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Apr 29, 2022

12 Best Move-to-Earn Cryptos Worth Breaking a Sweat For

A sedentary lifestyle is strongly correlated with poor health outcomes. In developed countries, physical activity rates tend to decrease as the gross national product increases. While the World Health Organization recommends that adults exercise at least 2.5 hours a week, most people just aren’t moving their bodies enough, which could be putting them at risk of cardiovascular disease, respiratory infection, and even diabetes and cancer. Making movement fun and profitable might be the ideal solution, which is the idea behind move-to-earn (or M2E) apps.

Wondering what move-to-earn is — and how you can best take advantage of this ongoing M2E narrative? Read on as we explore M2E as a movement and highlight the best move-to-earn cryptos worth sweating it out for.

What Is Move-to-Earn?

Move-to-earn is a concept designed to incentivize exercise and activity. Commonly dubbed M2E, move-to-earn encompasses a variety of projects incorporating motion sensor technology to create a new GameFi niche that promotes physical activity and healthier living.

While the overall idea of move-to-earn might be new, the FitnessFi world has gradually evolved from multiple concepts with far deeper roots, extending back to the early 2000s. As early as 2006, Nintendo revolutionized gaming when they introduced the Wii, a console that required extensive interaction from its users. The Wii was immensely popular, with a large fanbase that flocked towards mechanics that would set the foundations for move-to-earn. Eventually, Nintendo added the Wii Switch, a console that brought dedicated fitness controllers in the form of the Exercise Ring. This so-called “gamification” of exercise made FitnessFi easier for many people, giving them more reasons to get off the couch, get moving, and get motivated to take their fitness to the next level.

Financially incentivizing exercise and wellness is also not necessarily a new concept. Employers, insurers and independent companies have all created various models based on this idea to encourage participants to quit smoking, lose weight and move more. Rewards often range from lower insurance premiums and shopping vouchers to actual cash payouts. Research even indicates that incentivizing healthful behavior can effectively boost movement not just during the program, but over the long term. Participants who engage in these programs tend to log more steps not just while they’re incentivized, but also when the program ends. The highest benefits have been seen in programs that offer consistent payouts, rather than those with decreasing or inconsistent payouts.

Crypto earning apps can help you combine the best of both worlds by “gamifying” exercise and combining it with incentivization. M2E apps might just be what the doctor ordered when it comes to motivating people to get more healthful physical activity in their daily lives. Much like play-to-earn games, which allow you to earn crypto simply by playing, M2E apps and FitnessFi games use a variety of interactive programs and rewards to encourage you to get active and stay active.

A variety of technology, such as motion sensors, can be incorporated into crypto earning apps to help you stay on top of your daily movement and track your overall progress. FitnessFi apps use blockchain technology for an immutable record and powerful crypto earning and spending capabilities.

The convenience and flexibility of FitnessFi sidesteps some of the issues inherent in the play-to-earn model. P2E often heavily relies on incoming players to ensure ongoing profitability. M2E apps work differently. In the world of FitnessFi, in-game items incorporate intangible value in the form of increased movement and fitness, beneficial interactions and fun physical activities. Users can engage in a variety of activities, including cognitive games, missions, player-vs.-player (PvP) competitions and more, which provides new levels of depth, achievement and interest for players.

How to Choose the Best Move-to-Earn Crypto

As M2E apps go mainstream, you may be excited to hop on the bandwagon. First, however, you need to understand how FitnessFi apps work — and how you can get the most bang for your exercise buck.

1. Accuracy

Whether you use a fitness tracker, an app or something else, you need to ensure that your exercise is being recorded accurately. Not all FitnessFi apps are equal, and some may be under-reporting or over-counting your steps. This can lead to unreliable results and inaccurate payouts, which will frustrate and push away users over time.

2. Simplicity of Signing Up

Crypto apps with complex sign-up procedures can often deter newcomers to crypto. From cumbersome KYC checks to complex wallet management, many M2E crypto apps have wisely avoided these pitfalls by instead streamlining the sign-up process.

