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Nov 10, 2021

What Can I Buy With Bitcoin? A Bybit Guide (2022)

As Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency in general, become more popular, more and more outlets around the world are accepting them as payments. In this article, Bybit looks at what you can buy with Bitcoin.


Although Amazon, the daddy of online retail in the West, doesn’t at the moment directly allow customers to buy with Bitcoin, there are solutions which allow you to get round this problem. essentially acts as a matching service, connecting people who want to buy things on Amazon with Bitcoin, with people who want to trade their gift cards from Amazon for Bitcoin. Even better, customer can get a discount on their products. They can name their discount, up to 33% off! (although the lower the discount, the faster the order will be fulfilled). Once the order is fulfilled by the seller, they will receive the Bitcoin. There is also a chrome extension you can download.

Bitrefill is a website where you can buy Amazon gift cards with Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies including Ethereum. In fact you can purchase gift cards from not only Amazon, but a wide range of sites. There are over 1650 businesses from 170 countries in a variety of different categories to choose from, such as entertainment, gaming, and travel. You can even top your mobile phone.

One site where you can buy items directly using Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies including Ethereum) is Overstock. On this site, you can buy a wide range of products, from items for the home, to electronics, to clothes. Products can be shipped worldwide. Also, computer and electronics online retailer Newegg accepts Bitcoin as payment.


A lot of the world is at a virtual standstill at the moment and travel restrictions are widely in place worldwide, but hopefully it won’t be too long before we can all get travelling again. There are several travel sites out there where you can spend your cryptocurrency. Bitcoin.Travel is one such site where you can book flights and hotels. You can also book flights through Alternative Airlines.

Food and Drink

If you’re in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Bulgaria, Romania and Israel, you can order takeaways through If you’re in the US you can mimic the infamous actions of Laszlo Hanyecz by buying pizza with Bitcoin, albeit indirectly. sells Papa John’s gift cards which you can buy with Bitcoin.

Home Entertainment

Bitcoin can be redeemed to deposit funds into Microsoft accounts, which can be then used to buy games, movies and apps in the online Xbox and Windows stores. Video game streaming app Twitch allows Bitcoin (and Bitcoin Cash) payments. The platform re-introduced them last year, just months after removing them.


Several major sports clubs worldwide now accept cryptocurrencies as payment. They include SL Benfica (Primera Liga), Dallas Mavericks & Sacramento Kings (NBA), and Miami Dolphins (NFL).

Search Engines

Spendabit searches hundreds of stores and millions of products where you can spend Bitcoin. SpendBitcoins lets you search worldwide for places and things you can spend your Bitcoin with, both online and offline.


Bitcoin For Charity lists charities that accept Bitcoins for donations. Save The Children was the first global NGO to accept cryptocurrency and now accepts numerous, including Ethereum and Litecoin, in addition to Bitcoin. The BitGive Foundation lists its mission as to ”leverage the power of Bitcoin and Blockchain technology to improve public health and the environment worldwide” and accepts Bitcoin donations.

Offline Outlets

As of yet, the vast majority of outlets are still online, but there are tentative signs that is starting to change. Limited beta testing for payment integration between Starbucks and the cryptocurrency Bakkt was announced in March 2020, which will allow customers to spend the cryptocurrency through the Starbucks app.

The self-explanatory Coinmap is a very convenient website that allows you to search for places you can buy or spend your crypto assets anywhere around the globe through a world map. If you’d like to read about how to withdraw and buy Bitcoin offline, check out our article on Bitcoin ATMs.