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Sep 6, 2022

Diamond Launch (DLC): Providing Access to Premium Projects

In recent years, the crypto industry has grown exponentially, especially as more people adopt crypto. More companies are jumping on the crypto bandwagon, offering investors the chance to invest in the “next big thing.” However, with so many crypto projects out on the market, including rug pulls that disguise themselves as legitimate investments, it can be worrying for an investor to choose a good project to invest in. That’s where Diamond Launch comes in. 

Diamond Launch is a launchpad that prides itself on offering only high-quality blockchain projects. It specifically hand-picks premium projects and offers token sales to investors, ensuring that they’re making good additions to their crypto portfolios. 

Interested to find out how Diamond Launch provides users access to premium projects? Read on, as we cover everything you need to know about this IDO protocol.

What Is Diamond Launch?

Diamond Launch is an IDO platform that aims to help investors as they search for quality and secure projects in which to invest. 

The platform streamlines the new projects available on the crypto market and promotes them to its community of 190,000 members. It also holds frequent contests and giveaways to reward its community for their support.

Multi-Chain and Flexible Options

One of Diamond Launch’s key features is that it’s multi-chain. Diamond Launch not only supports projects on the BNB Chain, but also those built on Polygon and OKX. Furthermore, Diamond Launch offers flexible sale types and whitelisting conditions. This enables more projects to leverage Diamond Launch’s community to promote their projects and receive investments.

In order to create a launchpad on the Diamond Launch platform, crypto project developers must pay a service fee which depends upon the chain the project is built on. If the project holds DLC platform tokens as a whitelist project, the fee would be the main chain coin plus 2% of raised tokens. Any other projects, on the other hand, would require developers to pay the main chain coin plus 3% of raised tokens.

It’s important to note that main chain coins are charged before the launchpad is created, while raised tokens are charged after the pre-sale is ended. In the event that the fundraising fails, developers don’t have to pay any fundraising tokens.

The charges for creating other types of launchpads are as follows:

  • BNB Chain: 1 BNB + 3% of raised tokens 

  • Polygon Chain: 100 MATIC + 3% of raised tokens

  • OKX Chain: 20 OKT + 3% of raised tokens

Premium Quality Projects 

Diamond Launch stands out from other projects in that it doesn’t just list any new crypto project out on the market. Instead, all projects are subject to a strict KYC process to review and validate their origins and legitimacy, the innovation of their ideas and the project teams’ ability to execute their vision. This helps eliminate dangerous and deceptive behaviors, and helps to give investors peace of mind when choosing a project in which to invest.

With the Diamond Launch platform, investors can participate in public and private pre-sales.

Those wishing to participate in public pre-sales will be delighted to know that there are no participation barriers, which means that anyone can participate.

On the other hand, private pre-sales have a whitelist to determine eligible users. In order to get on the whitelist, users have to follow the criteria determined by the project’s owner. Criteria may vary for different projects. In most cases, users are expected to hold a minimum number of platform tokens and to complete certain activities to show their support for the project, such as following the project’s social media, inviting a certain number of friends to join the community and participating in the project’s Discord channel.

Investors can also look forward to Diamond Launch’s dual-transfer mechanism, whereby they can receive rewards based on the amount of DLC tokens staked. This tiered system rewards everyone fairly, and creates a low barrier for entry to incentives.

Extensive Community Resources

With a total community size of 190,000 — more than 73,000 Twitter followers and 50,000 active Discord members — Diamond Launch provides a great platform for potential project owners to promote their launchpads to tens of thousands of users. At the same time, Diamond Launch highlights premium and investment-worthy projects for users looking to invest in the next big thing. This results in a win-win situation for both project owners and investors. In fact, we believe that the Diamond Launch ecosystem will only continue to grow as more people participate, bringing benefits to all parties involved.

What Are DLC Tokens?

DLC is the platform token of the Diamond Launch ecosystem. You can purchase DLC tokens through Bybit.

As Diamond Launch’s rewards and governance token, the DLC token can be used as follows:

  • Governance: Members can use their DLC tokens to vote on which projects they think should be approved for pre-sale on the platform.

  • Staking: Users can stake their DLC tokens to earn rewards, such as more DLC tokens and project tokens.

  • IDO participation: Token holders are entitled to be whitelisted for high-quality projects.

DLC Tokenomics

Source: Diamond Launch

Since we’ve covered the basics of Diamond Launch, let’s take a look at the tokenomics of the DLC token, which has a maximum supply of 1 billion. 

Of these, 40% have been set aside for ecological construction (5% of these to be released immediately, while the remaining will be released in equal proportions over a period of 38 months). 20% have been allocated to community operation, where the tokens will be distributed in equal proportions for the next 40 months. Another 20% has been set aside for staking rewards, where the tokens will be released in equal portions over 25 months. 

To accommodate the airdrop for supporters, 10% of the total supply is attributed to backer airdrop. The tokens will be released linearly in equal proportions over 10 months, after the token has been launched for 12 months.The remaining 10% of the total supply is meant for core development of the project, with these tokens also being released linearly in equal distribution over 10 months after the token has been listed for 12 months.

Excited to jump on the bandwagon to support premium projects with Diamond Launch? You can start investing today by checking out Bybit Launchpad, where 6 million DLC tokens can be earned — either through committing BitDAO (BIT) tokens, or participating in the USDT lottery after signing up on Bybit.

Are DLC Tokens a Good Investment?

With more investors joining the crypto space and being on the lookout for new projects to invest in, Diamond Launch serves as a great discovery. With Diamond Launch, investors no longer have to worry about whether the projects they invest in will turn out to be rug pulls, because Diamond Launch has already done the necessary research and KYC. This peace of mind is both welcome and valuable.

Diamond Launch is backed by reputable institutions, such as Ultrafluid Venture and Yearn Consulting Group. It already has a community of 190,000, and we have no doubt that this number will continue to increase, thanks to Diamond Launch’s clear value proposition. Since Diamond Launch offers a lower service fee to projects using DLC tokens as their platform tokens, we believe there will be an increase in adoption of DLC tokens — which will ultimately drive up the value of DLC tokens. 

With all that Diamond Launch has to offer to both investors and project owners, it’s safe to say that DLC tokens are a great investment in the long run.

The Bottom Line

It’s evident that DLC tokens will be a great addition to any crypto portfolio. The Diamond Launch team’s strict KYC process demonstrates its dedication to ensuring its investors are only exposed to premium projects. Moreover, its low barrier for entry to incentives also serves notice that everyone who participates will be rewarded in a fair manner. At the same time, Diamond Launch’s focus on multi-chain and flexible options accommodates more projects and gives them the opportunity to promote themselves. We’re confident that Diamond Launch will continue to be a key player in driving both crypto adoption and investments.