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Dec 17, 2021

RunNode (RUN): Scaling Solana for Web 3.0, the Metaverse and Beyond

From riding the NFT wave with Solanart to boasting quick and affordable transactions, Solana is a crypto blockchain that’s climbing in popularity thanks to solid fundamentals. While detractors may fault it for its frequent network outages, Solana has the potential to fulfill its potential for being an Ethereum killer if it follows the course of its ambitious road map. One project that’s taking advantage of Solana’s strengths is RunNode, with its native RUN token, Remote Procedure Call (RPC) node and staking protocol for the Solana blockchain. 

With RunNode’s focus on being the easiest node provider to use, decentralized applications (DApps) effortlessly operate and make transactions on the Solana blockchain. Intrigued by how RunNode helps developers familiarize themselves with Solana and close the gap with Ethereum? Read on to learn all you’ll need to know about RunNode and RUN tokens.

What is RunNode?

RunNode is an RPC node provider for the Solana blockchain. With infrastructure-as-a-service and staking-as-a-service in mind, RunNode provides the infrastructure that connects DApps to the blockchain. RunNode’s ultimate goal is to make Solana as developer-friendly as Ethereum so anyone can effortlessly launch projects.

Before diving into what makes RunNode special, it’s important to first understand the need for RPC node protocols. In order for any DApp to interact with the blockchain, the DApp must rely on RPC nodes. This allows for functions like executing transactions and accessing information stored on the blockchain. 

As the lifeblood of any ecosystem, DApps such as DeFi protocols and NFT marketplaces affect the popularity of a blockchain and determine whether it’s prime for mainstream adoption. With an RPC node protocol like RunNode, any user can launch their project on Solana, thanks to its developer-friendly interface and tool set. This ultimately makes it possible for any DApp developer from rival blockchains, like Ethereum and Polkadot, to try their hand at creating their projects on Solana, regardless of their level of experience using it.

To help the Solana blockchain scale up — and keep up with its explosive user growth — it needs a set of developer tools that entices developers to hop on board. That’s where RunNode comes in, with its extensive RPC node services. 

Rather than rely on publicly hosted nodes from Serum that are rate-limited, RunNode offers lightning-fast speeds and automatic scaling that fully takes advantage of the Solana blockchain’s velocity. Add to this package robust analytic services and guaranteed 99.9% uptime — and it’s no wonder that RunNode catches the attention of both beginning and experienced developers. 

Overall, RunNode fixes key problems like excessive costs, clunkiness and unnecessary overhead, making it a prime option for anyone keen on scaling their projects with a single click. 

What Are RUN Tokens?

We’re confident of RunNode’s ability to become the backbone of the Solana blockchain ecosystem. You can get invested by checking out RunNode’s RUN tokens. As the native token of RunNode, RUN has plenty of utility, namely:

  • On-chain payment protocol for RPC node access
  • DAO governance voting in the RunDAO for future proposals like chain expansions, project investments, hackathon winners, and more
  • Run airdrops for developers to get their tokens into the hands of users
  • RunNFT whitelistings with NFT partners and NFT marketplace partners
  • Compounding rewards in RunNode stake pools, featuring tiered incentives

RUN Tokenomics

There’s a maximum supply of 1 billion RUN tokens. Of this total supply, 281 million RUN tokens are allocated for ecosystem development and stake pool incentives. This category includes hackathon sponsorships, project grants, DAO investments and tiered incentive revenue structures when staking. This ultimately showcases how confident the team is in their own project by dedicating such a huge amount of RUN tokens to RunNode’s growth.

Are RUN Tokens a Good Investment?

RunNode seems to be the perfect solution for any budding enthusiast interested in launching their project on the Solana blockchain. With cost efficiency, easy-to-use endpoints and automatic scalability as its backbone, RunNode certainly drives a bargain by offering the fastest RPC endpoints on Solana. As part of its road map, RunNode has plans to fully flesh out RunStake. It aims to unlock more liquidity in the Solana DeFi ecosystem by creating a circular liquid staking system which incorporates tiered incentive plans.

On the development front, RunNode plans to include developer tools RunDeploy (a smart contract deployer that will allow developers to write, compile and deploy smart contracts easily) and Runbox (a tool to launch web-based DApps with one command, which automatically creates boilerplate code in a sandbox environment). By taking into account all these future plans and ambitious ideals, we’re definitely bullish in considering RunNode a solid investment for the long haul.