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Demo Trading
#WishUponABitcoin: Learn & Demo Trade Without Risks
Hone skills with demo trading to win a share of up to $500,000 worth of BTC & USDT rewards when you join the #WishUponABitcoin event. Event available for a limited time only from Feb 15 - Mar 14, 2024, 10AM UTC.
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Learn, Practice & Trade Without Risks
Put trading strategies to the test, even before you risk your first dollar.
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Start trading with the allocated demo funds & get ready to win a share of 500k worth of BTC & USDT rewards.
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Learn from our articles, and test strategies to stay ahead of the market movements!
Q. Do I need anything to start demo trading?
A. To begin demo trading, all you need is to register for a Bybit account – no deposits or KYC required.
Q. Are the funds in my Demo Trading account real?
A. No, the funds in your Demo Trading account are virtual and cannot be withdrawn or have any impact on the actual market. A demo account is designed for traders to practice their trading strategies in a simulated market environment. It allows you to familiarize yourself with the platform and its features without risking any real money.
Q. Are there any trading fees incurred for demo trading?
A. Yes, while demo trading does not involve actual monetary transactions, trading fees may be deducted from your demo funds to simulate a realistic trading environment. These simulated fees help you understand the impact of trading costs on your virtual portfolio.
Q. Who can join the #WishUponABitcoin Lucky Draw?
Everyone can join the BTC Lucky Draw event. Simply complete tasks to share up to 5 BTC in prizes. Upgrade to the Unified Trading Account for an additional chance to win! Lucky draw ends Mar 15, 2024, 10AM UTC.