Bybit Guide

How to Create a Bybit Account

We'll guide you through step-by-step to opening an account on Bybit to ride the crypto wave.

How to Protect Your Bybit Account

Have a Bybit account already? Keeping your account safe is a top priority. Bybit takes a lot of steps to ensure the security of your account. We also recommend that you use more ways to better protect your account. Here are two (2) simple tips for you. Tip 1: Create a...

How to Make a Deposit in Bybit (A Complete Guide)

Complete these steps to deposit easily on Bybit, fast and easy. Don't worry, it's beginner-friendly.

How to Open a Trade in Bybit

Can't wait to start your trading journey? Here is a detailed process guide to help you start your first trade. Bybit offers you three types of trading products: Spot Trading, Derivatives Trading and Decentralized Finance (DeFi). Spot Trading For traders who are using the web trading page, please head over to the...

How to Close a Trade in Bybit

Would you like to close a position in order to realize a profit or a loss? There are multiple ways to close a position on Bybit: Close By Function  Head over to the Positions tab. There, you can close a partial (or an entire) position by clicking on either the Close By...

How to Make a Withdrawal From Bybit

Looking to withdraw some of that profit you’ve earned from trading on Bybit? How to make a withdrawal For traders on the web, click on "Assets" at the top right-hand corner of the home page, and it will direct you to the Assets page under Spot Account. Then, click “Withdraw”  in...

Claim Promos, Referral Codes and Campaigns From Bybit

Seeking more ways to benefit from Bybit? Here’s a tip. Extra perks can be found through: Rewards Hub  Getting rewards couldn't be easier. You can earn $600 or more worth of bonuses and coupons to offset fees and make up for losses. By completing tasks such as depositing, using the TP/SL...

Bybit Tutorial Videos

Watch Bybit tutorial videos from Bybit official YouTube channel here.

Bybit Fees: Everything You Need to Know Before Trading Crypto

Master everything you need to know about Bybit fees, from maker taker fees, funding fees, deposit and withdrawal fees, and more.

What Are Funding Fees?

The funding mechanism serves to anchor the perpetual contract trading price to the spot price. Here's what you should know about Bybit's funding fees.