to be confused with SOL coins), equipment and game items.

There’s also an Exploration Mode, where you can deviate from the linear storyline and farm for rare items.

What Are CHICKS Tokens?

CHICKS are the governance tokens for the SolChicks game. You can acquire these by ranking on the leaderboard, or earn them in three ways outside the game – through buying, staking, and yield farming. CHICKS’ price is around $0.00253 as of August 12, 2022.

There will be only a total of 10 billion CHICKS tokens, which will be slowly released when players win them in the game.

What Are SHARDS Tokens?

SHARDS are the utility tokens you use in the SolChicks ecosystem. They’re essentially in-game currency you can earn as rewards by winning battles and completing missions, or you can purchase them from the market. These tokens cost around $0.003863 as of August 12, 2022.

Although both CHICKS and SHARDS have great value individually, you need to use both at the same time to avail yourself of certain features, such as breeding new SolChicks, upgrading equipment and buying items.

CHICKS/SHARDS Tokenomics - The total supply dashboard showing the number of CHICKS and SHARDS burned and their value in USD



SolChicks broke several records with its initial DEX offering (IDO) launch on November 26, 2021. It raised more than $20 million from over 300 investors, including such top venture capitalists as GoldenTree and Spartan Group; in addition, the floor price of the SolChick NFT rose by a staggering 844 percent from 1.8 SOL to 17 SOL.

The total supply of CHICKS tokens is 10 billion, while that of SHARDS is 100 million. The current circulating supply of CHICKS is 639.11 million; SHARDS is approximately 100 thousand.

Token distribution of CHICKS token.


As of August 12, 2022, the market cap of CHICKS token is $1.62 million and the market cap of SHARDS is $386.30.

3 Ways to Earn CHICKS

You have three ways to claim the CHICKS that you acquire in-game. Here’s the process for each:

1. Claim/Buy CHICKS

During the Token Generation Event of SolChicks, you can claim CHICKS (note that you must have at least 0.003 SOL in your balance for a one-time claim fee):

Open the claim CHICKS dashboard through this link, or by visiting the SolChicks website.

Link your wallet to one of the Solana digital wallets: Phantom, Solfare, MathWallet, etc.

Once linked, the dashboard will show you the number of claimable tokens.

Click on the Claim Tokens button.

Screenshot of claim tokens page on the SolChicks site showing wallet options and other fields.


You can buy CHICKS on Raydium by connecting your wallet through Raydium Swap and then swapping your SOL coins for CHICKS.

Swap tab on highlighting Connect Wallet, SOL and CLICKS buttons.


2. Staking CHICKS

You can earn yield rewards for staking your CHICKS tokens and thus increase their total number. For that, you need to visit the SolChicks staking website, connect your wallet and stake at least 2,000 CHICKS.

SolChicks staking site homepage


3. CHICKS Yield Farming

You can earn CHICKs tokens through yield farming on the Raydium, Orca and Cropper decentralized exchanges. You have to connect your wallet and deposit the CHICKS for each of them.

Screenshot showing details of CHICKS-USDC in the liquidity pool on Raydium Farms Fusion tab


SolChicks NFTs

SolChicks has put a cap of 10,000 on its Gen0 NFTs. All the other NFTs are created as a result of breeding, a process where you combine two of your SolChicks NFTs and pay a fee in CHICKS and SHARDS to create an egg. The egg hatches in five days and becomes a new SolChick NFT.

The breeding process of SolChicks NFTs

There are five rarity tiers in the SolChicks NFTs: Common, uncommon, rare, mythical and legendary. The more rare your NFT, the more perks you’ll enjoy in the game.

Image showing the percentage of each SolChick NFT rarity tier and its description

Source: SolChicksNFT Twitter

Closing Thoughts

By offering so many ways to earn CHICKS, the governance token, the SolChicks developers are serious about making it a true P2E game with plenty of profits for its gamers and supporters. Moreover, its focus on owning a cute and playable NFT makes it a potential competitor for the first NFT game to gain worldwide fame, Axie Infinity.

The SolChicks gaming ecosystem is nowhere near the finish line, so stay up to date with it. As of now, the alpha version of the game has been released, and the full game is slated for release in Q4 of 2022. Further game development includes significant expansion plans, such as launching a SolChicks NFT scholarship program and equipment NFTs.