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Jul 4, 2022

Big Time NFT Game: Crypto’s First AAA-Quality Multiplayer ARPG

If you’re even remotely interested in GameFi and the potential that it brings to the crypto industry, you’ve probably heard about Big Time Studios and Big Time, the game they’re enthusiastically hoping to release this year. Although early access has been available to some pass holders for several weeks, many are still wondering what to expect from the Big Time crypto game. This blog will cover what Big Time is, its advantageous features, how to buy Big Time non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and how to get started playing. Also, you’ll learn enough to help you decide if you want to invest in Big Time.

What Is Big Time?

Big Time is a multiplayer, play-to-earn action role playing blockchain game (ARPG) that features NFTs. Players can earn Big Time crypto tokens, and buy SPACE NFTs and other digital assets.

In 2020, Thor Alexander and Ari Meilich founded Big Time Studios, the force behind this new AAA crypto gaming innovation. Today, the team includes Martin Sweitzer, Matt Tonks, Tom Zhao, Doug Wilson and several other gaming industry innovators. Many people in the world of gaming recognize these names as instrumental in creating Call of Duty, Overwatch, Fortnite and other well-known games. 

In late 2021, the Big Time Studios team announced that it was creating NFTs and an in-game token. Several factors are helping fuel the extravagant hype for the Big Time game release. First of all, the game will be free to play. Second, the well-known names of the Big Time Studios development team are setting high expectations. Third, the game offers the innovative combination of a crypto-based action RPG and the ability to earn tokens. To add to the hype, the game’s creators are giving some players early access through special passes, which are limited. Players of Big Time will be able to explore different realms of space and time, fight monsters, and customize their SPACE NFTs in the Big Time metaverse.

What Makes Big Time Worth Trying?

To better appreciate Big Time, it helps to understand its strengths — and what sets it apart from some other top NFT blockchain games. Following are some of the noteworthy innovations that make the game worth trying.

Unique Art Style

On the Big Time game website, there’s a visual list of characters. The graphics, for both characters and weapons, are unique and add to the appeal of the game. Also, there are photos of characters in different places in the game, which give visitors a taste of what they can expect in terms of high-quality graphics when they play Big Time. Players with early access have also released some video clips that demonstrate the great quality of the graphics in motion.

Vault Technology

Big Time Studios’ special Vault Technology allows gamers to play without having a crypto wallet. Players can trade, sell or buy Big Time NFTs within the game. With this technology, players don’t have to worry about expensive on-chain transactions and fees. And because this technology is patented, Big Time Studios holds a unique competitive advantage.

Experienced, Star-Studded Team

One glance at the Big Time team is sufficient to set a high bar. As the website states, the Big Time Studios team consists of industry veterans like Electronic Arts, Blizzard Entertainment and Epic Games. Various team members have been vital contributors to many top-rated gaming franchises. Working together, the Big Time Studios team’s goal is to combine everyone's strengths to create a groundbreaking game that changes the standards of gaming. Together, they bring experience in digital art, business, operations, finance, technology and more.

A Growing and Active Player Base

One of the many attractive features of Big Time is its multiplayer setup. Players can group up in teams of up to six people. Because of the game's unique advantages and the ability of players to participate in larger groups, the game's active player base will continue growing.

No Pay-to-Win or Pay-to-Play Model

Some games with special gear or digital assets require players to buy items if they want enough of an advantage to win. Consequently, players who purchase such items may hold an advantage over players who do not invest in them. By playing Big Time, players can earn valuable gear to help them in battle or customize their avatars. Although there are some other free-to-play NFT games that exist, not all of them are fully free to trade. For example, even though Splinterlands (on the Hive blockchain) doesn’t come with transaction gas fees, players who want to trade their assets must purchase a special Splinterlands spell book in order to do so. With Big Time, players can trade digital assets for free — without purchasing anything — to facilitate trading.

Timelines Structure

Unlike class structures in other games, Big Time characters aren’t limited to one class. The timelines that Big Time Studios has developed gives players the advantage of leveling up by using the same character across multiple classes. In addition, players can change classes as they wish.

