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12 Best Crypto Copy Trading Platforms in 2022 for New Traders

It seems like everyone is investing and trading crypto right now, and some are striking it rich. However, buying and selling crypto successfully involves a lot of research, practice and moving parts. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean you have to miss out.

If you’re new to the crypto world and haven’t put the time in to develop a successful trading strategy and master the markets, copy trading will allow you to profit just like the big dogs. In this guide, we go over the ins and outs of copy trading, as well as the best crypto copy trading platforms to make the most of this 100 percent hands-off approach.

What Is Crypto Copy Trading?

Crypto copy trading is a dynamic concept allowing anyone to copy the exact trades of proven cryptocurrency investors on autopilot, completely automating the entire crypto trading process.

With traditional crypto trading, you need to study the markets, look at charts, and perform quite a bit of research to support your trading decisions. Moreover, after placing a buy or sell trade, it’s up to you to manage the trade and exit at the right time.

Crypto copy trading is a different story. It offers newbies and passive investors a way to profit from crypto markets without really having to do anything at all.

To copy trade, you simply choose a trader you’d like to copy from one of the crypto copy trading platforms below, sync your brokerage account, and let technology handle the rest. In a nutshell, that’s all there is to it.

Why Is Crypto Copy Trading Useful for New Traders?

Successfully trading crypto often requires many hours of time and research. Not only do you have to know how to locate “hidden gems” and trading opportunities, but you must also manage each trade, which takes even more time, and strict control over your emotions.

Crypto copy trading eliminates the need for all of this work. It lets anyone — regardless of their experience or skill — profit from investing in crypto markets without investing their time.

Beginner Friendly

Is crypto copy trading profitable? This is one of the first questions people ask when discussing copy trading. The next is whether or not it’s “beginner friendly.” The answer to each of these questions is a resounding YES!

However, while the profits you can achieve with crypto copy trading depend largely upon the trader or firm whose trades you choose to mirror, copy trading in general is extremely beginner friendly. You don’t have to study, research or even place trades. With copy trading, investing in crypto couldn’t get any easier.

A More Hands-off Approach

When crypto copy trading with any of the platforms below, everything is done for you on autopilot. It’s truly a hands-off approach to trading that allows you to cash in on the crypto markets without much effort or time.

You simply monitor the strategies you’re copying and make adjustments as needed to minimize losses and maximize profits. Compared to the work performed by the average trader — advanced analysis, constantly keeping an eye on the markets — crypto copy trading is as hands-off as trading gets.

Minimal Investment

Another reason crypto copy trading is beneficial for new traders is the minimal investment needed to get started. In fact, with many of today’s best crypto copy trading platforms, you can start copy trading and growing your brokerage account or crypto wallet with as little as $200.

Risks of Crypto Copy Trading

While copy trading crypto is ideal for new traders, and incredibly easy to get started with, like any form of trading, there are some drawbacks and risks to consider.

Possibility of Copying Losing Trades

Is crypto copy trading profitable? Yes, it is for many, but whether or how much you profit from it depends entirely on whose trades you choose to copy. There’s no guarantee copy trading will yield big profits for you.

As a copy trader, your best approach is to divide your portfolio up between several different successful traders. This will keep you from relying on one trader or trading strategy, which could put you at risk of losing it all.

Less Likely to ‘Grow’ as a Trader

Even with the best crypto copy trading platforms and strategies, you’re less likely to develop and rely on your own trading strategies. Since copy trading makes profiting from crypto so easy, it doesn’t provide traders with much incentive to study, learn, and grow as profitable traders themselves.

Even if you’re happy with your profits, by constantly relying on copy trading, you may be missing out on even more money. The cryptocurrency industry is always evolving, sometimes day by day. If you rely solely on copy trading, you won’t be able to evolve with it, and could miss out on some lucrative opportunities.

Expensive Fees

Copy trading is also more expensive than going it alone. Although the best crypto copy trading platforms and traders often charge reasonable fees for their strategies and services, some fees can be quite steep, and should be considered along with your budget before you make any investment decisions.

