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10 de nov de 2021

5 Best Bitcoin Documentaries to Watch Today

The ongoing story of Bitcoin has been and continues to be a fascinating one. Unsurprisingly, over the last decade countless documentary makers have been inspired to make their own little stories about the world’s most popular cryptocurrency. Many of these are available on YouTube free to view, right now. Here are 5 of the best Bitcoin YouTube documentaries.

1. The Bitcoin Gospel

Featuring Bitcoin ‘Jesus’ Roger Ver, this documentary gives a great overview for Bitcoin newbies on the benefits of using Bitcoin, and its origins. In 2009, as the world was faced with the biggest financial crisis in decades, rose an alternative means to the all-encompassing control the multinational banks had on people’s finances. The Bitcoin Gospel chronicles how the idea gained traction and sets out the case for how Bitcoin can be a viable mainstream alternative to traditional methods of payment.

2. I Survived on Bitcoin for 14 Days

This documentary follows a video journalist from the Coin Telegraph for 14 days as he attempts to live off Bitcoin…and only Bitcoin. Spending the fortnight in New York City, the financial center of the world, surely if he can succeed anywhere, it’s in the Big Apple! As well as giving a summary of the current state of the affairs regarding mainstream Bitcoin adoption, it gives a vision of how things might pan out in the future.

3. Bitcoin: Beyond The Bubble

Bitcoin is often described as ‘digital gold’, but many may be left puzzled as to what this actually means. The documentary Bitcoin: Beyond The Value explains what gave gold intrinsic value in the first place, and why Bitcoin can now be considered to have it too. It also gives a detailed explanation of the Bitcoin proof-of-work blockchain works, and how transactions are verified on it.

4. 10 Million Dollar Bitcoin End Game

What price will Bitcoin ultimately get to? Many in the world of crypto have their opinions. $10 million may seem very far fetched, but this extremely bullish YouTuber lays out his argument as to why he thinks it’s a realistic target. Focusing on what the documentary maker sees as a generational shift, 10 Million Dollar Bitcoin End Game highlights how more and more of the younger generation are placing their trust in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies for their finances rather than the big banks.

5. Unmasking Satoshi Nakamoto

The identity of supposed Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto has long been shrouded in mystery. That’s the way that he/she wanted it of course, but it hasn’t stopped the crypto community over the years from trying to solve who they are, or at least speculating on their identity. As the name of the documentary suggests, Unmasking Satoshi Nakamoto investigates the mystery, and offers their take on who the person behind the (assumed) pseudonym may be.

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