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Sep 22, 2022

Student Coin (STC): Focusing on Student Empowerment

The world of cryptocurrency continues to develop with the evolution of exciting token platforms. One token platform has been designed with the bold goal of helping students fund their college educations and advance their knowledge of cryptocurrencies. At the same time, it supports startups through crowdfunding participation by numerous investors. Known as Student Coin, it’s touted as an educational token with bold possibilities, adding a new avenue of functionality for how both individuals and organizations create, hold and develop tokens.

What Is Student Coin?

Student Coin is a crypto platform that enables students and organizations to easily develop their own tokens and design how they should be exchanged on the platform to fund their education. The native cryptocurrency of the Student Coin ecosystem is STC, a utility token that’s designed for wide-scale tokenization. With implementation linked to the Student Coin ecosystem, the token has both trading and crowdfunding capabilities and is suitable for both personal and organizational use.

History of Student Coin

Student Coin was originally created by Wojciech Podobas, a leading crypto expert. Using a design that was inspired by Facebook at its inception, the founder, along with a few students from the Students Investors’ Club at Kozminski University, first had the idea back in 2018. They wanted to create the first blockchain to serve as a medium for the exchange of goods and services for universities and colleges. Student Coin, at that point in time, was called ALK Student Coin. Once the project was off the ground, a buzz was generated. Quickly, thousands of students in universities were actively participating with this reference currency. 

By 2020, Student Coin saw its user base grow from 2,000 to 6,000, and the crypto was used in 200 educational institutions globally. The team decided to change the name of the ecosystem and maintain it as just Student Coin (without the “ALK”). 

Today, there are more than 250,00 registered users. These include participants in 36 countries and more than 500 universities. The Student Coin team has also grown, from just a few students, to one with more than 40 members across 12 countries. This membership base includes entrepreneurs, as well as university faculty and students. The Student Coin ecosystem integrates both the Ethereum and Waves blockchain platforms, encouraging new users to use and grow the Student Coin platform. The use of the Ethereum and Waves blockchains also promotes navigability, security and powerful performance.

Both individuals and organizations can use their created utility tokens to obtain a loan. Students can pay for their college education through this loan. When taking out the loan, they agree to repay it, along with a portion of their income after graduation until they finish repaying it. The Student Coin ecosystem was designed with the easy functionality of a social media platform.

STC Launchpad ICO

In February 2021, Student Coin launched its STC Launchpad ICO. Interested parties could join the Launchpad, purchase STC and refer their friends and/or loved ones to join through the STC Affiliate Program. There were a total of 10 rounds in the STC Launchpad ICO, and the price of the tokens during the ICO gradually increased with each passing round. This incentivized interested parties to quickly participate in the ICO, as well as to dispatch the referral link to others who might be interested. By using a unique link, referring parties could earn a sizable bonus. Investors who participated in the STC Launchpad ICO had the ability to trade and withdraw their tokens once the ICO period had ended.

The STC Launchpad ICO garnered so much interest that it raised over $28 million in its first week. 

The Educational Part of Student Coin

Over the years, some of the primary roadblocks for crypto users have related to the general difficulty of using crypto platforms and lack of knowledge about how the crypto world works. Student Coin aims to resolve these issues. 

In the Student Coin ecosystem, those who are new to the world of cryptocurrency can gain a solid education. The platform for this educational token offers multiple courses that are categorized in five sections. Each of these progressively more advanced courses covers important topics and concepts in blockchain technology, tokenomics, DeFi and crypto. By incorporating this educational aspect into the design of the STC platform, its developers strive to move tokenization into a mainstream position.

While students largely take advantage of the educational component of Student Coin, the courses are open to investors and others as well. Because of the platform’s excellent design and many user-friendly tools, any user can easily learn how to create their own token. Through functionalities related to trading and crowdfunding, users of this reference currency can enhance their knowledge in these important areas while simultaneously taking advantage of the functions’ benefits.

How Does Student Coin Work?

Student Coin features robust functionalities and an easy-to-use platform. At the same time, it’s a complex system that’s driven by a number of essential, well-designed components. STC is a reference currency that is directly linked with all of the tokens in the Student Coin network. This means that an investor holding a single token also has a stake in all of the other tokens that have been created on the platform over time. These tokens can only be traded through the STC Exchange. The platform also has an STC Terminal, which has been created and is powered by STC tokens. Notably, staking STC can yield dividends for investors through the STC Exchange’s crowdfunding and trading fees.