Best Crypto Copy Trading Platforms to Try

The word is out, and the question of whether crypto copy trading is profitable has been answered by the masses. Today, it seems like everybody is jumping into crypto to try and strike it rich or make a quick buck.

However, with thousands of different cryptocurrencies now available to trade or invest in — and millions of people either dipping their toes into crypto, or diving in headfirst — there are more and more crypto copy trading platforms and strategies to choose from.

While finding a profitable trader to copy is still up to you, we’ve saved you the hassle of finding them for yourself. After extensive research and putting dozens of copy trading platforms to the test, we’ve rounded up 13 of the best crypto copy trading platforms in the industry today.

1. Bybit – Best Overall Copy Trading Platform for 2022

Bybit is the overall best crypto copy trading platform for one simple reason: It makes crypto copy trading easy. With Bybit, you can easily find traders to copy, automatically open and close the same trades they execute, and watch your crypto balance grow — all on one single, easy-to-use platform.

Principal traders can allow others to copy their strategies and trades via the Bybit platform to profit from their work. In return, they receive 10 percent of the profits earned by each follower. Unlike many crypto trading platforms, Bybit brings experienced principal traders and new traders together to create a win-win crypto trading experience for everyone.

Currently, Bybit supports up to 15 different trading pairs, including BIT/USDT, ETH/USDT, XRP/USDT, and several other highly liquid pairs. This means volume and trade execution is rarely a problem, which isn’t always the case with other platforms not found on this list of the best crypto copy trading platforms.

After selecting a principal trader to copy, you simply set the parameters (such as your preferred leverage) for your copy orders. Then, all new copy trades will automatically be initiated via a market order, according to those parameters, immediately after being placed by your chosen principal trader.


• All-in-one copy trading solution

• Advanced tools and technology

• Leverage up to 100x for crypto orders

• Tons of educational resources


• Fees can add up

• Not available in the U.S.

2. eToro – Best Platform for Social Trading

As one of the pioneers of social trading and copy trading, eToro is one of the best crypto copy trading platforms for newbies looking to connect, follow, and profit from other traders’ expertise. Extremely original yet super functional and easy to use, eToro’s crypto copy trading platform offers some of the industry’s most innovative social trading features.

In addition to stocks, commodities and FX pairs, the platform currently supports over 16 cryptocurrencies. Whether you want to trade Bitcoin, Apple stock or gold, eToro lets you easily connect with the world’s largest social trading community and discover a diverse range of traders and strategies to copy.

To quash any doubts or questions about a particular crypto copy trader’s profitability, you can see how many times a principal trader has been “liked” — and even read comments made by copy traders just like you. The platform also allows you to adjust your risk and exposure levels, so you’re not completely dependent on another trader’s activity.


• Great for social trading

• Thousands of established, verified traders to copy

• Intuitive, easy-to-use platform

• Wide variety of supported cryptocurrencies

• Can read comments and messages from other traders

• User-friendly crypto wallet


• No crypto deposits

• Inactivity fees and $5 withdrawal fee

• Some unprofessional traders

3. 3Commas – Best Platform for Bot Trading

The 3Commas copy trading platform offers clients plug-and-play Bitcoin and crypto trading robots. Within their trading community, professional traders share their strategies with others to build up a community of traders benefiting from one another.

That said, with 3Commas, it’s all about the bots. As one of the best crypto copy trading platforms for bot trading, you can copy trade using any number of strategies. You simply choose the trading strategy you want to copy — and the bot will take care of the rest.

Like many of today’s best crypto copy trading platforms, 3Commas supports several exchanges and uses secure cold wallets for storing customer funds. All in all, they have a good variety of bots and strategies to select from, a beginner-friendly interface, and a solid reputation — which is all good news for newer traders.


