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Sep 16, 2022

MIBR: The First Brazilian Professional Esports Team Fan Token

The fan token has made it so much easier — particularly for sports fans — to be closer to their favorite teams. Ever since it was first introduced by Chiliz, more sports clubs are jumping on the bandwagon and partnering with, the blockchain platform powered by Chiliz, to release their own sets of fan tokens. These tokens are cryptocurrencies built on the Chiliz proof of authority (PoA) blockchain. They enable token holders to enjoy a huge variety of membership perks, such as voting on official club pools, merchandise designs, rewards, promotions and VIP experiences.

It’s important to note that these tokens aren’t backed by underlying value principles of Bitcoin or stable assets. Instead, they’re backed by the extent to which the teams’ fans value being part of the club and enjoying exclusive perks.

MIBR is the latest esports organization to join the craze and release their own fan tokens. Excited to find out more about this project to show your support? Read on, as we include everything you need to know about MIBR.

What Is MIBR?

MIBR, or Made in Brazil, is a Brazilian professional esports organization owned by Immortals Gaming Club. The organization currently has a total of six teams: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, or CS:GO (both male and female); Valorant (both male and female); Rainbow Six Siege; and Garena Free Fire.

As a leading esports brand in Brazil, MIBR boasts a fan base of over 250,000 people and 6.4 million followers on its social media channels. The organization was first founded on March 1, 2003 in Rio de Janeiro by Brazilian businessman Paulo Velloso. MIBR went on to become the only Brazilian team to ever win the Electronic Sports World Cup, which they did in 2006, bringing pride and glory to Brazil in the esports industry. 

MIBR was dissolved in 2012, but later made a comeback in March 2016. It was acquired by Immortals in January 2018, and MIBR returned to playing actively in June that same year.

Collaboration With

MIBR has recently collaborated with, the biggest fan engagement platform in the world, to launch its own official MIBR fan token on the all-in-one influence and reward app. This collaboration comes at a great time because it aligns with MIBR’s campaign of “Nossa História, Nosso Futuro'' (“Our History, Our Future”). The campaign highlights the organization’s desire to bridge the gap between their teams and their fans. 

This fan token will be used to empower and reward MIBR’s global fanbase with various attractive benefits. Fans can look forward to content, activations around players, exclusive rewards, and even the opportunity to attend esports events as special guests. Token holders will also have the ability to vote on regular team polls for fan-related decisions.

Unlike NFTs, fan tokens are fungible digital assets. This gives token holders the ability to exchange them freely against CHZ tokens (the native token of the Chiliz platform). They can do so on the platform, or with any other fan token exchange provider that has been approved to operate on the Chiliz blockchain, such as Bybit.

What Is Chiliz?

Founded in 2018, Chiliz is the world-leading blockchain and fintech provider for the sports and entertainment industry. Chiliz is also known as the creator of the Fan Token, the digital asset that provides major sporting organizations with new opportunities to connect with their global fanbases on the fan engagement & reward app. 

On the platform, fans can show their support and loyalty for their favorite clubs by holding the fan token of their choice. In return, they receive exclusive access to fan-related voting rights and rewards.

Each token holder is entitled to one vote per poll. Some examples include deciding on a team’s motto, warm-up music, locker room decorations, exterior design of their tour bus, and the pattern choice for new team kit designs. 

The strength of this vote differs based on the number of fan tokens you hold. For example, the voting power of a fan who owns 50 tokens is fifty times that of a fan with only one token. However, in order to still maintain a level of fairness, each poll has a maximum cap on the number of fan tokens you can use to vote. At the end of the poll, the decision made by the token holders is final, and no one on the team can override their decision.

Using the App

The app gives fans access to the fan token marketplace. Fans can purchase or trade tokens of their favorite teams and leagues all around the world, and stay up-to-date with the latest fan token offerings. Besides voting on polls through the app, fans can use the app to play trivia games to test their knowledge on the clubs, participate in competitions and gain access to team events. Doing so allows them to accumulate in-app loyalty points (SSU), which can be used to redeem exciting rewards like team merchandise, memorabilia, match-day and VIP experiences, and meet-and-greet events. 

Another cool feature of the app is its Token Hunt, an augmented reality game that lets users find free tokens within their physical community. This is the perfect chance for you to explore your neighborhood and earn some free fan tokens along the way. You might even discover a few CHZ tokens, which you can use to purchase fan tokens of your choice.

What Are MIBR Tokens?

MIBR tokens are the fan tokens of the MIBR esports organization. They’re built on the Chiliz blockchain. Since they’re fungible digital assets, you can use them to vote on fan-related club decisions and access fan-centric rewards. You can obtain MIBR tokens either by exchanging them with CHZ tokens — which can be purchased on the marketplace or “hunted” for free in Token Hunt — or purchasing them through Bybit.

The MIBR fan token can be used in the following ways:

  • Voting: Players can vote in upcoming fan-related polls

  • Rewards: Enjoy exclusive membership perks and VIP experiences

  • Marketplace Trading: Trade MIBR tokens on the Marketplace

Note that in order to gain access to the exclusive perks the MIBR fan token provides, you need to first download the app on your smartphone and deposit those tokens into your Socios Wallet. The app is available on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

MIBR Tokenomics

Now that we’ve explored the basics, let’s take a look at MIBR’s overall tokenomics. In total, there’s a maximum supply of 10 million MIBR tokens. These tokens don’t expire, and the price of each MIBR token varies, depending on its demand as well as other market conditions.

Excited to become a part of the official MIBR community and receive exclusive fan rewards? Start investing today at Bybit Launchpad, where MIBR tokens can be earned through either committing BitDAO (BIT) tokens or participating in the USDT lottery after signing up on Bybit.

Should I Buy the MIBR Token? 

As fan tokens gain attention, more clubs are launching their own tokens in order to establish a deeper connection with their fans. What sets MIBR apart from its counterparts is the fact that it’s the first major Brazilian esports organization to have its own fan token. Its partnership with will put MIBR on the list with other major global esports brands that have already launched their own fan tokens, such as OG, Alliance, NAVI, Team Heretics, Team Vitality and Endpoint CeX. It will also associate MIBR with more than 167 worldwide organizations, and Brazilian football giants such as Atlético Mineiro, Corinthians, Flamengo, Internacional, São Paulo, Palmeiras, Vasco da Gama, Bahia and Fluminense. This in turn will bring more attention to Brazil as an optimal market for such fan tokens. 

If you’re a fan of the MIBR esports team, the MIBR token is certainly a token to purchase if you want to have engagement opportunities as well as unique fan encounters — experiences that you’ll never get elsewhere! 

The Bottom Line

Overall, MIBR tokens are a great way for fans to show their support for MIBR esports teams. The MIBR organization is working closely with the team to deliver a fan-based project unlike any other. Furthermore, the launch ties in perfectly with MIBR’s campaign — “Nossa História, Nosso Futuro.”

We believe that MIBR’s Fan Token is worth your attention, and that this is the perfect time for you to get in early to enjoy all the attractive available perks.