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14 avr. 2022

Exclusive Bybit VIP Program Perks and Benefits You Should Know

Actively trading while watching the crypto market? Why not enjoy some exclusive benefits while you’re at it with Bybit’s VIP Program. When you sign up for VIP Program membership, you’ll unlock a whole host of perks that’ll improve your buying and selling experience with us. Keen on finding out more about what’s included in this premium trading membership program? Read on as we highlight all the bells and whistles of the Bybit VIP Program.

Understanding Bybit VIP Program

In case you’re unaware, the Bybit VIP Program is the premiere service experience that recognizes high-volume spot and derivative traders. Once you meet the 250,000 USD account balance or minimum monthly trading volume and are an existing Bybit user, you automatically qualify for our VIP Program. This unlocks a whole host of rewards and opportunities for you to get more out of your trades.

Why Should You Be a VIP Trader?

Not sure what are the perks that come with being a Bybit VIP trader? Here is a comprehensive list of the program’s benefits:

Competitive Trading Fees

Enjoy discounted trading fee rates that vary with your VIP level. The most avid traders can snag maker fees as low as 0% and taker fees as little as 0.02%. 

Exclusive Access to Unlock Higher APY Returns

Be the first to gain access to our high APY returns during our new product launches.

One-on-One Support from a Dedicated Ambassador

Get personalized assistance from our dedicated VIP Ambassador who will arrange special gifts and surprises for you alongside private one-to-one walkthroughs during new product launches.

Unlock Exclusive Welcome Gifts for VIPs Only

Celebrate your VIP Program membership with our exclusive welcome gifts.

Get first-hand Industry Reports

Receive curated reports about the crypto industry from our in-house experts for the latest insights on trending coins and tokens.

Active VIP Offers and Campaigns

As previously mentioned, your dedicated VIP Ambassador will arrange for you to be invited to our various VIP only offers and campaigns. Here are some active ones that you can join today:

VIP Referral — Refer To Earn Exclusive NFT

Know a friend who’s an avid crypto trader? From March 2, 2022 to April 1, 2022, ,make sure to refer that friend to Bybit so both of you can gain attractive benefits during our VIP Referral Program. Upon clicking your personal VIP referral link and creating an account, your referee will need to deposit a minimum of 20,000 USDT for the referral to be considered successful.

Both you and your friend will then be upgraded to VIP status for free*. For existing users, each VIP level upgrade requires two successful referrals. If you’re already VIP level 3, you’ll instead gain one lucky draw ticket which gives the chance to earn an exclusive NFT.

*Do note that the free VIP status only lasts until May 1, 2022 15:59 UTC (30 days after the event ends)

Bybit Express VIP — Deposit to Fast Track VIP Status

To celebrate the launch of our new discounted VIP fees, we’re giving new users the chance to fast track their way to VIP status via Bybit Express VIP. From March 18, 2022 to April 13, 2022, simply make a derivatives account deposit of 50,000 USDT for VIP level 1, 100,000 USDT for VIP level 2 and 150,000 USDT for VIP level 3 to earn one free month of VIP status.

Additionally, the top five users with the highest net deposit at the end of the Bybit Express VIP campaign will receive an exclusive Bybit x MIRL NFT.

The Bottom Line

From discounted trading fees to campaigns with amazing rewards to be claimed, there’s no reason to miss out on the exclusive perks and benefits of the Bybit VIP Program. So wait no longer and sign up with Bybit today.