• Great selection of trading bots and strategies

• Connects to many different exchanges

• Active trading community

• Affordable pricing


• Can be a little complicated for newer traders to navigate

4. Shrimpy – Best Platform for Portfolio Rebalancing, or just Shrimpy to most, is a popular social trading platform and crypto portfolio rebalancing tool. Arguably one of the best crypto copy trading platforms, due to its uber-versatile lineup of crypto copy trading tools and resources, it comes with an easy-to-use interactive user interface, responsive customer support and a range of unique features not offered by most other platforms.

Not only can you access Shrimpy’s copy and social trading bots, but you can develop your own custom copy trading strategies and cryptocurrency index funds. That said, the platform’s real selling point is its portfolio rebalancing tool, which can automatically rebalance your portfolio by gradually buying and selling crypto assets according to your risk/asset allocation level.

Like several other options on this list of best crypto copy trading platforms, Shrimpy works with dozens of top exchanges and offers trading access to all of today’s largest, most popular cryptocurrencies. For everything it offers, Shrimpy is a powerful tool that’s pretty tough to beat.


• Automated portfolio rebalancing

• Crypto copy trade bots and tool are free to use

• Custom index creation and management

• Supports multiple cryptocurrencies and exchanges

• Decent referral program

• Easy to use, despite its robustness


• No trading terminal or mobile app

• Trading bot scripting would be nice

5. Pionex – Best Platform for Traders on a Budget

Pionex™ is one of the best crypto copy trading platforms for cash-strapped traders on a budget. Why? Well, because it’s 100 percent free!

With Pionex, you’ll have 16 free crypto copy trading bots to choose from, which can help you begin to see profits before you’ve even decided on your preferred trading strategy. You simply share your email, and you can begin using Pionex’s automated trading software to lock in profits from day one.

So, if you’re brand-new to the crypto trading game and are short on time (and even shorter on crypto or funds), definitely check out this platform.


• Absolutely free to use

• Hundreds of supported cryptocurrencies

• 16 built-in trading bots and strategies

• Intuitive and easy to use


• You’re unable to socialize with other platform members

• Questionable regulatory status

6. Kryll – Best Platform for Strategy Building

Kryll offers everything needed in a great crypto copy trading platform. Once you open a free account and choose the strategies you want to copy, everything is done automatically. They even have apps for iOS and Android devices, as well as a trading community where you can purchase or swap trading strategies with others.

However, what we really love about Kryll is their Drag ’n Drop strategy builder. With it, you can easily create any trading strategy, automate it and put it to the test, making Kryll one of the best crypto copy trading platforms out there today


• Variety of Bitcoin and crypto copy trading bots

• Powerful strategy editor

• TradingView integration

• Unlimited back-testing

• Active trading community

• iOS and Android mobile apps


• No two-factor authentication

• Must use KRL token

• Fees are reasonable, but can add up

7. Coinmatics – Best Platform for Crypto Copy Trading Flexibility

Launched in 2018, Coinmatics is right up there with the very best crypto copy trading platforms in terms of trading options and flexibility. While the crypto copy trading platform doesn’t allow you to automatically copy the trades of individual traders, you can utilize it to copy specific crypto trading strategies.

So, what is this flexibility we’re talking about? Well, the unique thing about Coinmatics is that it allows you to perform both automatic and manual copy trading.

This means that if you find a strategy you really like, but want greater risk control, you can treat the platform more like a signals provider. You can enter and exit your trades manually to lock in profits — without ever having to ask yourself if crypto copy trading is profitable.


• Both manual and automatic copy trading modes

• Unlimited free trial

• User-friendly interface

• No fees for the first $2,500 traded


• Can’t copy individual traders

• Only four exchanges supported

• No social trading tools

8. CopyMe – Best Platform for Copying Multiple Traders

CopyMe is a great copy trading platform that’s perfect for anyone looking to copy successful crypto trading strategies. The U.S.-based platform can be used to tap into the minds of trading professionals and effortlessly apply their strategies.

Unlike many of the other trading platforms discussed in this guide, CopyMe lets you simultaneously copy the trades of multiple traders. You can allocate a certain amount to each expert and diversify your account, rather than placing all your eggs in one basket.