3. Usability

M2E apps aren’t going to benefit you if they aren’t easy to use. The best FitnessFi apps are intuitive and designed to be user-friendly, making it easy not only to sign up but to get started with your fitness journey, challenges, competitions, games and more.

4. Crypto Tokenomics

Tokenomics is the term referring to the nitty-gritty bottom line of how assets function, and the various forces that could affect their long-term value. While a lot goes into the various crypto earning apps and their tokenomics, you only need to understand three things: How many tokens currently exist, how fast new tokens are being released, and how many tokens will ultimately exist. Because crypto tokenomics rely on supply and demand, you will want to feel comfortable with the answers to these questions before investing in particular M2E apps.

5. Social Features

Most crypto earning apps have at least a few social features from which their users can choose, including:

  • Social media interaction, making it easy to update your social media feeds or share your accomplishments with your followers

  • Customizable profiles for easier personalization

  • Ability to “add” fellow FitnessFi app users to create your own supportive network of friends or followers

  • Newsfeed to increase engagement and activity

  • Push notifications to stay current on all the latest and best move-to-earn crypto news and updates

On top of these consideration factors for the best move-to-earn crypto apps, make sure to look out for FitnessFi programs with robust tokenomics that include fixed rewards for users, in order to ensure you’re fairly remunerated for your work and progress. Also, keep up with the FitnessFi market so you’re up to date with , and focus on M2E apps that have strong but steady price action, rather than those that appear to soar right out of the gates, but may tend to falter with time.

Best Move-to-Earn Cryptos

1. Step App (FITFI and KCAL)

Of the various best move-to-earn crypto entries on this list, Step App and their native FITFI tokens have been making the biggest splash in the FitnessFi market. With its unique Step Protocol software development kit (SDK), the Step App makes the first move in crafting a gamified metaverse where users can exercise, socialize and earn. As its SDK is usable by third parties, the Step App team hopes to create a whole ecosystem within the Step metaverse as more developers jump into the move-to-earn and FitnessFi trend.

Step App benefits from a dual token system, where FITFI tokens act as Step App’s governance token while KCAL tokens are in-game tokens. FITFI tokens benefit from ecosystem fees, and will mainly be used for token buybacks, discounts and staking. On the other hand, KCAL tokens are used to mint SNEAK NFTs so users can earn even more KCAL while staking their SNEAK NFTs and running.

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2. Genopets (GENE)

When it comes to the best move-to-earn crypto, we certainly have to give props to Genopets, It’s a move-to-earn mobile RPG which grants you access to a digital “spirit animal” that evolves as you move. As you complete your various daily activities, your Genopet’s destiny will become clearer, and you’ll be rewarded for exercising. Each day, you’ll have new opportunities to progress in the game and upgrade and evolve your Genopet’s non-fungible token (NFT), customizing it until it’s as unique as you are.

You can earn XP for your daily steps, and bank them daily to level up your Genopet. In addition, you can even take your Genopet to the Battle Arena to play for keeps on various wagered items — and take on other players in games designed to boost your cognitive skills. As you progress in the game, you can craft and refine your NFT crystals, earn staking power and tokens, take part in fitness challenges, and earn achievements. 

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3. Sweatcoin (SWEAT)

Sweatcoin encourages its users to get their daily step count in by rewarding their movement with SWEAT, a new-generation currency that users can spend any way they want. This free app is supported through partnerships with various health-conscious brands, insurers and governments, and is designed to promote healthier lifestyle choices. When you choose Sweatcoin, you can donate your earned SWEAT to a variety of charities, spend it on diverse products or use it to access services, such as yoga classes.

The concept is solid, with the British Medical Journal revealing that Sweatcoin users increased their daily step count by nearly 20 percent within six months of downloading the app — and they maintained that increase, too, indicating that they’d made sustainable behavioral changes. While the token has yet to launch, we’re certain it’ll be one of the best move-to-earn cryptos once it launches this summer. Users can get in early by downloading the app and earning Sweatcoins in advance by first racking up those step counts.