Big Time Gameplay

Currently, Big Time is in its pre-alpha phase since the final game hasn’t yet been released. With most blockchain games, the game graphics and transitions in the pre-alpha phase are mediocre. However, Big Time is already proving its excellent graphics, which is creating excitement about what the future holds. The visual cues in Big Time mimic those of Destiny and Fortnite.

The Big Time NFT marketplace lets players sell, trade or buy assets. For characters, there are four character classes as follows:

  • Quantum Fixer has strong supportive skills for healing and enhancement.

  • Shadowblade has speed and stealth.

  • Chronomancer has tactical, magical and range attack skills.

  • Time Warrior is aggressive, and skilled in close-quarters combat.

The basic weapons have useful functions in different parts of the game. Each weapon has distinct attributes that benefit different classes of players. Big Time players can also earn or buy many additional weapons. These are the current basic weapons and their features:

  • Dual Blades prioritizes speed, and is good for combating multiple enemies at the same time.

  • Battle Axe is wide-swinging and ideal for close, one-on-one combat situations.

  • Quantum Staff is exclusive to Chronomancer, and allows for spell-casting on adversaries from a distance.

  • Two-Handed Greatsword is a large weapon for creating paths through swarms of enemies.

  • Warhammer exudes powerful force.

  • Sword and Shield Combo includes a fast, one-handed saber and a durable shield that allows players to strategically time their openings.

In addition to the social aspect of the game and its multiplayer structure, people can entice others to join in adventures by inviting them to their own Time Machine areas. According to the Big Time website, players can customize their Time Machine with special artifacts they collect on their adventures, and there’s a Discord community where members can interact with one another.

Big Time NFTs

Although people can play Big Time and earn NFTs, they can also opt to purchase them. Players can buy Big Time NFTs in the open marketplace on the site. There are limited numbers of special armor pieces, weapons, titles, SPACE and mystery boxes. (SPACE will be covered more in the next section.) Additionally, people can still purchase VIP passes as long as they remain available. One key factor that makes the NFTs special is their rarity.

Each Big Time NFT listing shows the max number supply and the corresponding rarity level. For example, there are only 350 Battle Axe of Sir Lancelot NFTs, which are classified as Epic. Uncommon items have a max supply of 3,500, Rare NFTs have a max supply of 1,000, and Legendary items have a max supply of 100. Prices typically correspond with rarity. For example, the Uncommon Battle Blade of Sir Gareth currently starts at less than $5. However, the Legendary Battle Blade of Sir Brunor starts at nearly $1,000.

Designs and utilities may make some Big Time NFTs more valuable than others in the same tier. For example, the Uncommon Chronographer NFT, which helps navigate four-dimensional maps and history, starts at under $10. However, the Uncommon Chrono Barbarian NFT is feared across all landscapes, and starts at about $50.

According to NFT Stats, the most expensive Big Time NFT sold in May was from the Founders Collection. It was a Gold VIP Access Pass that someone purchased for $2,600. Currently, a Gold VIP Access Pass still ranks second as the highest-priced NFT in the marketplace. As of late June 2022, its starting price is $4,500. The most expensive item is a large Exalted SPACE NFT, starting at $4,600. Keep in mind that starting prices are minimum prices. When site visitors select the option to purchase any NFT, there’s a list of other higher-priced options for the same NFT that can vary widely. For example, although the starting price for a large Exalted SPACE NFT is $4,600, the top price on the NFT's list is currently at $18 million.

Big Time Virtual Land

SPACE is one of the most attractive NFTs in Big Time. Although the armor, weapons and other NFTs come in four tiers, SPACE comes in five. Also, the other NFTs include an Uncommon category, but SPACE starts at Rare and moves up from there. These are the five Big Time SPACE levels, from rarest to least rare:

  • Exalted

  • Mythic

  • Legendary

  • Epic

  • Rare

In addition, there are different sizes within these classifications. Players can purchase available small, medium or large areas in each of the five categories. Availability is limited. Larger areas with higher tiers are more valuable. For example, a large Exalted SPACE NFT is the rarest, with a max supply of only 2,400. Alternatively, the max supply for a small Rare SPACE NFT is 168,000. In the midpoint is the medium Legendary SPACE NFT, which has a max supply of 36,000. There are a total of 600,000 SPACE NFTs in Big Time. The creators capped the supply at that amount, which means they won’t create additional SPACE NFTs in the future.

