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12 Th11 2021

Alice Crypto (ALICE): Earn Crypto From Gaming

Gaming is an enormous industry across the world. As of 2021, there are over 2.5 billion video gamers worldwide, with an average 5.6% year-on-year (YoY) increase.

Twitch streamers earn money through subscriptions and gifts. What if we were to tell you there’s an easier way to do so … and you don’t even have to be a streamer? Enter DeFi games. Apart from incorporating the element of fun, the decentralized finance (DeFi) industry also makes it possible for players to earn money directly from playing a game.

Via a play-to-earn system, games on the blockchain such as Axie InfinityCryptoKitties and The Sandbox have reinvented the gaming industry. In this article, we’ll explore the game world My Neighbor Alice and its native token, ALICE.

What Is My Neighbor Alice

Developed by Antler Interactive, a gaming company known for its expertise in virtual and augmented reality technologies, My Neighbor Alice is a blockchain multiplayer builder game that takes inspiration from Animal Crossing and Minecraft, two games known for being community-centric.

As its name implies, My Neighbor Alice’s main character is a little girl named Alice. Alice has some friends on the Lummelunda Archipelago, the game’s featured island. Friends whom Alice shares the island with include Björn the Bear, Shipwright José and Beekeeper Bob.

With its adorable graphics, the game’s laid-back and family-friendly concept means it’s likely to appeal to people from all ages and walks of life. My Neighbor Alice is expected to be released officially in spring 2022. With the Ethereum blockchain as its base, it operates using a proof of work (PoW) consensus, which requires thousands of nodes to keep the network running. 

What Is Alice Crypto (ALICE)?

ALICE is an ERC20 token that keeps My Neighbor Alice running. Like any token, it can be bought, sold and hoarded, meaning the value of your digital in-game assets will depend on the market value of ALICE. Since the game features a play-to-earn system, you’ll need to partake of certain in-game activities — such as fishing, or selling your NFT collectibles (in-game assets) — before you can start earning ALICE. The ALICE token can be staked, with the greatest yields promised at the start of the game. As the ecosystem matures, the yields will be reduced. 

How Does My Neighbor Alice Work?

Like many progressive builder games, My Neighbor Alice utilizes an open-world format where players can create their own assets and build land using limited materials.  Each player has an avatar that’s customizable. Players can travel between various islands to communicate and interact with in-game characters as well as other players in real time. It’s a great way to make new friends!

The game comprises virtual islands that are divided into plots of land. Here are the six major islands:

  1. Snowflake Island — An island full of ice, snow and unfamiliar ice sculptures.
  2. Medieval Plains — Low vegetation and stonework characterize this island.
  3. Nature’s Rest — Dense forest and thick vegetation.
  4. Lummestad (The Town)— This is the busiest town in the game. It has many shops where characters can meet, trade and have fun.
  5. Sandy Coast — Yes, you guessed right … this island is full of sand and has a coast-like environment. 
  6. Submerged Islands — A fun-filled, adventurous island, full of underwater mysteries and pirates looking for treasure. 

You can trade your plot of land for another one, or sell it. If you decide against either of these choices, you can customize your land as you deem fit, with the customization increasing its value. The game has a storyline that features several plots, with different activities available for players. Since the game hasn’t been launched yet, we can’t tell you specifically how this will all play out, but its white paper tells us that there will be user-created quests, events and goals. 

Key Features


Each player in the game is represented by an avatar which can be modified by installing different in-game assets. Players can interact with one another using these avatars. 

Virtual Islands

Although it’s free to register for the game, players need to use ALICE to purchase everything that’s needed, such as land. 

There are two avenues to purchase virtual land. You can buy the plot(s) from Alice herself, or from the marketplace. Land is limited and tokenized, so at some point in the game, your land investments will turn out to be valuable.

In-Game Assets

Apart from land, some in-game assets such as houses, clothes, animals and decorations can be bought or sold on the marketplace.

In Game Events

Players can earn ALICE tokens by participating in different in-game events such as competitions.

Staking Yield

To keep users and investors in the project interested through the early phase of volatility, My Neighbor Alice’s developers will give out staking yields during the project’s launch. According to the team, the rewards will be greatest at the beginning of the project.

NFT Marketplace

The NFT marketplace is highly liquid. If you buy an in-game asset from the system, a percentage of your purchase price is locked in a special collateral account designated for NFTs. After a while, you can either sell it back to the system or get back the price equivalent to the locked collateral.

NFT Rental

Apart from buying and selling assets, you can also loan your in-game purchases to friends. One may ask: What if they end up selling your items? Well, the ALICE tokens are on a smart contract, which means the borrower — not being the rightful owner — cannot resell, re-rent, or destroy any objects. 

ALICE Tokenomics

As of this writing, ALICE has a market cap of $322 million and a maximum supply of 100 million coins. The price of one coin is approximately $14.

A little over a fifth of ALICE’s total supply is in circulation. The current circulating supply is 23 million.

Pros and Cons of My Neighbor Alice


  1. Since the ALICE token can be staked, holding it long-term could bring you passive income.
  2. The company behind the game is popular both in the gaming industry and in the DeFi space, thus boosting the credibility of the project.


  1. Since the project is built on the Ethereum blockchain, it’s currently subject to high fees during peak periods of activity.

Is My Neighbor Alice (ALICE) a Good Investment? 

All things considered, My Neighbor Alice (ALICE) is a solid investment opportunity. With its exciting game narrative and potential rewards, it’s definitely not just a game you play for a day or two.

Supply mechanism matters: land in the game is limited, and the laws of economics tell us that prices will likely increase over time. Since the value of in-game assets depends on the token’s price, you could make a decent profit during the token’s bull run. 

Recently, various attempts have been made to improve the adoption rate of blockchain technology. Having a game whose blockchain features are seamlessly woven into the user interface — while still present in the form of easy-to-understand measures — is a brilliant move. Not only will it improve the public’s acceptance of blockchain, but it will also provide a foundation on which other concepts can be built.

How to Buy ALICE

One of the most convenient platforms for purchasing ALICE is Bybit. Here’s how you can make your purchase:

  1. Log into your Bybit account and choose “Fiat Gateway” to initiate a payment purchase.
  2. Select your preferred fiat currency from the drop-down menu. After you’ve chosen Ethereum (ETH) as your purchase option, input the amount you want to buy. 
  3. Choose a payment method. From Visa/Mastercard credit and debit cards to cash deposits, there are a number of options to choose from.
  4. The ETH balance will be reflected in your wallet a few minutes after the transaction has been finalized.
  5. Exchange ALICE with the ETH you just purchased.

You can also trade the ALICE/USDT token on Bybit.

Closing Thoughts

Blockchain gaming is ushering in a new era. The success of existing crypto games, such as Axie Infinity, is undeniable. Their objectives are clear, as well as the manner in which the games are played. What cannot be determined ahead of time is how receptive average gamers without blockchain experience will be to any given project. ALICE’s fixed supply makes it worthy of a trial, though social media communities will have varying opinions. Overall, investors are optimistic about the long-term performance of the ALICE token, and so far, a large percentage of users are willing to HODL it.

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