4. STEPN (GMT and GST)

At the rate STEPN is growing, we can confidently say it’s one of the best move-to-earn cryptos today. STEPN is a lifestyle app built on the Solana ecosystem. It combines GameFi and SocialFi elements by encouraging users to “move” to earn crypto or other rewards. As the name suggests, STEPN requires only that you “step” or move, and your movements then earn STEPN tokens, which you can use to mint NFT Sneakers, or exchange for stablecoins.

The STEPN project has two native tokens. The GST utility token is earned by running, exercising, and otherwise interacting with various game activities. You can use the GST token to unlock, mint, repair, or level up Sneakers and other game items, or swap for stablecoin USDC. On the other hand, the GMT token is a governance token that can be earned by jogging and engaging in activities in-game, and it distributes game profits and high-level gaming activities. You can also exchange GMT tokens for stablecoins once your Sneaker level reaches 30.

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5. Lympo (LYM and LMT)

Are you a sports fan? Then you’ll love Lympo, as it’s one of the best move-to-earn crypto apps to bring real-world sports to the NFT gaming market. With Lympo, you can interact in a sports-themed NFT ecosystem, stake Lympo Market Tokens (LMT), and mint exclusive NFTs of various sports stars, teams and influencers. Once you’ve loaded your digital wallet with LMTs, you can stake them in the pool of your choice. Each pool is dedicated to a specific collection of NFTs, and you can engage in as many pools as you want. You’ll receive credits based on the LMT you’ve staked, and when you spend your credits, you’ll get NFTs in return.

Along with its interactive NFT ecosystem involving LMT tokens, Lympo users can earn LYM tokens by completing various in-app fitness challenges that include walking and running. These can then be exchanged for wellness, fitness and health-enhancing products and services, or to buy into more LMT tokens and Lympo NFTs for further staking opportunities.


WIRTUAL uses your regular exercise activities to mine cryptocurrency. It can be used with almost any fitness device, including Fitbit, Google Fit, Apple Health, Strava and Garmin. Once you’ve worked up a sweat from cycling or swimming, the WIRTUAL app tracks your progress and rewards you with WIRTUAL tokens.

WIRTUAL holders will be glad to know the token holds plenty of use cases. From uncapping your daily WIRTUAL yield to hosting large-scale events through the WIRTUAL app, the WIRTUAL token’s utility encourages users to engage with the app while staying active. There are even opportunities for users to customize their in-game avatar with NFT wearables that promise to unlock more features in the future. 

7. dotmoovs (MOOV)

Of all the best move-to-earn crypto entries, you’ll rarely find one catered toward competition. However, dotmoovs makes it easy to engage in all the fun of play-to-earn — with a side of healthy movement designed to get you going and keep you going. This sports app allows you to engage in various metaverse competitions via your smartphone camera, and you never even have to leave your home.Currently, dotmoovs offers freestyle football and dance. When you participate in one of the immersive competitions, your performance will be graded by an unbiased digital referee who uses AI to score your performance. For competitive users, you can challenge anyone in the world — or use the matchmaking platform to find the right opponent for you. For users wondering what to do with their haul of MOOV tokens, you can spend them on dotmoovs’ NFT marketplace, which features rare soccer balls and IoT wearables – a definite plus for football fans.

8. Calo (CALO)

Calo is one of the best M2E crypto apps based on running, in which you can earn tokens simply by moving. It has two modes in which you can play. In single mode you have NFT Sneakers, where you’ll need to move for at least five minutes to earn Stamina. You must have Stamina to earn FIT tokens, and Stamina will replenish once you have your NFT Sneaker.

You can enter Challenge mode weekly and monthly. These challenges offer a little variety — and, as the name suggests, challenge — to your daily workouts.

Once you have two Sneakers, you can also mint Sneakers, essentially combining your existing Sneakers into a new Sneaker or Shoebox.


