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9 de dic de 2021

DeHorizon (DEVT): The Metaverse Game Ecosystem Akin to a Virtual Carnival

Fascinated by how metaverse projects are shaping the future of our society? You’re not alone. Thousands of crypto enthusiasts are jumping aboard the metaverse hype train in hopes of discovering the next big thing. With fan favorite projects like The Sandbox and Decentraland scaling up and pushing technological boundaries, metaverse fans can’t help but gawk at the progress and wonder about the ideas still to come. One such example of a metaverse ecosystem bursting with potential is DeHorizon and its native Decentralized Eternal Virtual Traveler (DEVT) token. By marrying GameFi and metaverse ideals, DeHorizon bridges that gap and makes it easy for crypto beginners to get involved in blockchain gamesNFTs and the metaverse. Keen on finding out how DeHorizon intends to roll out their plans for a metaverse gaming ecosystem, and what utility DEVT tokens have? This article will cover all that you need to know.

What Is DeHorizon?

DeHorizon is a metaverse game ecosystem with three games currently in development: Team Battle DeVerse, Battleroyale DeTournament, and Dragon-racing DeQuidditch. Over time, the DeHorizon metaverse will be a virtual carnival open to all users across multiple chains so they can enjoy an immersive and engaging second life.

Since the conception of metaverses in the 1990s, the metaverse craze has grown exponentially as modern technology hints at allowing users to seamlessly merge the physical and virtual worlds. With the conceptual integration of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), users are able to experience a new level of immersion rarely seen in other mediums and video games. 

Fortunately, for metaverse supporters, projects like DeHorizon have surfaced to capitalize on this explosive interest and ride these technological breakthroughs. Instead of tackling abstract concepts like the metaverse and GameFi separately, the DeHorizon metaverse unites these ideas in a fully fleshed-out platform. Overall, DeHorizon sets out to create a carnival-like space for users to inhabit and socialize as they enjoy the various blockchain games available, all while earning highly sought-after DEVT tokens.

Don’t let its diminutive size fool you: the DeHorizon team is filled with individuals who possess collective decades of experience in the gaming and crypto spaces. From the wealth of MMO experience provided by Chief Product Officer Todd Porter to the entrepreneurial spirit of founding director Shane Zhu, the Silicon Valley-based team is certainly imaginative and well-versed enough to bring this metaverse game ecosystem to life. 

Among the ideas introduced by DeHorizon, perhaps its most innovative is the interoperability of its in-game currencies and NFTs. Although some projects may boast of impressive utility for their in-game tokens and NFTs, we rarely see this come to fruition because they aren’t exchangeable across different game platforms. This is no longer the case, thanks to DEVT tokens and the DeMeta Pass ID, which empowers users in the metaverse by providing interconnectivity across different blockchains.

DEVT Tokenomics

DEVT Tokenomics

Overall, there’s a maximum supply of 300 million DEVT ERC20 tokens, which will be distributed over the next five years according to the chart shown above. Of this overall amount, 90 million will be reserved for the growth of the DeHorizon platform. This incentivizes users to stay engaged with DeHorizon as they grind out DEVT token play-to-earn rewards. 

In addition to being a game token that’s related to the various DeHorizon metaverse games, DEVT is also a governance token which lets users determine future game development and feature prioritization on the road map. This is largely due to a DAO structure which allows community members to vote for major decisions, as long as they’re DEVT token holders.

Are DEVT Tokens a Good Investment?

Unlike more typical metaverse projects, DeHorizon stands out from the pack because of its focus on interconnectivity across its ecosystem. From earning tokens in Team Battle DeVerse to recording all metaverse activity (thanks to the editability of DeHorizon’s DeMeta Pass ID), DeHorizon expands upon their game metaverse platform while ensuring that progress across all games is transferable to future titles. This ultimately offers extra levels of ownership and accomplishment as users reap the rewards of their gaming efforts. 

Although plans for a fully developed DeHorizon virtual carnival are still in their infancy, you can spot huge blips of potential for the DeHorizon metaverse. They plan to roll out the various alpha builds for their games so the team can improve certain elements before their official release. Also, with funding from big-name backers like Dragonfly Capital and Sfermion, we’re confident that DEVT tokens will be a good long-term investment if you’re bullish on projects related to GameFi, the metaverse, and SocialFi.

Keen on playing DeHorizon’s various games and racking up some DEVT tokens? Click the link below to get a head start.

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