The platform also has a multitude of filters, allowing you to pinpoint the perfect trading professional for your risk appetite and trading goals. Unfortunately, while there are no trading fees or commissions, all of this comes with a not-so-cheap price tag of $40/month.


• Can simultaneously copy an unlimited number of traders

• Wide variety of filters

• You can allocate funds and diversify your portfolio

• 24/7 customer support


• Only supports three exchanges

• Not much information availble on security protocols and maintenance

• Not the cheapest crypto copy trading option

9. – Best Platform for Leveraged Trading is a well-known cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2013. It’s available to traders around the globe, including in the U.S. as, and offers a whopping 1,600+ crypto trading pairs for spot copy trading and 33 pairs for futures copy trading, which is pretty amazing.

Equally amazing is the margin offered by to multiply its users’ earnings. Up to 10x leverage is offered for spot trades, and up to an incredible 100x for futures contracts, both of which more than make up for the 5% earnings fee paid to the traders you copy.


• Up to 100x leveraged trading

• Huge selection of trading pairs

• Easy-to-use copy trade feature

• Long history and solid overall reputation


• User interface and mobile app need improving

• Trading fees are reasonable, but not the lowest

10. MoonXBT – Best Platform for Speedy Trade Execution

It may be relatively new to the crypto scene, but MoonXBT is already making a name for itself as a top crypto trading platform, thanks to its limitless capabilities and excellent deals. The platform can be accessed in over 200 countries, and is well-known for its unique light trading contract.

Unlike even some of the best crypto copy trading platforms, MoonXBT also guarantees high liquidity. This, along with the platform’s one-of-a-kind contract structure, results in some of the fastest transaction processing times in the industry.

With a newly added copy trading function as well, it’s an excellent platform for replicating the trading results of profitable seasoned traders.


• Guaranteed high liquidity

• High-speed transaction process

• No deposit fees


• Platform is relatively new

• Limited number of available cryptocurrencies

11. WunderTrading – Best Platform for a Super Clean UI

WunderTrading is another innovative crypto copy trading solution that deserves a spot on this list. It’s a place where newbie crypto investors can learn the ropes by creating their own automated trading strategies and bots, or by copying trades directly from experienced cryptocurrency traders.

The WunderTrading platform supports several top crypto exchanges, including Binance, FTX, FTX US, Kraken, KuCoin, Bybit, OKX, Deribit, and more. However, what really stands out with WunderTrading is its wonderful user interface. It’s simple, clean and shockingly easy to use, even for the greenest of greenhorns.


• Extremely simple, clean and intuitive design

• Good selection of supported exchanges

• Transparent trader track records and statistics

• Able to create bots based on TradingView strategies

• Free for the first month


• User base is growing, but still small

• Customer support is a little slow

12. Zignaly – Best Platform for Profit Sharing

As we speak, Zignaly’s crypto copy trading tool is being used by approximately 100,000 crypto investors with over $75 million in combined linked balances. This simple, results-driven tool allows you to easily select and copy expert crypto traders and earn an income off of their strategies.

What really sets Zignaly apart, however, is its optional profit-sharing feature. With this advanced tool, crypto investors can duplicate the trades of up to 100 expert traders — and only pay trading fees when profits are made from closed positions. This allows you to share in the profits, while minimizing your out-of-pocket costs.

In addition, there’s no minimum to invest with Zignaly, and you can use a single bot or spread your funds out across as many “pro” traders as you wish.


• Easy to use

• Multiple trading options

• Unique profit-sharing feature

• Plenty of traders and signal providers to select from

• Flexible trading fees


• No demo account or mobile app

• Limited number of compatible exchanges

• Not available in the U.S.

The Bottom Line

Well, there you have it. Out of the hundreds of different crypto copy trading platforms out there to choose from today, each of the options above offers something unique and stands out from the pack.

Whether you’re into social trading, just starting out and on a budget, or want to profit while learning to develop your own trading strategies and bots, there’s a copy trading platform out there for you. Deciding on the right one simply comes down to your individual wants, needs and trading goals.