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Apr 13, 2022

Bybit VIP Trading Fees Explained

Anyone who trades crypto actively understands that expensive trading fees can ruin the spoils of an otherwise successful trade. Fortunately, with Bybit’s all-new revised fee structure, you can easily get more out of each trading session. Curious about the discounted fees of the Bybit VIP Program? Read on as we reveal an in-depth look at the all-new fees and how you can stand to gain by qualifying for our VIP Trading Program.

Bybit Fees vs. VIP Trading Fees: The Differences

Before diving into the fee differences when taking into account VIP Trading Program membership, it’s important to first understand the maker-taker fee model. Maker-taker fees are trading fees that users are charged based on their maker or take role in the trade. Makers provide liquidity to the exchange whereas takers remove liquidity from said exchange. That’s why taker fees tend to be high on some exchanges.

Bybit’s cost-effective fee structure can be broken down into spot trading fees and futures and derivatives trading fees.

Bybit VIP Spot Trading Fees

Spot trading refers to the direct buying and selling of cryptocurrencies at a set price for immediate settlement. This often involves the real-time trading of specific pairs like BTC-USDT or ETH-USDC

Check out the spot trading fees that VIP Trading Program members get to enjoy below:

Bybit VIP Futures and Derivatives Trading Fees

Futures and derivatives trading refers to the buying and selling of agreement contracts for the future price of cryptocurrencies.  Examples of such contracts include USDT Perpetual and USDC Perpetual contracts that use USDT and USDC as collateral and have no expiration date, Inverse Perpetual

contracts that use the desired crypto as collateral and have no expiration date and Inverse Futures contracts that use the desired crypto as collateral and have pre-determined expiration dates.

For more on futures and derivatives trading fees that VIP Trading Program members get to enjoy, refer to the breakdown below:

Bybit VIP Withdrawal Limits

Did you know that being a Bybit VIP Program member also entitles you to high withdrawal limits? With a level 2 KYC verification, you’re able to withdraw up to 100 BTC so it makes moving funds in and out of Bybit a cinch.

When Can I Start Enjoying the VIP Perks?

Once you qualify for the Bybit VIP Program by meeting the minimum asset balance or monthly trading volume criteria, you’ll be able to enjoy the VIP perks once your VIP level is updated. This platform wide update will be held everyday at 7AM UTC and your new trading fee rates will be reflected within five minutes of this update.

Are Institutional Clients Eligible for the VIP Program?

As an institutional client, you’re entitled to special rates as part of

on top of diversified data reports and OTC lending. As such, the benefits of the VIP Program do not apply for institutional clients.

The Bottom Line

Given our attractive VIP Program trading fees, you’re certainly missing out by not being a member. So what else are you waiting for?

for Bybit’s VIP Program membership today and secure those low fees so you can maximize your returns.