On a deeper level, the Student Coin ecosystem is designed to be a self-contained, fully-functional system that supports future growth and development. This ecosystem’s STC Terminal is the software supporting functions such as creating and managing the tokens. The platform’s STC Exchange can be accessed publicly by all users. The STC Exchange is where startup crowdfunding, issuance of DeFi tokens and token trading take place.

Student Coin’s robust features are accessible to users through an app that can be downloaded on personal devices, such as smartphones and tablets. This app permits the using, swapping and storing of tokens. However, tokens must be created on a desktop. These important features that support Student Coin’s design and functionality will be reviewed in greater detail below.

Features of Student Coin

As a powerful educational platform, Student Coin is designed to do what other blockchain networks haven’t yet achieved. At the same time, it’s been created specifically with student and entrepreneurial funding in mind, and offers a unique, specific functionality centered on these areas. Let’s look at the specific features of the Student Coin ecosystem.

STC Terminal

The STC Terminal is the powerhouse that drives Student Coin. Essentially, it’s a specialized software program used to create tokens through the Ethereum network. It continues to be managed and advanced through the use of tokens. The STC Terminal can be accessed by students and other individuals, organizations, and businesses, and supports the platform’s large-scale tokenization. Some of the STC Terminal’s tools include utility management, Twitter functionality, marketing efforts and a communication panel. The tokens created on the STC Terminal are then imported via the STC Exchange.

STC Wallet

Keeping up with transactions and stats related to Student Coin holdings is easy to do. Student Coin’s platform has been designed with an STC Wallet that can be viewed conveniently through the user app. It specifically enables investors to track their accounts in real time, and to perform essential functions. Via the STC Wallet, users can quickly swap assets and make deposits and withdrawals. Moreover, the Wallet also provides access to STC staking. Users can even pull their share of profits from the STC Exchange out of the Wallet, or use those profits to make additional investments.

STC Staking

STC Staking is a special feature of the platform that’s being actively developed and improved. Staking means that some of a user’s cryptocurrency (-ies) may be contributed to the blockchain technology for a period of time. If the user decides to take advantage of staking, any staked cryptocurrency will be inaccessible for that time period. STC staking supports the blockchain network’s operations and security, and ensures liquidity for STC token holders. Notably, users have the opportunity to stake their coins directly through their STC Wallet. By doing so, they may earn various rewards or incentives.

STC Voting

STC holders can directly participate in the governance of the Student Coin ecosystem. While voting is free, the importance of each user’s vote depends upon the number of STC tokens they hold. Notably, holders can vote on the potential development of new projects. This democratic functionality adds to the benefits of investing in, and using, STC tokens.

STC Academy

While finding educational resources related to blockchain and tokenization has been challenging, Student Coin has changed the landscape in this area through a vast selection of online courses available on its STC Academy. Its educational components cover critical topics like decentralized finance (DeFi), tokens, economics, cryptocurrency, blockchain and more. This distinctive feature of Student Coin is one of its defining features, setting it apart from other cryptocurrency platforms. Because Student Coin has a strong user base of college students, this feature aims to empower young investors and users with knowledge.

STC Exchange

All of the STC tokens created through the STC Terminal are immediately transferred to the STC Exchange. Once the tokens are listed on it, users can make exchanges to enjoy the lucrative possibilities available through their Student Coin holdings. The STC Exchange can also be used to finance projects through the accumulation of funds. Currently, Student Coin is available on several exchanges, including Waves.Exchange and Uniswap.

Use Cases of Student Coin

Student Coin is designed to be a utility token with a functional platform. It offers several important modern-world use cases that haven’t been addressed by other platforms. It was originally designed to bridge the large gap between blockchain technology and the educational sector, but its uses go beyond that goal. In the educational arena, it offers educational courses to help new investors and users gain greater proficiency in a wide range of blockchain and cryptocurrency topics. Student Coin also connects faculty members and students at several hundred colleges and universities around the world. Using these connections, individuals in the academic world can share knowledge and technologies. More than that, the platform has a unique lending functionality that supports students by helping them to fund their education. Creating a token allows a student to take out a loan, and to pay that loan off after graduation, without centralized financial intermediaries such as banks and loan companies.

