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Bybit Copy Trading & Trading Bots: Protect Your Trades & Win Exciting Prizes
Dive into our exciting Bybit copy trading and trading bots campaigns designed to give you a secure and rewarding trading journey with no risks. Register, practice and trade to win 100 USDT loss vouchers and join our competition to grab a share of the 100,000 USDT prize pool now!
Why Should I Start Copy Trading or Using Trading Bots?

Want to try copy trading or use a trading bot but afraid of making a loss? Now you can learn copy trading and use trading bots on Bybit without worries! Protect your first copy trade with a 100 USDT Copy Trading Loss Voucher and earn up to 100 USDT Loss Coverage Vouchers while refining your strategies with Bybit trading bots.

After honing your copy trading, showcase your skills in our Copy Trading Titans event from Jul 1, 2024, 10AM UTC – Aug 4, 2024, 11:59PM UTC to compete for a share of the 100,000 USDT prize pool. Trade and climb the PnL leaderboards now for a bigger share of the total prize pool! *Disclaimer: All trading carries risk. Only risk capital you can afford to lose.
Copy Trading Titans
From Jul 1, 10AM UTC, to Aug 4, 2024, 11:59PM UTC
Copy Trading Titans: Vie For a Share of 100,000 USDT Prize Pool
Climb the PnL leaderboards and vie for a share of 100,000 USDT prize pool!
How to Trade With Copy Trading & Trading Bots
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Get 75% win rate by copying trades.
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Spot Grid
Buy low and sell high automatically.
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Futures Grid
Multiply your earnings by 100x.
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Invest on autopilot regardless of market conditions.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
How to participate in the Bybit Copy Trading event and receive the Copy Trading Loss Voucher?
The event is open to first-time followers only. Three simple steps are required to claim the voucher. First, click Claim on the Copy Trading page (App or Web). Next, follow your first Master Trader. Finally, copy trade for the first time using either Smart Copy Mode or Advanced Copy Mode. If you experience a loss on your first order, you will receive a voucher up to 100 USDT to compensate for it.
How to participate in the Bybit Trading Bots event and receive the Loss Cover Vouchers?
You will have to be a new Bybit user using Bybit Trading Bots for the first time to be eligible to participate. First, register with Bybit, then complete four tasks to receive the vouchers. The first task requires you to deposit at least $100 to receive a $5 worth of USDT Loss Cover Voucher. For the second task, you'll have to create a Bot and invest a minimum of 50 USDT to receive a 5 USDT voucher. For the third task, invest at least 200 USDT via the Bot and attain a Bot trading volume of at least 5000 USDT to receive a 20 USDT voucher. The last task grants you a 70 USDT voucher when you invest a minimum of 1000 USDT with the Bot and achieve a minimum Bot trading volume of 100,000 USDT.
How to participate in the July Copy Trading Titans event and vie for a share of the 100,000 USDT prize pool??
You will have to register for this event as a Master Trader or a Follower. Upon registration, all eligible Subaccounts will be automatically enrolled into the competition. Then, trade and climb the PnL leaderboards for a bigger share of the total prize pool. There are two (2) arenas in this event, with prize pools unlocked based on the total trading volume: 1) Master Traders Arena: Up to 60,000 USDT Up for Grabs ; 2) Followers Arena: Up to 40,000 USDT Up for Grabs.
Bybit at a Glance
Established in 2018, Bybit ranks as one of the top three cryptocurrency exchanges by volume, with over 20 million users worldwide. It offers a professional platform where crypto investors and traders can find an ultra-fast matching engine, 24/7 customer support, and multilingual community support. Bybit is a proud partner of Formula One’s reigning Constructors’ and Drivers’ champions: the Oracle Red Bull Racing team.
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