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Apr 9, 2022

What Is Bybit VIP: Everything To Know About Bybit’s Premium Trader Experience

From sudden technical breakdowns to exorbitant fees, trading cryptocurrencies on the wrong platform can put you at a disadvantage without your even realizing it. If you’re an avid crypto trader, make sure to give Bybit’s VIP Program a shot. With the Bybit VIP Program, our valued traders can enjoy added benefits while actively trading with us. From exclusive trading fee rates to access to invitation-only events, here’s all you need to know about our newly launched Bybit VIP Program.

What Is the Bybit VIP Program? 

The Bybit VIP Program is a premium service experience that rewards avid, high-volume derivatives and spot traders. With multiple VIP levels that vary depending on your overall trading volume, Bybit will help boost your profits with our array of exclusive perks. Thanks to the dedicated Bybit VIP ambassador, you’ll also be invited to enjoy private product launches and events specially designed for VIP traders.

Who Can Participate in the Bybit VIP Program?

If you’re an existing Bybit user, you’ll be happy to know that you’re automatically qualified for Bybit’s VIP Program when you meet the minimum asset balance and monthly trading volume criteria. More details on the requirements can be found in the section below.

How Does the Bybit VIP Program Work?

Being part of the Bybit VIP Program grants you access to the following benefits:

  • A dedicated VIP Ambassador who provides personalized assistance

  • Priority access to Bybit customer support live chat for emergencies and technical difficulties

  • Welcome gifts when you join the VIP program

  • Curated industry reports from our in-house experts for the latest insights

  • Discounted trading fee rates with maker fees as low as 0%, and taker fees as little as 0.02%

  • Early access and one-on-one private walk-throughs for Bybit’s new product launches

Bybit VIP Program Fee Structure

*Exclusive of all USDC-collateralized contracts

How to Check My Daily Trading Volume

If you’re curious about your existing trading volume, click here to find out if you’re on the right track. Worried about a recent trade not reflecting in your daily trading volume? The system periodically updates after five minutes, so check back after your trade has filled.

How to Check My VIP Level

To find out your existing VIP level, hover over your profile icon to see if you’re already a VIP Trader and what your current level is. You can also check your VIP details here.

Validity of Bybit VIP Status

To ensure your Bybit VIP status is up-to-date, we’ll update your VIP level every day at 6:00AM UTC. Once you reach the minimum requirements, your new VIP status will be reflected in your account. If a new VIP level is unlocked at this timestamp, you’ll enjoy the discounts and benefits effective immediately.

How to Become a Bybit VIP Trader

Bybit VIP Trader membership takes into account either one of two criteria, namely asset balance and monthly trading volume. Specifically, your asset balance refers to your total wallet balance across all accounts, while your monthly trading volume takes into account the trading volume from both your main account and subaccounts.

Can I Be a Bybit VIP Trader Without Meeting the Requirements?

Already a VIP trader from other cryptocurrency exchanges, and want to join the Bybit VIP Program too? Simply screenshot your current VIP status or your monthly trading volume from other cryptocurrency exchanges and email it to Please note that your trading volume needs to meet a minimum of $10,000,000 for derivatives or $1,000,000 for spot.

The Bottom Line

With perks ranging from personalized VIP Ambassador services to expert crypto insights, the Bybit VIP Program is one reward system you won’t want to miss out on if you’re an active crypto trader. Apply for VIP Program membership with us and start making the most of your profits today.