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Aug 18, 2022

What Is Bybit Cloud? White-Label Crypto Exchange Solutions

We're at the juncture of a crypto boom in which it's almost impossible to ignore the significant benefits of starting your own cryptocurrency exchange platform. Whether you’re a stock trading company looking to enter the crypto industry, an existing crypto exchange on the search for better solutions, or a team excited to set up its first crypto venture, this article highlights ways to partner with Bybit Cloud to integrate cutting-edge cloud computing solutions to set up your very own crypto platform for crypto trading.

What Is Bybit Cloud?

Bybit Cloud is a white-label proprietary service of Bybit, offering instant crypto trading platform deployment and digital asset services to Bybit partners.

Bybit Cloud is primarily designed to offer white-label crypto exchange solutions. Its ready-made platform is developed and tested for instant deployment, which means that you can customize it and run your own crypto exchange in less than a month.

Trading brokers, blockchain enterprises, crypto OTC trading platforms and digital asset holders are already taking advantage of Bybit Cloud to enter a profitable crypto market with minimum investment and R&D expenses. You can also set up your own platform, or enhance existing digital asset services. Bybit Cloud will standardize, automate and simplify the entire process by giving you access to new opportunities that are otherwise impossible to access within such a short time frame.

At Bybit Cloud, a comprehensive suite of customization development services is ready to be deployed at a moment's notice. You can establish a crypto exchange software solution, build a trading ecosystem, incorporate blockchain technology, leverage our best-in-class market depth and access in-depth data analytics capabilities from anywhere in the world.

How Does Bybit Cloud Work?

Bybit Cloud service lets you create a next-level exchange that leverages our superior liquidity, security and risk control. It's a three-step process that starts when you reach out to Bybit Cloud with your business goals.

During the introductory phase, the Bybit Cloud team will sit down with you to prepare a preliminary solution and a blueprint according to your guidelines. In the next step, you’ll receive a fully customized solution within five working days which also includes any fundamental assets, such as domain name, logo and developer account.

Once the final product is ready to roll out, the Bybit Cloud team will provide timely assistance — every step of the way — as you launch your own platform. Afterward, Bybit Cloud will continue to offer comprehensive product training, business operational guidance and critical business insights until you're confident to take over the proceedings.

Bybit Cloud Key Features

Bybit Cloud is a complete solution to build and grow a next-level crypto exchange that can compete with market leaders — or stand out in a competitive niche. Featuring best-in-class liquidity, security and risk control measures, it allows you to seamlessly customize and scale your business to experience rapid growth. 

You can confidently rely on Bybit Cloud to put yourself in control.


Bybit has extensive experience working with industry leaders to establish new crypto exchanges and provide enterprise-grade software customization services.

Using Bybit Cloud, it's easy to change the look and feel of the exchange interface to match your brand. Bybit Cloud can support a variety of simple interfaces, heavy-duty professional trading panels, and everything in-between. You can structure your platform according to your specific requirements.

On the back end, it's easy to test various configurations of wallet deposits, payment methods and admin control. These services can be extended to introduce new fiat channels, customer relationship management, liquidity pools, KYC/AML integration and many more.

Fair and Transparent Business Model 

A fair and transparent business model ensures that the latest features are adequately available to capture your market and boost your overall transaction volume.

There are a lot of ways to earn a substantial income. You can earn revenue through trading commissions, initial exchange offerings, staking schemes and. While there are a variety of other income sources to tap, the dynamics of Bybit Cloud always ensure that our crypto cloud solutions are designed to empower our partners so that they can grow their business sustainably. 

Comprehensive Services

There’s little doubt that creating a crypto exchange from the ground up is a complex task. If you require specific features or enhancements to your exchange, we can help you to develop them according to your business needs. To support you along the way, Bybit Cloud's white-label gateway includes marketing, legal and compliance advisory services to bootstrap your entry into the crypto business at speed and scale.

With our experience in more than 150 countries/regions, you’ll receive guidance on regulations and legal challenges in the countries in which you want to operate. 

If needed, we can also team up to offer round-the-clock, multilingual high-end customer support for your customers. You can even use a variety of API connection methods for third-party solutions. All of these prefigured and tested solutions are easy to implement.

Access to Market Insights & Research

Running a successful crypto exchange requires an awareness of existing trends. To keep the product in compliance and streamline your business operations, Bybit Cloud will share in-depth market research, crypto news and regulatory affairs with you to help you understand the current market situation.

If required, we’ll sit down with you to discover a unique business niche and target audience for your exchange. Our advisors will share their experience and insight about specific regulations that might affect business models, taxation and trading instruments. With so much at your fingertips, we can help you quickly get in the groove.

Tapping Into Our Liquidity

Enhanced liquidity ensures a stable market environment. Enjoy best-in-class liquidity pools and low fees without passing orders to other platforms.

Since liquidity is the main factor that customers consider when deciding which crypto exchange to select, you’ll always get direct access to liquidity, ensuring your customers consistently receive transparent pricing, quick trade execution and the tightest spread.

Don't take our word for it. Independent statistics from CoinMarketCap place Bybit as the third largest crypto exchange in the world after Binance, in terms of weekly visitors to the platform.

Benefits of Bybit Cloud

Bybit Cloud is supported by a world-class infrastructure that has quickly propelled Bybit into the top ten crypto marketplaces in terms of transparency and volume. The exponential growth in the last few years is manifested by over $10 billion in daily crypto asset transactions, as well as a strong market presence in over 150 countries and regions.

By becoming a partner you can easily access all of our resources, including a team of expert developers in different regions. In addition, we’ll continue to support your operations throughout each stage of your platform’s development. Ultimately, iterating and improving your expertise can save you millions in potential R&D expenses in the process.

Here’s how Bybit Cloud gives you the edge.

Strong Market Presence

Bybit Cloud reflects the ambition of an industry leader. It's not only one of the largest crypto exchanges by volume but also, the second largest Bitcoin futures platform behind Binance.

Bybit has offices in Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan which oversee market regulations in more than 150 countries and jurisdictions. A strong market presence means that you have an experienced team that knows how to comply with local and international laws.

Its market program is beefed up by a robust referral program and a unique industry proposition that offers 100x leverage to buyers.

Wide Range of Assets & Transactions

Bybit offers more than 220 crypto assets and 500 trading pairs. It's also one of the few exchanges in the industry to enable trading with 100x margin. A multitude of offerings includes Spot trading, Derivatives trading, Perpetual Contracts and Futures.

Bybit Cloud’s team has also developed a Testnet platform for practice trading with demo coins. For more enthusiastic crypto traders, there’s also an option to copy trade. The platform even supports multiple payment options, including local payment processors in the respective jurisdictions.

Continuous Support

We regularly check in with our partners and give them a helping hand until they feel confident in running their businesses. Bybit Cloud maintains a practical back office interface to deal with advanced matching engine functions. You’ll be glad for the expertise in controlling one of the industry’s fastest matching engines, compiling almost 100,000 transactions per second (TPS).

While running your portal, you’ll receive all the help you need to manage multiple full-featured trading APIs, integrated third-party components and your customized user interface. Moreover, you can always count on our professionals for immediate legal, marketing, sales, trading API, liquidity solutions and technical support.

The Bottom Line

Bybit Cloud is a fully functional, cost-effective and time-saving white-label crypto exchange solution for anyone interested in jumping on the crypto bandwagon, including forex trading platforms looking to build their own white-label crypto exchange. It's unique, reliable and transparent.

 Besides offering a full suite of options, we also have the expertise and reputation to integrate almost any kind of crypto solution you can think of. Contact us directly on our Bybit Cloud website to get started.