SPACE owners have the unique advantage of being able to craft cosmetic NFTs and equipment. They can also hunt for Big Time crypto tokens when they customize their SPACE with Forges and Time Keepers. Many players hope to obtain a larger SPACE NFT, because larger sizes and higher tiers come with the ability to earn more tokens. Additionally, players can connect different sizes and rarities of SPACE NFTs to customize their Time Machine layouts.

How to Buy Big Time NFTs

If players want to buy a VIP Pass NFT to play Big Time, they can browse available passes on the marketplace or search for current giveaways online. Credit card payments are disabled on the Big Time game site at this time, though they may be available in the future. 

Before buying any other type of NFT, it’s important to complete the two parts of the verification process. First, players can set up two-factor authentication (2FA) with a phone number (to verify any account purchases) for an added layer of security. The second part is identity verification, which requires entering an address and following the instructions here. To make a withdrawal, a deposit over $2,000, or a purchase above $3,000, identity verification is required.

To buy NFTs on the open marketplace, members must make a deposit using crypto or a bank account. Crypto deposits are credited within minutes, while a bank deposit may take up to a couple of business days. The following steps and screenshots show how to buy Big Time NFTs:

  • Click the sign-in button at the top of the page to sign in with a Google account.

  • Navigate to the open marketplace.

  • After clicking on the desired NFT, click Select and Buy.

  • From the list of available versions, select the one you desire and click on the Buy Now button.

Big Time Token

Currently, the Big Time crypto token hasn’t yet launched. When it does, players will be able to start using their SPACE and utilities to hunt for Big Time crypto tokens. According to an article in Medium, Big Time crypto tokens can be obtained with these four steps:

  • Acquire SPACE from in-game play or through the marketplace

  • Unlock a Time Keeper by purchasing one in the marketplace or earning it in the game

  • Earn or buy the Hourglass

  • Use the Hourglass to hunt for Big Time crypto tokens while playing the game

While players can purchase SPACE NFTs in the marketplace, initial Big Time crypto tokens must be earned. Because of this, there won’t be an initial offering or pre-sales of the tokens.

Should You Invest in Big Time NFTs and Tokens?

While there’s risk inherent in all investments, two strengths that Big Time has over other GameFi projects are its impressive development team at Big Time Studios and its patented Vault technology. Add that to its quality design and free-to-earn structure, and it’s easy to see how it will likely attract many gamers.

If you’re a gaming enthusiast, or simply interested in the GameFi space, investing in armor and other marketplace utilities now may be more beneficial since item values may grow. If Big Time lives up to the hype it’s creating, now is a good time to invest in SPACE — which is capped and may sell at higher prices later if it grows.

When trading or selling now, be aware that transactions in the pre-alpha phase will take time. Players who are expecting instant selling or trading transactions for digital assets in the game may be disappointed until it’s fully launched.

In a recent interview, Big Time Studios representatives said that the team has future plans to invest in mid-tier PC game companies. These investments would provide incentives to integrate NFT technologies. Because the game's structure allows asset-sharing, players can also bring off-chain assets onto the chain at any point. Thus, Big Time Studios’ future plans could make its tokens and NFTs more valuable.

How You Can Play Big Time Today

Passes are available from the Big Time NFT marketplace. The time frames for Gold and Silver are past, though Jade or Ruby passes are better current purchases. Silver Pass holders had access during weeks five through seven. For weeks eight and nine (this month, June 2022), Jade Pass holders can currently access Big Time early. Ruby Pass holders can access it early on the tenth week. There are still Jade Pass NFTs available for purchase. The current cost range is $273 to $810,000. Once Big Time NFTs for early access are claimed on the Big Time game site, they’re burned. To play, go to the Big Time website. Click on the Play Now button to download the setup. Follow the prompts to learn how to play, how to earn — and much more.

The Bottom Line

Big Time allows players to navigate time and space to battle mysterious creatures and earn some attractive assets. Whether interested game enthusiasts want to invest money or not, playing the game will certainly be worth the effort after its official launch, since Big Time is free to play. In addition, players can earn NFTs that may be sold or traded without even connecting a crypto wallet. With the powerhouse team at Big Time Studios, Big Time is sure to offer an excellent experience, and may see remarkable growth in the future.