Student Coin also offers an exciting function for entrepreneurs. One of the more significant hurdles that entrepreneurs face involves finding funding for their endeavors. Student Coin’s special crowdfunding functionality allows entrepreneurs to raise funds for their startups.

Student Coin Road Map

Student Coin has already made great strides. Its ecosystem was originally completed in late 2017. Since that time, it’s progressed through a successful ICO that’s resulted in many millions of dollars in investments from enthusiastic users. It also has more than 250,000 current users. Between 2017 and 2022, the platform has progressively evolved, taking its appeal and functionality to new levels for its users. It has established partnerships with the London School of Economics, Harvard University and other educational institutions, and has been listed on many exchanges. A user app was launched in November 2021, and early in 2022, Student Coin attracted the interest of major investment groups through the development of its corporate token.

Going forward, numerous additional advances are planned. For example, an STC Tokens Bank feature is scheduled for release. In addition, an STC Parachain and a decentralized exchange (DEX) will be made available within the next several months.

STC Tokenomics

Student Coin’s tokens are allocated across a diverse spectrum. Approximately half of the tokens are distributed for sale to users and investors. Roughly 24% of the tokens are allocated for strategic development. In addition, 8% of the tokens are in use for marketing, with another 8% allocated for partnerships and advisory boards each. Only 2% of the tokens are associated with university and faculty distribution. The strong diversity of these holdings and allocations is a solid indicator of the widespread interest in and applications of Student Coin.

STC Price Prediction

Shortly after Student Coin launched well below $0.005, its price had already reached $0.06599 in April 2021. After reaching its historical peak at that time, the price per token slowly edged downward. This early peak represents strong interest from initial buzz. At this time, the announcement of STC’s availability on multiple exchanges, such as Uniswap and others, was met with great interest. In addition, the STC token was forked into an Ethereum-based version that was faster and more functional.

The price has edged down to a more affordable price for entry-level investors. As of September 19, 2022, the price for the STC token was $0.003733. While STC that’s a very affordable price per token, its market cap is still healthy at around $20 million. Only 53% of its maximum 10 billion tokens are currently in supply. Student Coin has strong upside potential. Specifically, it continues to be actively developed, and some of its most notable features aren’t yet online. For example, the STC Exchange function’s launch is pending.

While the STC token has experienced both bullish and bearish trends, its price is now settled close to its starting value. With future developments in the works that will drive a valuation increase, it’s reasonable to assume that the price of Student Coin will substantially increase as the platform continues to evolve and new features are released.

Is STC a Good Investment?

Before new investors and users get involved with Student Coin, they understandably want to know if this will be a solid investment. Given the considerably low current price of STC, investors can purchase potentially thousands of coins for an affordable lump sum of cash. STC is still a work in progress, and its continued development presents a potential opportunity for investors. 

In addition, Student Coin has exciting applications for both students and entrepreneurs. Its unique functionalities make it a standout in the crypto world. Because of the combination of these factors, investing in Student Coin may be a smart move for investors interested who want to get in on the ground floor.

The Future of Student Coin

Significant progress has been made to develop and launch Student Coin since its inception in 2019. It offers both an educational and a business side, and it presents considerable upside for investors. Going forward, the platform will continue to develop and add new features. At the same time, it provides students with a platform to enhance their knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. More importantly, it offers students an opportunity to fund their college education through a loan based on their STC tokens. Likewise, crowdfunding will be available through Student Coin. 

The network plans many additional features within the next year or two. Therefore, this remains a cryptocurrency platform to watch. Because of its specialized functionalities and its ability to bridge the gap between the educational sector and the cryptocurrency world, it may create a higher level of legitimacy for blockchain tech going forward.

Closing Thoughts

From its inception, Student Coin was developed to fill an important space that has been untouched by other cryptocurrencies thus far. It offers exciting functions and features that expand both its utility, and the educational possibilities that it provides to its users. With an affordable price per token today, and with considerable growth potential available through planned future developments, Student Coin is poised to gain interest, respect and investors going forward.