DOSE is a fitness ecosystem that rewards users with DOSE tokens when they complete workouts using the gaming system. It’s one of the best M2E crypto apps featuring a blockchain-based game that incorporates a variety of movements. These include jogs, sprints, dashes and more, all of which are necessary to move the game’s narrative forward.

Interestingly, the app’s name, DOSE, is an acronym for the feel-good chemicals your body releases in response to movement: Dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphin, DOSE is designed to get and keep you moving in an exciting virtual world, filled with one-of-a-kind characters, unique digital items and immersive experiences. The game is free to start, and you’ll be rewarded DOSE and NFTs when you engage, giving you plenty of motivation to progress.


DEFIT (stands for Decentralized Fitness) combines sports, fitness and the blockchain to create a digital fitness marketplace. Located on the Ethereum and Polygon networks, the app and its DEFIT tokens have been expertly vetted by none other than the Blockchain Consilium. This makes DEFIT one of the best move-to-earn crypto apps when it comes to maintaining the privacy of users’ data.

With the DEFIT app, you can enjoy an affordable alternative to fitness membership, as well as a fun and flexible alternative to fiat currencies that offer the flexibility you’ve come to expect from digital payments. You can access your classes, trainers and data in real time without the inconvenience of intermediaries, allowing for seamless client-to-coach functioning with unparalleled support. Additionally, DEFIT also offers in-app gamification for more in-depth involvement, exciting rewards, and direct transactions between enthusiasts and trainers.

11. Aircoins (AIRX)

Looking for the best move-to-earn crypto that incorporates some aspect of augmented reality (AR)? Aircoins is a fun and interactive AR FitnessFi app. It combines mobile gaming, AR, digital advertising and cryptocurrency for a truly one-of-a-kind experience that rewards you for getting fit and having fun. You can stay active, get healthy and reap the rewards of fitness, all while collecting from over 50 different partner coins using the revolutionary proof-of-effort algorithm.

Players can access conventional retail incentives, such as promotions and coupons, as well as more exclusive rewards, like digital assets and one-of-a-kind AR collectibles. They can also find coins locally and globally, and withdraw their coins using the Aircoins app.

12. Metabike (MBIKE)

Metabike is one of the best move-to-earn crypto earning apps, specifically targeting biking and cycling fans. Based on the BSC and Avalanche chains, Metabike makes use of a decentralized rewards system that enables players to buy and own their own NFTs to engage in competitions or player-versus-player games (PvPs). Owners can also rent their NFTs to rake in further profits.

The reward pool is robust, and users can choose from games based on their abilities, needs and preferences. Gameplay is seamless, and you can play against yourself or others, wagering MBIKE tokens that the winner gets to keep.

The Future of Move-to-Earn Crypto

FitnessFi and crypto earning apps are exciting and new, building on established concepts that have demonstrated their ability to capture people’s imaginations and keep them engaged long after the initial excitement has passed. If you’re into fitness — or just want to get into shape — you might think that M2E apps are the ideal solution, giving you the ability to earn an income simply by doing what you would already be doing anyway.

While most of the best move-to-earn crypto apps do require a fairly substantial up-front investment, that doesn’t need to be a drawback for the right users. Once you’ve invested, you can begin moving and earning, generating income and boosting your physical fitness almost effortlessly.

Crypto earning apps are predicted to continue to grow in popularity, too, which means that the user base is expected to increase. Now is a great time to get started with M2E apps, while entry costs are still comparatively low, which can help your overall earning rates. FitnessFi users who plan to engage with their M2E apps at least daily, as well as those who are fairly active or who have powerful upgrades, can expect to earn the greatest rewards and benefits, not just in their digital wallets but also in their well-being.

The Bottom Line

Physical activity is healthy for your body and your mind, and with M2E apps, it can also be good for your bottom line. With the right FitnessFi program, you can set personal and community goals, track distance and speed, create specific fitness goals, and monitor calories burned. The goal of FitnessFi is not merely fitness, but fun and profit. As you reach your own various goals, you can progress through levels to unlock perks and rewards that can supplement your income and boost your bottom line with the best move-to-earn cryptos.