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Mar 22, 2022

Zebec (ZBC): Solana-Powered Payment Streams for the World’s First On-chain Payroll

For newcomers to the crypto industry, it’s easy to overlook what Solana (SOL) has brought to the crypto scene. Despite bursting onto the market only two years ago, SOL has tackled the growing pains of crypto well by taking on the blockchain trilemma of security, speed and decentralization. While detractors might claim that it's far from perfect, Solana’s minimal fees and rapid transactions have changed the way investors view real-world applications for blockchains. This is doubly so thanks to projects like Zebec, which leans into SOL's strengths.

Curious about how Zebec and ZBC tokens intend to revolutionize the world of payment streams? Scroll on as we cover what makes Zebec so special among other Solana-based projects, and how investing in ZBC tokens gives you the opportunity to take advantage of Zebec's future growth.

What Is Zebec?

Zebec is a revolutionary DeFi technology that empowers real-time, frictionless and continuous streams of payments. The automatic money streams made possible through Zebec allow businesses, employees and consumers to completely reimagine how they’re paid, how they invest, and how they buy products or services.

As compared to other DeFi projects that may borrow from metaverse and GameFi ideas, Zebec differentiates itself by addressing a crucial real-world issue that most salary earners face: wages. In order for users to better understand how Zebec’s technology works, the team has been working on Zebec Pay. It’s Zebec’s first application, making use of low fees and instant transactions to allow employees to be paid instantly. From administrative mishaps to malicious mismanagement, an employee’s access to their due salary can sometimes be delayed. This is because there isn’t any existing infrastructure to support instantaneous access to wages. That’s where the low-fee, crypto-native payroll solution of Zebec Pay comes in handy, as employees are instantly paid in stablecoins.

Through Zebec Pay, businesses will have access to the following financial services:

Automated Dollar-Cost Averaging

Zebec is the only real-time, by-the-second dollar-cost averaging investing mechanism available anywhere. By taking advantage of this unique strength, users can automatically convert a percentage of their paycheck into top cryptocurrencies. This automation greatly reduces the inconvenience of fiat on-ramps, and grants investors greater liquidity when investing in their favorite coins and tokens.

Investments and Yield-Farming

On top of automated dollar-cost averaging, employees also have complete control over how they use their money, with easy-to-program smart contracts. This grants them easy access to DeFi applications in order to earn yield or to swap for lesser-known small-cap tokens.

Crypto IRA and 401K Accounts

With Zebec, employees no longer need to deal with the hassle of investing in crypto using IRA and 401K accounts. Since the process is automated, investors can effortlessly allocate a portion of their paycheck to compliant crypto IRA and 401K accounts.

Free Fiat On-Ramp and Off-Ramp

By adopting Zebec, users can swap their cryptocurrencies into USD and transfer their money to their regular bank accounts without paying the usual fee associated with fiat on-ramps and off-ramps.

Advantages of the Zebec Protocol

Although the industry is still in the early stages of a fully-fledged cryptocurrency payroll, Zebec’s unique technology certainly helps nudge things in the right direction. As the crypto is transferred directly from employers to employees, middlemen such as banks are cut out of the picture, and wages are safely stored in Zebec’s MultiSig Treasury Vaults. This improves overall security and speed, as transactions are stored on secure blockchain networks and no third-party authentications are present to slow transactions down. Additionally, employers with a global workforce get to save on over-the-border fees and benefit from lower costs in the long run.

Besides the aforementioned benefits of greater convenience, security and instant access to your wages, Zebec Pay also solves the common problem of payment disputes in the gig economy. Problems like unfair docking of payment and ambiguous freelancer contracts have long plagued the gig economy and prevented it from becoming more widespread. With the enforcement of Zebec’s smart contracts in place, such disputes can easily be resolved.

What Are ZBC Tokens?

ZBC acts as Zebec’s governance token and empowers holders by letting them determine the future of the Zebec Protocol. Some functions of ZBC tokens include:

  • Governance Influence: Once the Zebec DAO is launched, ZBC token holders can vote on all aspects related to the management and administration of the Zebec Protocol.
  • Staking: On top of earnings additional ZBC tokens passively, staking also lets developers earn tokens using the yet-to-be-launched Zebec Debit Card.
  • Developer Incentive: Developers building products on top of the Zebec Protocol will be allowed to raise funds using th ZBC token, and investors willing to invest in these projects will be allowed to invest with ZBC token via the Zebec Launchpad.
  • Protocol Revenue, Treasury and Token Burn: 0.25% of withdrawals will go to Zebec’s treasury, and will be used to buy back ZBC tokens for burning.

ZBC Tokenomics

zbc token allocation

Overall, there’s a maximum supply of ten billion ZBC tokens that will be released over the next three years. To facilitate the exponential growth of Zebec, half of ZBC’s overall distribution is allocated to the community and as rewards. Despite this raising a few eyebrows, investors can rest assured that such inflationary tokenomics only serve to encourage acquisition efforts, and will taper off over time.

Eager ZBC token investors can check out the Bybit Launchpool, where nine million ZBC tokens can be earned through staking BitDAO (BIT) tokens after signing up on Bybit.

Are ZBC Tokens a Good Investment?

By taking advantage of today’s advancements, the Zebec Protocol has the potential to revolutionize the way the world thinks about wages and access to payroll. This is all the more likely given that Zebec differentiates itself from other payment streams and related crypto projects by serving an important niche audience.

To answer if ZBC tokens are a good investment for the future, we can simply refer to the team’s future plans to expand the Zebec Protocol. One previously mentioned area that the team is releasing soon is Zebec’s own debit cards. Much like's attempt at popularizing crypto debit cards, employees making use of the Zebec Protocol can also seamlessly convert their real-time liquidity to fiat currency metal debit cards. These stylish debit cards can also be customized to fit personal design preferences.

Besides giving employees an added reason to trade in ZBC tokens, these debit cards will help in acquiring more users for the Zebec Pay service, as they make use of the added liquidity.

The Bottom Line

With a strong focus on growing beyond its core payment streaming Zebec Pay service, we’re confident that ZBC tokens are a good investment, especially if you’re bullish on the future of crypto payment services. The team behind Zebec shows great promise and foresight in being a frontrunner in the world of financial services, and they’ve created something special by leaning on Solana’s speed and low costs. With future plans for yield farming and debit cards in the works, Zebec’s goal of disrupting the world of traditional finance seems more and more likely with each milestone that the team accomplishes.